League of Legends Season 14: MSI and Worlds Teams and Dates
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League of Legends Season 14: MSI and Worlds Teams and Dates

The League of Legends competitive scene reaches its climax at the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) and the World Championship (Worlds), the two most prestigious tournaments in the esports calendar. Riot Games has recently announced the dates and teams for this season's tournaments, offering fans plenty of time to plan their viewing schedules.

In this article, we'll dive into the specifics of the MSI and Worlds teams and key dates, ensuring you're well-informed about when and where these epic battles will take place.

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What is MSI 2024?

The 2024 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) is a key tournament in the League of Legends esports calendar, bringing together 12 top international teams that excelled in their respective Spring Splits. This year's MSI is especially pivotal, as it carries the added incentive of direct qualification to the 2024 World Championship for the winning team—providing an additional Worlds slot to their region.

Moreover, the 2024 MSI will see the introduction of a double elimination bracket, enhancing the competitive landscape and ensuring teams have a second chance to prove their mettle. This format promises to deliver more intense matchups and unexpected turnarounds, heightening the drama and spectacle for fans around the globe.

Where is MSI 2024 held?

The 2024 Mid-Season Invitational is set to unfold in the vibrant city of Chengdu, China. Known for its rich history in esports, including previously hosting prestigious events such as the Demacia Cup, Chengdu is poised to offer an impressive backdrop for this premier League of Legends competition. The choice of Chengdu underscores the city's growing reputation as a hub for major esports tournaments and its capacity to host international audiences and teams.

When is MSI 2024?

The 2024 Mid-Season Invitational is scheduled to take place from May 1st through May 19th. The tournament is structured in two phases: the initial play-in stage, where teams compete for a spot in the main event, followed by the bracket stage, where the top teams battle it out in a more intense, knockout format. This structure ensures a thrilling progression of matches, heightening the stakes as teams move closer to the championship title.

Which teams participate in MSI 2024?

The Mid-Season Invitational 2024 will feature an impressive lineup of teams from around the globe, each earning their spot through rigorous regional competitions. Here are the teams qualified for MSI 2024:

  • European LEC: G2 Esports as the 1st seed and Fnatic through Championship points.
  • Korean LCK: Gen.G as the 1st seed followed by T1 as the 2nd seed.
  • Chinese LPL: The 1st and 2nd seeds will be occupied by either Bilibili or Top Esports, depending on the outcome of the spring finals.
  • North American LCS: Team Liquid claims the 1st seed with FlyQuest taking the 2nd seed.
  • PCS (Pacific Championship Series): PSG Talon as the 1st seed.
  • VCS (Vietnam Championship Series): GAM Esports as the Spring 2024 champion.
  • Brazil CBLOL: Either paiN Gaming or LOUD will represent Brazil as the Split 1 2024 champion.
  • Latin America LLA: Estral Esports clinched the championship title.

These teams will compete in a fierce battle for international supremacy, each bringing unique strategies and regional playing styles to the tournament.

What is LoL Worlds?

The League of Legends World Championship, commonly referred to as LoL Worlds, is the pinnacle of competitive League of Legends play. Each year, this prestigious tournament brings together 20 elite teams from around the globe to compete for the title of world champion.

Held annually following the Summer Split, LoL Worlds serves as the grand finale to the competitive season, offering a stage where the finest teams display their prowess and vie for a substantial prize pool that often exceeds 2 million USD.

Regarded as one of the most significant events in Esports, LoL Worlds captivates millions of fans worldwide, featuring a fusion of high-stakes competition and cultural performances that celebrate the diverse global community of League of Legends.

Where is Worlds 2024 held?

The 2024 League of Legends World Championship is set to unfold in the vibrant city of London, United Kingdom. The finals will take place at the iconic O2 Arena, a venue celebrated for its capacity to host large-scale events, including major concerts and significant cultural gatherings. This choice highlights the global appeal and the grand scale of the event, promising an unforgettable experience not just for the competitors but for the thousands of fans expected to attend and the millions watching worldwide.

When is Worlds 2024?

The 2024 League of Legends World Championship is scheduled to span from September 25th to November 11th. This extended period allows for a comprehensive tournament structure, including group stages, quarterfinals, semifinals, and the much-anticipated finals. This scheduling also gives teams ample time to prepare, compete, and recover throughout the various phases of the competition, ensuring top-notch performances and strategic gameplay that fans expect from a world-class esports event.


The upcoming 2024 MSI and Worlds tournaments are set to be thrilling showcases of the very best that League of Legends has to offer. With MSI offering a unique ticket to Worlds and both events hosted in exciting international locations, fans can expect intense matches, strategic gameplay, and heart-pounding moments from the top teams around the globe. Whether you're tuning in to see the rising stars or the established legends, this year's competitions promise to elevate the standards of esports entertainment.

Posted On: April 19th, 2024

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