Top 15 Best Vandal Skins in Valorant


Top 15 Best Vandal Skins in Valorant

In Valorant, you can customize your weapons with cool skins, and the Vandal is one of the most popular guns with some of the best skins. You can buy these skins with Valorant Points or wait for special sales like the Night Market to get them cheaper.

Riot Games keeps adding awesome new Vandal skins, and the Champions bundle brought another great one. If you're wondering which Vandal skin to pick to impress your friends, you're in the right place. We've put together a list of the top 15 Vandal skins in Valorant.

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#15: Magepunk Vandal

  • Collection: Magepunk EP6
  • Rarity: Premium

Introduced in Episode 6, the third installment of the Magepunk series expanded its line with new skins for the Vandal and Phantom. This collection, inspired by steampunk aesthetics, quickly captured the admiration of Valorant players. The Magepunk Vandal stands out not just for its visually striking design but also for its distinct sound effects that enhance the shooting experience.
This skin allows for customization through several color variants, including a vibrant green, a sleek black and red, and an eye-catching yellow. Priced at 1775 Valorant Points, the Magepunk Vandal belongs to the premium tier of skins, reflecting its high-quality design and desirability within the community.

#14: Sentinels of Light Vandal

  • Collection: Sentinels of Light
  • Rarity: Exclusive

The Sentinels of Light Vandal is a standout skin in Valorant's arsenal, drawing mixed reactions from the player base. While it's praised for its unique aesthetic and handling feel, it has also faced some critique. Despite the divide in player opinions, the skin's finisher animation is universally admired for its visual flair, enhancing the thrill of securing the final kill in a match.

This skin is particularly notable for its rare pink variant, adding a splash of color that distinguishes it from other Vandal skins. As part of the exclusive Sentinels of Light collection, it's a prized addition for collectors and those looking to inject a vibrant aesthetic into their gameplay.

#13: Valiant Hero Vandal

  • Collection: Valiant Hero
  • Rarity: Premium

Released as part of the update in October 2023 with patch 7.09, the Valiant Hero Vandal, also known as the Monkey King Vandal, brings a touch of legend to your arsenal. While the design may not dazzle everyone, the standout animations bring this skin to life, and the sound effects are notably robust, enhancing the shooting experience.

This skin is part of a collection that also includes unique skins for the Ghost, Operator, Ares, and Melee weapons. Priced at 1775 VP, the Valiant Hero Vandal is worth considering if you're looking to add some narrative flair to your weapon collection when it rotates into your shop.

#12: Oni Vandal

  • Collection: Oni EP6
  • Rarity: Premium

The Oni collection, widely celebrated for its unique design and standout Phantom skin, expanded in March 2023 with new additions, including the eagerly awaited Oni Vandal. This skin maintains the collection’s iconic aesthetic inspired by traditional Japanese folklore, bringing a fearsome and mythical aura to your gameplay.

Available in three additional color variations—Kumo, Hana, Tsubame—through the use of Radianite points, the Oni Vandal not only looks impressive but also enhances the auditory experience with a satisfying headshot sound. This makes landing precise shots even more gratifying. If you’re keen on enriching your arsenal with a blend of art and function, the Oni Vandal is a compelling choice.

#11: Neptune Vandal

  • Collection: Neptune
  • Rarity: Premium

Introduced in Valorant's patch 4.10 in May 2022, the Neptune Vandal quickly became a favorite for its understated elegance. This skin is available in two variants: the default Neptune White and Neptune Black, with many players favoring the crisp and clean look of the white model.

While it may not boast the elaborate animations found in some of the game's flashier skins, the Neptune Vandal makes up for it with its exceptional sound effects. These enhancements contribute to a more immersive shooting experience. Give the Neptune Vandal a try and discover why its unique auditory feedback stands out among the best.

#10: Kuronami Vandal

  • Collection: Kuronami
  • Rarity: Exclusive

Introduced in Episode 8 as part of Valorant's first major bundle of 2024, the Kuronami Vandal is a standout piece in its collection. While its color scheme might not grab the spotlight, the skin excels with its exceptional reload and inspection animations that captivate many players.

If you're in the market for a new Vandal skin that combines subtle elegance with engaging animations, the Kuronami Vandal is an excellent choice. It is priced at 2375 Valorant Points, a worthy investment for those who appreciate refined aesthetics in their gameplay arsenal.

#9: Glitchpop 2.0 Vandal

  • Collection: Glitchpop 2.0
  • Rarity: Exclusive

Following the enthusiastic reception of the original Glitchpop line, Riot Games released the Glitchpop 2.0 collection in February 2021. This collection brought with it the Glitchpop 2.0 Vandal, a skin that's as visually stunning as it is sonically pleasing, making it a must-have for any serious player.

This skin is available in four striking variants: the original vibrant Base, along with Blue, Red, and Black options. Players can further enhance this skin with Radianite Points to unlock exclusive VFX, animations, and an eye-catching Finisher, elevating the aesthetic appeal and in-game experience of the Glitchpop 2.0 Vandal.

#8: Champions 2023 Vandal

  • Collection: Champions 2023
  • Rarity: Exclusive

Riot Games' annual tradition continues with the Champions 2023 bundle, featuring an updated Champions Vandal skin that has taken a significant leap from its predecessors. Unlike the 2021 version, which was criticized for its simplistic design akin to a mere wrap over the default skin, the 2023 iteration introduces substantial enhancements.

This latest Champions Vandal boasts a cleaner appearance, with more refined inspect animations and superior sound effects. One standout feature is the dynamic aura effect that activates when you're leading in kills, adding a layer of visual flair that acknowledges your performance on the battlefield. This skin not only enhances the weapon's aesthetic but also enriches the gameplay experience with its unique features.

#7: Forsaken Vandal

  • Collection: Forsaken
  • Rarity: Premium

The Forsaken Vandal has carved out a niche for itself among the top skins in Valorant since its release in April 2021. Esteemed for its sleek design, this skin quickly became a favorite, thanks to its precise headshot sound and impressive finisher animation that delightfully concludes each victory.

This skin comes in two striking variants: the classic Forsaken look and an opulent Gold version that echoes the aesthetics of the Sovereign collection. Both options offer a visually stunning experience, allowing players to choose based on their style preference. Test both to see which resonates with your personal taste and enhances your gameplay in Valorant.

#6: Elderflame Vandal

  • Rarity: Ultra Skin Tier

Claiming the sixth spot is the Elderflame Vandal, Valorant's first ultra-tier skin on this list. Renowned for its dynamic dragon-themed design, this skin transforms each match into a fiery spectacle. The Vandal features stunning animations where a dragon comes to life each time you equip the weapon.

During reloads, watch as the dragon exhales flames, adding a dramatic flair to your gameplay. The highlight for many is the unique bullet impact sound, which mimics the roar of a dragon's fiery breath. This skin is a favorite among top players and is often showcased across Valorant's most competitive maps.

#5: Chronovoid Vandal

  • Collection: Chronovoid
  • Rarity: Exclusive

The Chronovoid Vandal, launched in September 2022, stands as a remarkable choice for any Valorant arsenal. Known for its sleek, futuristic design, this skin captivates with its visually striking animations and details that enhance the in-game experience.

Key features include the animated orb and cutting-edge visual effects that activate during gameplay, lending a dynamic and engaging appearance to the weapon. The Chronovoid Vandal's flawless design and lack of drawbacks make it a compelling pick for players looking to combine style with performance.

#4: Araxys Vandal Skin

  • Collection: Araxys
  • Rarity: Exclusive

Introduced in 2023, the Araxys Vandal skin swiftly carved out a notable place for itself within the competitive landscape of Valorant skins. Praised for its distinctive aesthetic and performance, this skin is becoming a favored choice among players.

A standout feature of the Araxys Vandal is its captivating pullout and inspect animations, which are complemented by its satisfying sound effects and visually impressive finisher. These elements combine to enhance the fun and thrill of each engagement, making every kill more rewarding. The Araxys Vandal is undoubtedly a top-tier skin that adds both style and substance to your gameplay.

#3: Ion Vandal

  • Collection: Ion EP5
  • Rarity: Premium

Introduced in October 2022 as part of the expansive Ion 2.0 collection, the Ion Vandal quickly became a staple in many players' arsenals, joining the ranks of other newly styled Ion weapons such as the Ares, Spectre, Frenzy, and Karambit. This collection expanded upon the original Ion series by offering not just one, but four color variants: the classic White, along with new Green, Yellow, and Blue options, each adding a unique flair to the weapon's futuristic design.

The Ion Vandal is renowned for its polished sound effects and sleek visual animations that enhance the shooting experience. Whether you're engaging in rapid skirmishes or strategic plays, this skin elevates the aesthetic appeal of your gameplay, making it a coveted choice for players who value both style and function.

#2: RGX 11z Pro Vandal

  • Collection: RGX 11z Pro
  • Rarity: Exclusive

Released in October 2021, the RGX 11z Pro Vandal remains a standout in Valorant for its vibrant and dynamic color effects that enhance visual gameplay. What sets this skin apart is its innovative kill-tracker feature, which visually displays your kill count directly on the weapon, adding a layer of interactive engagement to your matches.

Moreover, the RGX 11z Pro Vandal comes in four striking color variants: the default Green, along with optional Red, Blue, and Yellow. Each variant is meticulously designed, offering players the ability to personalize their weapon's look to match their style or mood. This skin not only elevates your game aesthetically but also brings a unique functional twist with its kill tracker, making it a must-have for those who appreciate innovation and style.

#1: Reaver Vandal

  • Collection: Reaver
  • Rarity: Premium

The Reaver Vandal claims the top spot as one of the most cherished Vandal skins in Valorant. Initially introduced during the Beta and re-released on October 26, 2020, with a refined and darker aesthetic, it captured the hearts of players immediately.

What sets the Reaver apart are its distinctive bullet sounds, striking visual impacts upon hitting targets, and dramatic kill animations that add a thrilling flair to gameplay. Priced moderately in comparison to its high-quality effects and audio enhancements, the Reaver Vandal offers great value, making it a top contender in many players' rankings and frequently appearing at the pinnacle of Valorant skin tier lists.


Valorant has a great collection of Vandal skins, each with unique looks and sounds. Whether you like the dark, edgy Reaver or the futuristic Ion Vandal, there’s a skin for everyone's taste. These skins add fun and a personal touch to your game, making every match a bit more exciting. If you’re aiming to improve your game and enjoy Valorant even more, think about working with a pro player. Remember to use the code "1v9er" to get a 20% discount on all our services!

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