Top 8 Best Valorant Aim Lab Routines


Top 8 Best Valorant Aim Lab Routines

Valorant is not just another FPS game; it's a complex arena filled with unique agent abilities and distinctive weapons, each demanding a specialized approach to aim training. To excel in Valorant, you need more than just good aim; you need precision tailored to its specific gameplay dynamics. That's where targeted Aim Lab routines come into play.

We've curated a list of the top eight Aim Lab routines that are particularly effective for improving your performance in Valorant. These include Headshot, Gridshot, Linetrace, Sixshot, Tenz Task, Reflexshot, Spidershot, and Motionshot. Each of these routines is designed to enhance different aspects of your aiming skill, directly correlating to the challenges you'll face in Valorant.

If you're ready to craft the ultimate Aim Lab routine specifically customized for Valorant, continue reading as we break down how each task can boost your game and sharpen your skills.

#1. Headshot

The Headshot (Precision) routine is your first crucial step toward mastering Valorant. In this game, headshots are incredibly powerful, often determining the outcome of confrontations. A single well-placed headshot can instantly eliminate an opponent, making accuracy and speed essential.

This particular task is designed to perfect your ability to aim at head level consistently. Many players struggle to maintain their crosshairs at the right height, which is vital for landing those game-changing headshots. The Headshot routine addresses this by presenting targets that appear exclusively at head level.

By integrating this exercise into your training regimen, you'll develop the muscle memory and quick reflexes needed to instinctively position your cursor for headshots. This not only increases your precision but significantly boosts your effectiveness in one-on-one duels in Valorant.

#2: Gridshot

Next up is the Gridshot (Ultimate), arguably the most popular task in Aim Lab and a favorite among FPS gamers. This routine has earned its reputation for good reason—it’s an essential part of many professional players' warm-up regimens.

Gridshot is designed to enhance your quick-targeting skills. During the task, multiple targets appear randomly across the screen, and your goal is to hit them as swiftly as possible. The targets are spaced out with small gaps and their placement is unpredictable, which challenges you to rapidly adjust your aim based on your sensitivity settings and sharp reflexes.

A unique aspect of Gridshot is that it's recommended to repeat the task three to five times during your training session. This repetition is crucial for warming up, as it helps you fine-tune your reflexes and get fully prepared for competitive play. Regular practice with Gridshot can significantly improve your reaction time, making you more prepared to face real opponents in Valorant.

#3: Sixshot

For those who find Gridshot becoming too manageable, Sixshot is the perfect step up. Think of Sixshot as Gridshot dialed to the extreme. In this task, rather than facing moderately sized targets, you're presented with several very small targets. Each time you successfully hit a target, another pops up immediately, and your objective is to hit as many as possible before time expires to maximize your score.

Sixshot places a greater emphasis on precision and the ability to execute quick, accurate flicks. Such skills require sharp reflexes, developed through dedicated practice. As with Gridshot, it's beneficial to repeat Sixshot three to five times during your training sessions. This repetition helps solidify the muscle memory and reflexes needed for high-level play.

A productive training tip is to alternate between Sixshot and Gridshot within your practice routine. Start with a few rounds of Sixshot to hone your precision, then switch to Gridshot. This method not only enhances your aiming skills but also provides a noticeable improvement in your overall reflexes and aiming accuracy, better preparing you for competitive Valorant matches.

#4: Multilinetrace (+Linetrace)

Next on our list are Multilinetrace and Linetrace, two tasks so similar we've grouped them together for discussion, though we'll focus a bit more on Multilinetrace.

In these tasks, players are challenged to draw a line with their cursor from one target to the next, maintaining a steady aim and minimizing any jittery movements.
The targets are quite small, demanding high precision and the ability to halt your cursor precisely at the right moment, all while staying on a predefined straight path.

The ability to aim accurately without unnecessary deviations is crucial, especially in a game like Valorant where swift and precise aiming at critical spots, typically headshots, can significantly impact gameplay outcomes. Practicing Multilinetrace can greatly enhance your ability to execute clean, sharp flicks to specific targets, offering a substantial advantage in fast-paced competitive matches. This routine is essential for developing the control and accuracy needed to step up your game in Valorant.

#5: Tenz Task

Including Tenz' Aim Lab task in this list is a no-brainer. When a professional player like Tenz recommends a specific task for improving in Valorant, it's worth taking note.

The Tenz Task builds on the fundamentals of the Headshot routine but introduces a dynamic element: instead of stationary targets, they move towards you. This simulates a more realistic scenario, where the apparent size of the targets changes based on their distance from you, mimicking the size variations of an agent's head in Valorant.

This task is excellent for sharpening both your reaction time and precision. It adds a layer of urgency, as you must neutralize targets quickly before they come too close to your viewpoint. The Tenz Task is an essential drill for those looking to enhance their quick aiming skills under pressure, directly translating to better performance in fast-paced Valorant matches.

#6: Reflex Shot

If you find that Gridshot and Sixshot are no longer challenging, it's time to elevate your training with Reflex Shot, particularly the Reflex Shot Ultimate variation for those seeking to maximize their gains.

Reflex Shot introduces an element of unpredictability by randomizing both the size and location of targets after each is hit. This variability demands constant vigilance and adaptability, ensuring you're always prepared for the next target, no matter where it appears or how small it may be.

This task is specifically designed to enhance your reflexes. By engaging with Reflex Shot regularly and striving to improve your scores, you will notice a marked improvement in your ability to quickly and accurately move your cursor to any target. This skill is invaluable in Valorant, where reaction speed and precision can decisively impact your gameplay success.

#7: Spider Shot 180

The Spider Shot 180 Warmup takes the classic Spider Shot to a dynamic new level. While traditional Spider Shot tasks focus on hitting as many targets as possible from a stationary position, similar to Gridshot, the Spider Shot 180 adds a twist that's critical for in-game realism.

In this exercise, you're challenged to hit one or two targets, execute a swift 180-degree turn, and then repeat the process. This routine is not just about speed; it's also about spatial awareness and control. The key here is not to rush but to focus on the smoothness and accuracy of your movements. This practice is especially beneficial for getting accustomed to the physical limits of your mousepad and enhancing your ability to execute sharp, precise flicks—skills that are crucial when using sniper rifles like the Op or Marshall in Valorant.

Moreover, this task mirrors real-game scenarios where rapid turns to address threats from multiple directions are common. Although not always a full 180-degree turn, having the capability to quickly and accurately recalibrate your aim after a significant turn can significantly impact your effectiveness in combat situations.

#8: Motionshot

If you're finding that routines like Headshot, Gridshot, Sixshot, and even the Tenz Task have become too straightforward and you're craving a more formidable challenge, then Motionshot is the task you need to test your skills against. This task ups the ante by incorporating targets that not only vary in size but also move unpredictably around the screen.

In Motionshot, every time you successfully hit a target, the subsequent one may appear nearer or farther from your previous position, and it might be larger or smaller than the last. This constant change keeps the task unpredictable and engaging, forcing you to adapt rapidly and maintain high alertness.

This level of unpredictability is excellent for simulating real-game conditions where enemies' movements and positions can change instantaneously. Motionshot trains you to anticipate and react to dynamic changes, sharpening your aiming skills under pressure and preparing you for virtually any scenario you might face in Valorant.


Mastering Valorant requires more than just basic gameplay knowledge; it demands precise and adaptive aiming skills that can be honed through specific Aim Lab routines. Each of the eight tasks we've discussed—Headshot, Gridshot, Linetrace, Sixshot, Tenz Task, Reflexshot, Spider Shot 180, and Motionshot—addresses different aspects of shooting accuracy and reflexes. By integrating these exercises into your training regimen, you'll not only enhance your ability to make quick, accurate shots but also improve your overall game awareness and reaction times. Whether you're a beginner looking to get a foothold or an experienced player aiming to polish your skills, these Aim Lab routines are invaluable tools for achieving peak performance in Valorant. Embrace these challenges, and you'll see substantial improvements in your gameplay, helping you climb the ranks and succeed in this competitive FPS arena.

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