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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should own a LoL smurf?

Having a smurf in League of Legends isn't just about showing off in lower ranks; it's actually a smart move for a bunch of reasons. First off, it's super handy for trying out new champs. On your main, you're probably sticking to your top picks to keep your rank up. But on a smurf? That's your playground for testing any champ you fancy without stressing over your stats.

Pro players are all over this strategy. They've got their main account for serious, top-tier matches, and then a smurf for everything else. It's like having a practice arena that still feels like the real deal, minus the pressure of potentially tanking your main account's rank.

Then there's the "first game of the day" routine—a lot of us hit up our smurf accounts for this. It's perfect because you get the thrill of ranked play, aiming to climb, but if things don't go as planned, it's no biggie. Your main account's rank is safe and sound.

And let's not forget the escape hatch a smurf offers when you're on a losing streak with your main. It's a breath of fresh air, letting you shake off the tilt and get back in the game feeling fresh.

So yeah, smurfing in LoL? It's not just for kicks. It's a legit strategy for anyone looking to get better, experiment freely, and keep the game fun and stress-free.

What can I do with my free lol account?

When you win one of our complimentary League of Legends accounts, you're getting more than just access to the game—you're gaining full ownership of a completely unverified account. This means that from the moment you log in, the account becomes entirely yours to customize.

You have the freedom to update the account's password and email address, ensuring your account's security and personalization. Additionally, you can change the summoner or account name to reflect your unique gaming identity. This level of control allows you to tailor your League of Legends experience exactly to your liking, making your gameplay not just enjoyable but also truly your own.

What is a league of legends smurf account?

A League of Legends smurf account serves as a secondary account that players use alongside their primary one. Whether it's for the sheer joy of the game, to practice new techniques, or to explore different champions without affecting the rank of their main account, the purpose behind a smurf account varies from player to player.

Contrary to common belief, owning a smurf account is not against Riot Games' policies. This is evidenced by Riot's practice of providing professional players with high-quality, unranked accounts when they travel internationally. These accounts allow pros to continue streaming and playing without any cost, clearly indicating that smurfing is recognized and accommodated within the game's ecosystem.

How to buy LoL Smurf Account?

Purchasing a League of Legends smurf account from our site is a straightforward and efficient experience, designed to get you into the game with minimal delay. The misconception that buying a LoL account is a tedious process couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, it's a quick and simple journey from selection to ownership.

Here is how it works: Browse our selection and find the smurf account that fits your needs. Once you've made your choice, hit the "Buy Now" button to proceed. Our checkout process is designed with your convenience and security in mind, ensuring a smooth transaction. Shortly after your payment is processed, you'll receive the account details directly in your email inbox.

This means you're only a few clicks away from diving into your ranked journey with a new, unranked smurf account. Let us help you start your climb with ease and confidence!

What else can I do on this website?

well you can buy league of legends smurfs, but well you already know that? haha, we provide services to help players to rank up faster in league of legends for example professional coaching with the 0.01% of the league of legends player on the ranked ladder and also pro duo boosting, a service that you can rank up with a high elo player.

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