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Rank Up Fast

Rank up fast with a pro teammmate while boosting your MMR. This higher ranking results can also help you understand the game better.

Secure & Safe

Play with a teammate without any cheats, or hacks involved.

Instant Start

You will be playing instantly with your new teammate after you complete the payment.

3-6% Cashback

Earn cashback by hiring teammates, Use it to open lootboxes for free LoL Accounts, Skins, and more!

Play with the top 0.01%

We choose each teammate carefully, only partnering with the top 0.1% from the ranked ladder.

Improve & Learn

Communicate with your teammate real-time and learn his strategies!

We Create 1v9ers

We have some of the best working terms for our teammates to guarantee they perform at their best!

24/7 Support

We are available at all hours of the day to help you with any questions you may have and issues.

We Keep it Fast And Simple

Hiring radiant teammates has never been this easy.

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Our Mission

"To truly change the way players find experienced teammates and create 1v9ers."

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire Valorant Professional 1v9er Teammate?

We pair you with expert high skilled teammate within minutes, offering an strong opportunity to improve your gameplay & climb between ranks way faster. It also opens the door to learn real-time strategies through direct interaction with your high-elo teammate.

Advantages of Hiring a Pro Teammate

Efficient Skill Improvement

Hiring a Pro Teammate is the ideal solution for improving your skills. It eliminates the need for countless hours of solo play, offering a more efficient route to improving your gameplay while playing with a high-level teammate.

Climb to Higher Ranks Faster & Boost Your MMR

Partnering with High-level teammate, enables you to achieve ranks that might have seemed unattainable alone. This higher ranking results can also help you understand the game better and learn more due to you will be playing with higher skilled players and also boosting your Account MMR in the process.

Better matchmaking

As you climb the ranks with your professional teammate, you'll find yourself matched against increasingly skilled opponents. This not only makes a more competitive environment but also accelerates your growth as a player by facing better opponents.

Real-Time Learning from the best players

The unique aspect of hiring a pro teammate is the opportunity to observe and interact with a high-elo teammate in real-time. This direct exposure allows you to understand how they 1v9 every match, offering powerful insights that you can incorporate into your own gameplay and become a better player.

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