Top 8 Best Knife Skins in Valorant


Top 8 Best Knife Skins in Valorant

Riot Games' Valorant not only captivates with its intense, strategic gameplay and diverse cast of characters but also enchants with its detailed cosmetic options that allow players to express their personal style. Among the array of weapon cosmetics, knife skins stand out as particularly coveted items, each featuring unique animations, sounds, and visual effects that enhance the gaming experience.

This article delves into the world of Valorant knife skins, exploring their distinctiveness and highlighting some of the best options available. We will showcase these exceptional skins, providing images to give you a closer look at what makes each one special.

Let’s explore the top knife skins in Valorant that can add a touch of flair to your gameplay. And if you're looking to elevate your game further, consider teaming up with a professional booster from 1v9. Use the promo code "1v9er" to secure a 20% discount on your next game boost. Here are the standout knife skins that every Valorant player should consider.

What are knives in Valorant?

In Valorant, knives occupy a unique niche as the game's sole melee weapon option. Unlike the long-range firearms that dominate gameplay, knives are rarely used in combat, with their primary role being cosmetic. Players mainly use knives to showcase their style and flair to teammates, turning them into a symbol of personal expression within the game.

What sets knives apart from other weapon skins in Valorant is the extent of their transformation when a skin is applied. A knife skin doesn't just alter appearances; it can completely change the item's nature—turning a simple blade into anything from an elegant fan to a majestic sword. Additionally, these skins often come with new wield and inspect animations, adding an extra layer of coolness and individuality. This makes knife skins highly prized among players looking to personalize their in-game experience.

What are the best knives in Valorant?

Valorant boasts a diverse array of knife skins, each offering unique aesthetics and flair. Here, we highlight some of the best knife skins available in the game and delve into what makes them stand out from the rest. Whether you're looking for something sleek and modern, or ornate and eye-catching, Valorant's selection has something to cater to every taste. Let's explore these top picks and discover why they are favorites among players.

#1: Ruyi Staff

Kicking off our list of exceptional knife skins in Valorant is the Ruyi Staff. This skin stands out as the only staff-type melee weapon in the game, setting it apart as a truly unique choice. The distinctiveness of the Ruyi Staff is further enhanced by its inspection animation, where your character skillfully spins the staff, accompanied by an enchanting background melody. This blend of visual and auditory flair makes the Ruyi Staff not just a weapon skin, but a piece of interactive art.

#2: Onimaru Kunitsuna

Continuing our showcase of standout knife skins in Valorant, the Onimaru Kunitsuna is next. This skin is the game's sole samurai sword, giving it a unique appeal among the melee options. What sets the Onimaru Kunitsuna apart is the ghostly aura that emanates from the base of the sword, adding an ethereal quality to its appearance. Coupled with its meticulously crafted inspection animations, the Onimaru Kunitsuna isn’t just visually striking—it’s a dynamic addition that ranks among the top skins in Valorant for its artistic flair and distinctive style.

#3: Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife

The Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife, part of the exclusive Champions bundle, was released in August 2022 to celebrate the VCT Champions event of that year. Notably, the skins from this bundle, including the butterfly knife, are no longer available for purchase, making them a rare sight in the game.

This particular knife is revered not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its association with a prestigious event, adding to its exclusivity. Those lucky enough to own it can dazzle onlookers with special inspection animations, which are particularly striking if the player wielding it is leading the scoreboard. If you missed out, keep an eye out for the next Champions bundle, which is expected to debut at the upcoming VCT event. In the meantime, enjoy watching this coveted knife in action during your matches and prepare for the next opportunity to snag similar exclusive items.

#4: RGX 11Z Pro Blade

The RGX 11Z Pro Blade is a testament to the impact of meticulous design in Valorant knife skins. Featuring one of the most visually appealing unsheathe animations, the blade elegantly slides out from its handle, showcasing the detailed craftsmanship of the skin. Originating from the iconic Pro bundle that was first introduced in October 2021, this knife remains a favorite among players.

Beyond its stunning animations, the RGX 11Z Pro Blade offers customizable light colors that can be altered during inspection by pressing the Y key. For those looking to further personalize their blade, Radianite Points can be purchased and used to change the blade's color, adding an extra layer of customization. While these aesthetic enhancements won't improve your gameplay, wielding this knife can certainly boost your morale and add a touch of style to your in-game presence.

#5: Broken Blade Of The Ruined King

The Broken Blade of the Ruined King is a captivating knife skin in Valorant, steeped in the lore of Riot Games’ universe. Named after the notorious wraith from League of Legends, this blade exudes an aura of mystique and power. It's part of the Ruination bundle, which is tied to the Sentinels of Light event from League of Legends.

This skin not only looks menacing but also carries the essence of Viego, the Ruined King himself, enveloping it in an aura of dark energy. When activated with Radianite Points, the knife undergoes a dramatic transformation, unfurling into a larger and more formidable sword during gameplay. This dynamic animation adds a layer of depth and excitement, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate the lore and aesthetics of their gear.

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#6: Xenohunter Knife

The Xenohunter Knife stands out in Valorant as a paragon of tasteful simplicity, distinguished by its elegant design and subtle aesthetic. What sets this knife apart are its unique twirling animations, which infuse it with a distinctive personality that enhances its appeal beyond the standard knife.

While its appearance remains close to that of the original knife, the Xenohunter Knife's animations are of exceptional quality, offering a sleek and fluid motion that captivates the eye. The sound design also deserves special mention; the satisfying swish it makes as it cuts through the air adds a delightful auditory experience to its visual grace.

Originally released as part of the mid-2022 Xenohunter bundle, this knife occasionally appears for individual purchase in the game's store. Its understated elegance coupled with dynamic animations make the Xenohunter Knife a coveted item for players who value both form and function in their in-game cosmetics.

#7: Reaver Karambit

The Reaver Karambit brings a sinister elegance to the battlefield in Valorant. With its dark, otherworldly design, this knife skin is steeped in a mystical aura, highlighted by rich purple hues and deep, shadowy trails that follow each motion, whether you're swiping or spinning it. Among karambits, known for their eye-catching animations, the Reaver Karambit is particularly exceptional, offering some of the most visually striking effects in the game.

This mesmerizing blade was introduced as part of the Reaver 2.0 bundle, a follow-up to the original Reaver collection which launched soon after Valorant's release and quickly became a fan favorite. The 2.0 version of the skins, including the Reaver Karambit, now sporadically appears in the in-game shop, giving players the opportunity to add this captivating weapon to their arsenal.

#8: Kuronami No Yaiba

The Kuronami no Yaiba knife skin, while on the pricier side, justifies its cost with some of the most impressive animations in Valorant. This unique weapon features a pair of knives linked by a golden chain, allowing for exceptionally smooth and sweeping attack animations that utilize both blades.

The act of summoning this weapon is a spectacle in itself: drawing the blade produces elegant puffs of smoke that materialize into the chain and knives, adding a dramatic flair to your gameplay. Additionally, the dual-handled nature of the Kuronami no Yaiba eliminates some of the awkward left-hand animations seen with other Valorant characters, enhancing the overall visual experience and making it a standout choice for players who value both aesthetics and functionality in their weapon skins.


Valorant's diverse array of knife skins offers something for every player, from those seeking the sleek simplicity of the RGX 11Z Pro Blade to the mystical allure of the Reaver Karambit. Each knife skin not only enhances the visual appeal of your arsenal but also adds a unique flair to your gameplay experience. Whether you prioritize animation quality, sound effects, or overall design, these knife skins represent the best of what Valorant has to offer. As you consider which knife might best complement your style and enhance your gaming sessions, remember that each skin has its own charm and potential to make your in-game moments even more memorable.

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