Ranking every Victorious Skin in League of Legends
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Ranking every Victorious Skin in League of Legends

As another thrilling League of Legends season concludes, players who have climbed the ranks and dedicated countless hours to improving their skills are rewarded with the exclusive Victorious skin. These special skins are awarded to players who have participated in the ranked season and achieved at least a Gold ranking.

Victorious skins stand out with their majestic hues of blue, gold, and silver—colors that symbolize triumph and achievement. They are among the rarest skins in the game, as they cannot be purchased; they are only granted as end-of-season rewards. Missing out on a Victorious skin means losing the chance to ever own it again, unless you have a time machine like Ekko’s Chronobreak!

Riot Games carefully selects champions for the Victorious skins based on their influence and performance in the competitive scene over the season. To date, there have been 14 Victorious skins since the tradition began in 2011.

In this article, we will rank the best Victorious skins ever released. Additionally, if you're aiming to secure your own Victorious skin next season, our elo boosting service at 1v9 can help you achieve that dream rank. Don't forget to use the promo code "1v9er" for a 20% discount on all our services!

#14: Victorious Jarvan IV (2011)

Victorious Jarvan IV, released in 2011, holds the distinction of being the inaugural Victorious skin in League of Legends. This skin features the Demacian prince clad in resplendent silver armor, a departure from his typical golden attire. While this skin does not boast many changes in particle effects, owning it is a testament to a player's long-standing dedication to the game. If you have Victorious Jarvan IV in your collection, it serves not just as a cosmetic upgrade but as a badge of honor, signifying your loyalty and prolonged engagement with League of Legends over the years.

#13: Victorious Tryndamere (2023)

The 2023 addition to the Victorious skin series, Victorious Tryndamere, has been previewed in Riot Games' development blog, and it may not measure up to the grandeur of its predecessors. This skin's defining feature is Tryndamere's cursed blade, which is adorned with a vivid purple-white gradient that hints at triumph.

It's important to note that this preview is based on the initial concept art, and the final design of Victorious Tryndamere could see enhancements prior to its official release in February 2024 with patch 14.4. Thus, fans may still see improvements that could elevate this skin to the esteemed levels expected of a Victorious edition.

#12: Victorious Janna (2012)

Victorious Janna, released in 2012, brings a dignified and battle-ready appearance to this wind-wielding champion. Unlike her usual lighter, more ethereal outfits, this skin offers a more armored and regal look, which is a delightful change for fans of the stormy support.

The standout feature of Victorious Janna is undoubtedly her staff, crowned with a large blue crystal that seems to draw inspiration from the blue side's Nexus. This detail not only enhances her thematic connection to victory but also adds a touch of majesty to her overall presence on the battlefield.

#11: Victorious Aatrox (2019)

Victorious Aatrox, introduced in 2019, presents a stark departure from the typical dark and menacing aesthetic associated with this champion. In contrast to his usual themes, the Victorious skin endows Aatrox with a more celestial appearance, featuring a pair of radiant white wings and a lighter rendition of his formidable Darkin Blade.

While some players have noted similarities between Victorious Aatrox and his earlier Justicar skin from 2013, the distinctions, particularly in terms of visual effects, are significant. Victorious Aatrox's abilities are accentuated with golden outlines and delicate feather-like details on the ground, reinforcing the angelic motif of the skin.

One of the most striking aspects of this skin is its recall animation, where Aatrox dramatically summons a mini stage and poses triumphantly with his sword, as if declaring his readiness to dominate any foe on the Summoner’s Rift. This skin not only transforms Aatrox’s visual presentation but also enhances the overall gameplay experience with its unique and thematic effects.

#10: Victorious Blitzcrank (2021)

In 2021, Riot Games introduced a twist in the typical color scheme of the Victorious line with the release of Victorious Blitzcrank. The skin features a more subdued palette of blue, gold, and silver, thoughtfully adjusted to complement Blitzcrank’s steampunk vibe.

This version of Blitzcrank seems perfectly suited to fit into the world of the League of Legends animated series, Arcane. One could easily imagine him as a mechanical denizen of Piltover, especially given his backstory where Viktor, a prominent character from the series, uses Hextech technology to create and animate Blitzcrank. The design choices for this skin not only honor Blitzcrank's lore but also give him a refined look that could seamlessly integrate into the rich narrative universe of Arcane.

#9: Victorious Sivir (2015)

In 2015, Victorious Sivir received a stylish update that refined her classic look to fit the prestigious theme of the Victorious skin series. Her normally black hair was lightened to a soft brown, harmonizing beautifully with the golden and blue color scheme of her Victorious attire. Her signature crossblade was embellished with wreath details, a nod to the ancient Greek symbol of victory and honor.

When Sivir activates her ultimate ability, "On the Hunt," she becomes enveloped in a stunning vortex of wind, adorned with golden and blue visual effects. This not only highlights her leadership on the battlefield but also enhances the visual impact of her character, making her presence even more commanding and visually captivating during crucial team fights.

#8: Victorious Maokai (2016)

In 2016, Victorious Maokai was introduced with a design heavily inspired by ancient Greek culture, beautifully intertwining this theme with his natural, arboreal essence. Riot adorned Maokai with a grand golden wreath, setting a regal contrast against his deep blue robe, which emphasizes his majestic presence on the battlefield.

His saplings, too, received a charming upgrade, equipped with tiny shawls that add a whimsical touch. During his recall animation, these saplings playfully take out a large leaf hand fan, fanning Maokai like a king—a delightful detail that reinforces his dignified stature.

Victorious Maokai presents a well-executed concept that blends historical elements with the fantastical nature of his character, creating a visually compelling and thematically rich appearance.

#7: Victorious Elise (2013)

In 2013, the Victorious skin for Elise, the spider queen, transformed her usual black and red attire into a stunning display of silver war armor. The splash art for Victorious Elise captures her in all her glory, looking both formidable and regal. Her spider form is particularly striking, featuring a crystal quartz-like abdomen and golden tips on her legs, enhancing her predatory elegance.

This transition to a fully armored look not only amplifies her presence on the battlefield but also symbolizes her readiness for combat, encapsulating the essence of a victorious warrior. The design intricately blends her arachnid features with luxurious embellishments, making Victorious Elise a true testament to her power and royal status within the game.

#6: Victorious Anivia (2023)

In a groundbreaking move for 2023, Riot Games has expanded the accessibility of the Victorious skin series, offering it to players across all ranks from Iron to Challenger. Each rank will receive a distinct chroma for the skin that corresponds with their final Split 1 ranking. The chosen champion for this prestigious honor is Anivia, the Cryophoenix.

The splash art for Victorious Anivia is truly a masterpiece, showcasing her with resplendent crystal wings and holographic accents that capture her majestic essence. Her prismatic eyes add a captivating depth to her already stunning portrayal.

However, while the skin dazzles with its particle effects, it slightly misses the mark on animations and the model itself, which could use additional enhancements to match the grandeur of its visual effects. A bit more sparkle and dynamic flair in these areas would elevate Victorious Anivia, enriching the overall experience for players in-game and making this skin a more fitting tribute to their ranked achievements.

#5: Victorious Graves (2017)

In 2017, Victorious Graves broke new ground by being the first Victorious skin to feature Chroma colors, offering additional chromas as rewards for players who excelled in both Flex and Solo queue rankings. While Victorious Graves might initially seem understated compared to other skins in the series, he distinguishes himself with exceptional particle effects.

The standout feature is undoubtedly the smoke effects that trail behind after he uses his "End of the Line" ability—they're simply explosive and add a dramatic flair to his gameplay. Moreover, the recall animation for Victorious Graves is a display of elegance and bravado; it showcases red rose petals gently cascading over him as he strikes a confident, triumphant pose, solidifying his status as one of the Rift's most formidable mercenaries. This skin not only celebrates player achievement but does so with a style that reflects Graves' gritty and bold character.

#4: Victorious Orianna (2018)

Victorious Orianna, released in 2018, captivates with her stunning crystalline short hair and an elegantly designed skirt adorned with golden wreath crowns, making her a true visual treat. Her design seamlessly blends the essence of victory with her classic mechanical aesthetics.

Orianna's recall animation captures the celebratory spirit of concluding a competitive League of Legends season. It features her gracefully summoning a staircase, scattering party confetti joyously around, while her faithful orb companion snaps photographs of the festivities—a delightful depiction of triumph.

Additionally, using her "Command: Protect" ability with the Victorious Orianna skin is particularly enchanting. It produces a beautiful, blue transparent shield that is accented with two large golden laurel leaves at both the top and bottom, enhancing the protective gesture with a touch of regal flair. This skin not only highlights Orianna’s unique characteristics but also elevates her presence on the battlefield with a splendid visual upgrade.

#3: Victorious Morgana (2014)

Victorious Morgana, initially released in 2014, received a significant visual update following Morgana's champion overhaul in 2013. The updated 2019 version of her Victorious skin features majestic purple wings, a shift from the original royal blue, enhancing her dark and mystic aesthetic.

Recognized as one of the standout Victorious skins, this version of Morgana boasts vibrant colors and exceptionally detailed animations that set it apart. The skin elevates her presence on the battlefield, making each cast of her abilities feel more impactful. Executing a multi-target Soul Shackles with this skin is particularly thrilling, as the refined effects and animations add a gratifying sense of power and control over the battlefield.

#2: Victorious Sejuani (2022)

In the 2022 season, Riot Games truly excelled with the release of Victorious Sejuani, capturing the essence of the fierce northern warrior adorned in resplendent golden body armor, beautifully encrusted with jewels.

This skin is a visual feast, particularly noted for its spectacular multicolored particle effects. The most stunning display occurs when Sejuani unleashes her ultimate ability, Glacial Prison. The transformation from the launch of her enchanted bola to the explosive frost storm upon impact is a sight to behold. Players from Gold to Challenger, especially those who main Sejuani, will find themselves enamored with the prismatic visuals that not only enhance the gameplay experience but also add a luxurious flair to this formidable champion's arsenal.

#1: Victorious Lucian (2020)

In 2020, players who reached Gold rank and above were rewarded with what is arguably the finest Victorious skin ever created: Victorious Lucian. This skin stands out as the pinnacle of the Victorious series, with Lucian donning an exquisite ensemble of gold, black, and royal blue, complemented by his gleaming relic pistols.

Victorious Lucian is a visual spectacle, loaded with a plethora of effects that truly come alive during his ultimate, The Culling, which unleashes a dazzling array of iridescent effects, making it a favorite among fans of holographic aesthetics.

His recall animation intriguingly appears to echo themes from the Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame movies, featuring Lucian summoning six differently colored crystals, cleverly alluding to his five additional Chromas available through higher ranks. Riot Games offers a unique Victorious Lucian Chroma for each rank tier starting from Gold, with each Chroma reflecting the respective tier's color scheme, such as the purple hues of the Master rank emblem for the Victorious Lucian Master Chroma. This thoughtful detail not only celebrates player achievements in ranked play but also adds a personalized touch to this already stellar skin.


The Victorious skins in League of Legends represent more than just visual enhancements; they serve as a testament to a player's dedication and prowess throughout the season. From the pioneering elegance of Victorious Jarvan IV to the spectacular detailing of Victorious Lucian, each skin in this exclusive series not only commemorates the achievements of players but also significantly enriches the visual and gameplay experience. These skins are cherished rewards that encapsulate the spirit of competition and achievement inherent in League of Legends. As we have explored the distinct features and unique allure of each Victorious skin, it's clear that Riot Games has continuously raised the bar, offering players not only a symbol of their success but also an incentive to strive for greater heights in upcoming seasons.

Posted On: April 16th, 2024

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