League of Legends Season 14: Faker Hall of Fame Skins Reveal
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League of Legends Season 14: Faker Hall of Fame Skins Reveal

Riot Games has taken a monumental step in celebrating the illustrious careers of League of Legends professionals by introducing the Hall of Legends, and its first inductee is the legendary mid-laner from T1, Faker. This recognition comes with the launch of specially crafted skins that encapsulate Faker's iconic status within the game.

The highlight of this celebration is the unveiling of the "Risen Legend Ahri" skin, featuring multiple variants, along with a potential skin for LeBlanc. These skins boast a striking red crystal theme, symbolizing Faker's enduring legacy and prowess in the League of Legends arena.

Moreover, Riot Games has committed to sharing a portion of the revenue from these commemorative skins with Faker himself, ensuring that his contributions are not only recognized but also rewarded. This initiative not only honors Faker's impact on the game but also sets a precedent for celebrating esports excellence in League of Legends.

The Hall of Legends

 Riot Games has launched the Hall of Legends, a new initiative designed to acknowledge and immortalize the legendary figures of League of Legends. The first player to be honored is none other than Lee Sang-hyeok, universally known as Faker, who is celebrated as the greatest player in the game’s history.

Faker's unparalleled skill, consistent performance, and exemplary sportsmanship have made him the deserving recipient of this first induction. As part of this honor, special in-game skins will be released in his name, with Faker earning royalties from the sales of these skins. This thoughtful gesture not only commemorates his achievements but also ensures that he continues to benefit from his lasting legacy in the League of Legends community.

Teaser and Leaks

Riot Games has just released an enticing teaser ahead of next month's big reveal, sparking widespread excitement across the League of Legends community. The preview offered fans a thrilling glimpse into the new, eagerly awaited skins dedicated to Faker, the first inductee into the Hall of Legends. Contrary to initial speculations of a single skin, the teaser intriguingly hinted at multiple skins, each designed to reflect various facets of Faker's illustrious career. This sneak peek has already ignited discussions and anticipation, highlighting the community's eagerness to celebrate Faker's legendary contributions to the game.

The Leaked Ahri Skin

Ahead of the official announcement, details about one of the highly anticipated Faker tribute skins have surfaced. Dubbed "Risen Legend Ahri," this skin is rumored to include at least two distinct variants. Inspired by Faker's unmatched gameplay and his famed moniker, "The Unkillable Demon King," the design of the skin is set to be both elaborate and luxurious, capturing the essence of Faker's storied career in League of Legends. Fans are abuzz with excitement as they await the full reveal of this special edition skin.

Upcoming Skins Suggest Expansive Lineup for Faker

The recent teaser from Riot Games not only highlighted the "Risen Legend Ahri" skin but also hinted at additional skins in development, specifically featuring champions like LeBlanc. The video, which depicted Faker alongside statues of Ahri and LeBlanc, sparked excitement about further skins reflecting his legendary gameplay. The anticipated LeBlanc skin, like its Ahri counterpart, is expected to boast an intricate design and majestic detailing. Both skins are unified by a distinctive red crystal theme, enhancing their visual appeal and celebrating Faker's iconic status in the League of Legends universe.

Anticipation Builds

As the full reveal approaches next month, anticipation within the League of Legends community reaches new heights. The upcoming release of high-quality, uniquely themed skins pays a fitting tribute to Faker's illustrious legacy, providing fans and players an opportunity to celebrate his monumental achievements in-game. Additionally, the royalty model introduced by Riot Games marks a pioneering approach to honoring and financially rewarding legendary players, setting a new benchmark in the industry for recognizing the contributions of esports icons.


The introduction of the Hall of Legends by Riot Games, beginning with the iconic Faker, marks a significant milestone in recognizing and celebrating the storied careers of esports professionals. The anticipation surrounding the release of the "Risen Legend Ahri" and potential LeBlanc skins underscores the community's enthusiasm and the deep respect fans hold for Faker's achievements. With the innovative approach of sharing revenue through royalties, Riot is not only acknowledging Faker’s contributions but also setting a forward-thinking standard for how game legends are appreciated. As we look forward to the full reveal next month, it's clear that these initiatives are enhancing the way players and fans experience the game, deepening their connection to League of Legends and its most celebrated figures.

Posted On: May 23rd, 2024

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