League of Legends Season 14: All Upcoming Prestige Skins in 2024
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League of Legends Season 14: All Upcoming Prestige Skins in 2024

In February 2024, Riot revealed the list of champions set to receive new mythic and prestige skins in the upcoming season. This guide from 1v9 will detail which champions are slated for these exclusive and luxurious skin updates. Whether you're looking forward to enhancing your favorite champion's look or curious about the upcoming releases, we've got you covered with the latest information on season 14's prestige and mythic skins. Plus, don't forget, our 1v9 boosters can help you climb the ranks more easily, and you can enjoy a 20% discount on our services!

What are Prestige Skins in League of Legends?

Prestige skins in League of Legends stand out as exceptional and rare cosmetic options, awarded mainly to champions with a large fan base. These skins are often linked with special in-game events and passes, like the Worlds Pass or the ongoing Lunar Pass, allowing players to earn them through gameplay. Additionally, players can obtain these skins using Mythic Essence.

Typically characterized by their luxurious white and gold color schemes, prestige skins offer an opulent visual upgrade that distinguishes them significantly from standard skins. If you're drawn to such sophisticated aesthetics, you might find prestige skins particularly appealing.

What are Mythic Skins in League of Legends

Mythic Skins in League of Legends represent a unique category of rare skins, primarily acquired through spending Mythic Essence. The value assigned to each mythic skin varies, often influenced by its release date. These exclusive skins are available for purchase in the game's Mythic Shop.

Distinguished by their predominant purple hues or variations thereof, mythic skins offer a visually distinct flair closely resembling their standard counterparts but with a luxurious purple twist. Notable examples include the "Hextech" series, like Hextech Swain, reflecting the term previously used to describe these mythic cosmetics.

New Mythic Line (Crystalis Indomitus)

A fresh mythic line, named Crystalis Indomitus, is poised to debut in League of Legends, bringing exclusive skins to select champions. Kicking off the lineup, Kha'Zix will be adorned with his new skin in March. Following him, Xerath will step into the spotlight with his own mythic skin in June, and Nautilus will round out the trio with his addition in August.

Here’s a preview of the new Kha’Zix skin!

Upcoming Prestige Skins in 2024

In 2024, League of Legends is set to introduce at least four new prestige skins, obtainable through event passes. These passes, typically priced at around 2200 tokens, are essential for players aiming to secure these exclusive skins, necessitating an investment of RP to purchase the pass associated with each event.

The champions earmarked for prestige skins this year include:

  • Evelynn
  • Kayle
  • Yuumi
  • Leona

While specific release dates and splash arts for these skins are still under wraps, they will be available for acquisition with event tokens. The selection of Yuumi and Leona for prestige skins comes as a bit of a surprise, particularly considering Yuumi's current play rate and strength in the meta. This choice has led to speculation about potential buffs or changes to Yuumi's kit in the near future to justify her inclusion in the prestige lineup.

New Mythic Shop Rotation

The Mythic Shop in League of Legends regularly updates its offerings, allowing players to exchange Mythic Essence for exclusive skins. To browse and buy these skins, navigate to the loot section and select Mythic Essence. The most efficient method to accumulate Mythic Essence is through participating in event passes.

For Patch 14.6, the Mythic Shop will feature:

  • Prestige PsyOps Ezreal for 150 ME
  • Prestige Winterblessed Warwick for 125 ME
  • Prestige Dragonmancer Volibear for 150 ME
  • Prestige Space Groove Nami for 150 ME
  • Dark Star Cho’Gath for 100 ME
  • Hextech Renekton for 100 ME
  • Crystalis Indomitus Kha’Zix for 100 ME

Following in Patch 14.8, players can expect:

  • Prestige Porcelain Lissandra for 125 ME
  • Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune for 200 ME
  • Prestige PROJECT: Sylas for 150 ME
  • Prestige Coven Zyra for 150 ME
  • Dark Star Cho’Gath for 100 ME
  • Hextech Renekton for 100 ME
  • Crystalis Indomitus Kha’Zix for 100 ME

Then in Patch 14.10, the shop will include:

  • Prestige Arcade Caitlyn for 200 ME
  • Prestige Nightbringer Kayn for 150 ME
  • Prestige Fuzz Fizz for 200 ME
  • Prestige Ascended Pantheon for 150 ME
  • Dark Star Cho’Gath for 100 ME
  • Hextech Renekton for 100 ME
  • Crystalis Indomitus Kha’Zix for 100 ME

And by Patch 14.12, the available skins will be:

  • Prestige Faerie Court Katarina for 125 ME
  • Prestige True Damage Senna for 150 ME
  • Prestige Phoenixmancer Xayah for 150 ME
  • Prestige Coven Leblanc for 150 ME
  • Dawnbringer Karma for 100 ME
  • Hextech Nocturne for 100 ME
  • Crystalis Indomitus Xerath for 100 ME

This regular rotation ensures players always have fresh, exclusive skins to aim for, enriching their League of Legends experience.


League of Legends continues to excite and engage its player base with an impressive lineup of Prestige and Mythic skins throughout 2024. From the anticipation of new mythic lines like Crystalis Indomitus to eagerly awaited Prestige skins for champions such as Evelynn, Kayle, Yuumi, and Leona, there's something for every player looking to enhance their collection and in-game aesthetics. Additionally, the strategic rotation of skins in the Mythic Shop offers players the opportunity to use their hard-earned Mythic Essence on a variety of rare and exclusive skins, ensuring that their champions stand out on the battlefield. As Riot Games keeps innovating with fresh and appealing skin concepts, the allure of League of Legends' cosmetic enhancements remains a vibrant aspect of the gaming experience, encouraging players to dive back in for more.

Posted On: March 11th, 2024

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