How To Get Free League of Legends Skins?
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How To Get Free League of Legends Skins?

Are you curious about acquiring free League of Legends skins? Skins are the sought-after cosmetic feature in the game, capturing the attention of all players. While you can spend real money on champions, name changes, or account transfers, skins remain the highlight of the League of Legends experience.
Skins in League of Legends are not just cosmetic alterations; they often bring enhanced visual elements that can impact gameplay. Take Star Guardian Zoe as an example – a comparison of the spell animations between the base Zoe appearance and the Star Guardian Skin reveals a noticeable difference. Although the skin doesn't alter ability hitboxes, it can improve precision and aiming. A similar situation arose with iBlitzcrank, where players claimed the grab animation was longer than the base version, leading to the skin being banned in professional play.
Despite the cosmetic nature of skins, players still desire them for their champions in League of Legends, and ideally, they want them for free. Fortunately, Riot Games has implemented a system that allows players to obtain some free skins without spending real money, a significant departure from the past when purchasing with real currency was the sole option.
Let's explore the various ways you can obtain free skins in League of Legends!
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How to Get Free Skins in League of Legends?

1. Loot System

While the loot system may have its drawbacks, it remains the most effective means of obtaining free League of Legends skins. Admittedly reliant on RNG (Random Number Generation), it can be occasionally frustrating as players may receive skins for champions or roles they rarely play. Nevertheless, it offers the opportunity to earn skins simply by engaging in League of Legends gameplay.
The loot system operates through skin shards, chests, keys, and orange essence. When you or a party member excels in a game, earning an S-, S, or S+ for performance, everyone in the party is rewarded with a chest. To unlock the chest, you need a key, which can be created by combining three key fragments. The distribution of key fragments is random, but it has been observed that higher Honor levels result in more key fragments. You can find a tutorial on maximizing key fragment acquisition in League of Legends here.
When you open a chest in the loot system, you receive a skin shard, which holds a value in orange essence. This essence can then be converted into a permanent skin on your account. The amount of orange essence required depends on the rarity of the skin; for instance, skins like Elementalist Lux demand more orange essence than ordinary ones like Tundra Fizz. To accumulate orange essence, you can disenchant the skin shards you don't intend to use or need.
In essence, the process is straightforward. Play the game as usual, earn a chest and a key, and then decide whether you want to keep or disenchant the skin shard you receive. If you decide to keep it, you can wait until you accumulate enough orange essence. Alternatively, you can combine three skin shards in your inventory to receive a random permanent skin.

2. End of Season Rewards

At the conclusion of each ranked season in League of Legends, Riot Games generously awards players with a free skin as part of the end-of-season rewards. This coveted skin is known as Victorious, and it is bestowed upon a specific champion that has defined the meta throughout the season. Notable Victorious skins include Victorious Morgana, Victorious Graves, Victorious Maokai, and the latest addition, Victorious Lucian. Adorned in silver, blue, and gold colors, these skins symbolize the League of Legends logo and the prestigious Summoner’s Cup.
To claim a Victorious Skin, players must finish the season in Gold rank on the ranked ladder or higher. Those who achieve this feat receive the skin entirely for free. While Victorious skins may not be the rarest, their exclusivity lies in the fact that they cannot be purchased with real money later on.
In addition to Victorious skins, your Honor level can also serve as a pathway to obtaining a free skin in League of Legends at the end of the season. Attaining a level 5 Honor by the season's end grants players the choice of one of two skins: Grey Warwick or Medieval Twitch. It's important to note that players can receive one of these skins this year and the other in the following season, but not both in the same year.

3. Promotions

Riot Games occasionally hosts promotions that generously reward players with free skins. This practice predates the introduction of the loot system, meaning many seasoned LoL players have already claimed these rewards. However, if your account has missed out on some of these complimentary skins, here's how to obtain them.
Riot Girl Tristana can be obtained by liking the official League of Legends page on Facebook. Unchained Alistar can be yours if you subscribe to the official League of Legends YouTube channel. Lastly, Dreadknight Garen is the reward for following League of Legends on Twitter. Although Riot Games has recently removed these straightforward methods for acquiring the skins, it doesn't mean they are entirely inaccessible. You just need to put in a bit more effort.
To obtain any of these skins, engage in the specified activities and take a screenshot. Following this, contact Riot Support and open a ticket, detailing the situation and attaching the screenshot. They will likely review your account and, in most cases, grant you the skins for free.

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Final Thoughts

It is highly likely that the current method of obtaining free League of Legends skins will remain unchanged for many years to come. Riot Games implemented the loot system with a well-thought-out plan, providing the best solution to reward the majority of players for their loyalty while addressing issues related to illegal cheats/mods that granted free skins. Additionally, the annual tradition of receiving one free skin at the end of each season adds to the generous offerings.
On average, a League of Legends player can accumulate 10-15 free skins every year without spending a single cent. There's even the chance of acquiring skins that players genuinely desire. This approach contributes to an excellent state for the game, and we hope it continues in the future!

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