Most Popular Roles in League of Legends (2024)
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Most Popular Roles in League of Legends (2024)

Discovering the ideal role in League of Legends can be a daunting challenge, particularly for newcomers navigating the diverse array of options, each with its unique playstyles and mechanics demanding mastery. If you're a player grappling with the quest to identify your role in League of Legends, consider yourself fortunate.

League of Legends presents players with a selection of five distinct roles. The initial choice is the top lane, known for its solitary nature. Following that, there's the jungle role, capable of exerting influence across all lanes. The mid lane comes next, widely regarded as the game's most popular role due to the diverse playstyles it presents. Lastly, the bottom lane encompasses the ADC and support roles, functioning in tandem.

Let's delve into the intricacies of each of the five roles in League of Legends, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of what to anticipate from each one.

Top Lane

Let's explore the intricacies of the top lane, a pivotal battleground in League of Legends. Renowned as the "island," the top lane holds significant importance, characterized by its isolation from other lanes. Positioned furthest away from the rest, it often sees top laners engaging in intense one-on-one duels.
In this strategic domain, the option to use teleport adds a layer of tactical mobility. Should the need arise to swiftly traverse the map or aid your team, teleport becomes a crucial choice among your summoner spells.
As a top laner, your objective revolves around outplaying opponents, whether through defensive scaling or showcasing raw skill to dominate. It's a cerebral contest, intricately tied to your chosen champion. Self-reliance is paramount; however, the jungle role can tip the scales. Your ally jungler may surprise the enemy top laner with a well-timed gank, or conversely, the enemy's jungler may pose a threat.
Constant vigilance is essential as you duel with the enemy top laner, mindful of potential surprises. A single misstep could grant your opponent an advantage, potentially turning the tide against you. In this lane, a solitary advantage holds the potential to carry your team to victory. If you savor a solo-oriented playstyle, the top lane promises an engaging and immersive experience.


Let's delve into the intricacies of the jungle role, our second focal point. Similar to the top lane, the jungle embraces a solo-oriented dynamic, especially in the early stages of the game. The initial phase involves navigating the jungle, optimizing farm and experience acquisition. However, as a jungler gains strength, the entire narrative takes a transformative turn.
Junglers, without a traditional lane, become dynamic influencers, executing ganks or flanks across various lanes. This versatility allows them to exert control over all lanes and spearhead objective captures. Tower pushes often see laners collaborating with the jungler to ensure successful demolitions. While lacking a conventional lane opponent, junglers may engage in skirmishes during scuttle crab contests or invasions.

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As a jungler, your role extends beyond mere participation; you carry the responsibility of steering the game in your team's favor. This entails a strategic balance between prioritizing farm and experience or consistently orchestrating well-timed ganks for your allies. Vigilance is paramount, necessitating a keen awareness of the game's evolving circumstances to make informed decisions.
If you harbor a desire for strategic control over the game, the jungle stands as the ideal role for you.


The mid lane stands out as arguably the most favored role in the game, celebrated for its diverse playstyles and significant impact potential. Positioned at the very center of the map, mid lane champions possess the unique ability to navigate to other lanes, exerting influence across the battlefield.
Despite being categorized as a solo lane, it's essential to acknowledge the symbiotic relationship mid laners share with the jungle. This partnership is evident in the seamless interactions between the two champions, further emphasized by the fact that the jungler can extend assistance to the mid laner from virtually any location due to the short lane distance.
The mid lane caters to a plethora of playstyles, accommodating those who favor late-game farming, collaborative roaming with the jungler, or the explosive burst of an assassin. With such versatility, there's a champion tailored to suit every player's 

Bottom Lane - ADC

For those familiar with MMORPGs, the ADC role in League of Legends may evoke a sense of déjà vu. Why, you ask? ADCs, or Attack Damage Carries, are renowned for dishing out formidable damage with the longest attack range, but they come with the trade-off of having the lowest health pools. Essentially, ADCs embody the concept of a glass cannon, even with a specific build.
As the "D" in ADC suggests, the primary objective of an ADC is to maximize damage output while minimizing deaths, ensuring a gradual yet relentless power-up to eventually carry the team to victory. Their kits often facilitate exceptional scaling into the late game compared to other champions.
Despite a more limited champion pool in comparison to other roles, the role of being the team's primary damage source can be incredibly satisfying. Additionally, the ADC is never truly alone, with a support constantly by their side, and the jungler frequently making appearances near the bottom lane. However, caution is paramount, as the enemy team tends to prioritize eliminating the ADC, emphasizing the need for strategic and mindful play.

Bottom Lane - Support

As previously mentioned, the support champion consistently pairs with the ADC in the bottom lane from the game's onset, with a primary focus on protecting and assisting them during the early stages. The toolkit of a support often incorporates crowd control features, such as stunning, to facilitate this role seamlessly.
Support champions hold a crucial responsibility in maintaining vision control for the team, preparing objectives, and preventing blind engagements in the fog of war. Some supports even take on the role of secondary ADCs, provided the primary ADC is amenable to sharing the limelight.
Support champions epitomize the essence of teamwork, designed to contribute to their team's success in various ways, be it empowering the ADC or offering support in other facets of the game. The support role caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone keen on making meaningful contributions. For those seeking to enhance their climb up the ranks, irrespective of their chosen role, we highly recommend perusing our guide on the optimal guide on choosing your league of legends role


What is the most played role in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, the Mid Lane stands out as the most frequented and arguably holds the utmost significance. Positioned strategically at the center of the Summoner's Rift map, the Mid Lane serves as a pivotal link connecting the top and bottom lanes.
Renowned for its dynamic and adaptable gameplay, the Mid Lane captures the attention of a substantial portion of the player base. Mages and assassins are the typical choices for Mid Laners, armed with potent burst damage or crowd control abilities that enable swift elimination of foes or control over team fights.
Benefiting from a central position, Mid Laners wield influence over multiple areas of the map, whether it's assisting their jungler in invasions or providing aid to allies in adjacent lanes. The allure of intense one-on-one matchups and the potential to shape the game's trajectory make the Mid Lane an enticing option for League of Legends players seeking strategic intricacies and impactful plays.

What is the easiest role to play in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, determining the "easiest" role is subjective, varying based on individual preferences and playstyles. However, as a general observation, the Support role tends to be regarded as one of the more straightforward roles, particularly for newcomers or those seeking a less mechanically demanding experience.
Support champions primarily focus on assisting their team through crowd control, healing, shielding, and vision control. This role typically involves less emphasis on last-hitting or intricate mechanics compared to other roles, making it more accessible for beginners.
In the bot lane, Support champions often collaborate with the ADC, undertaking responsibilities such as setting up kills, safeguarding their ADC, and strategically controlling the map with wards.

What is the best role for climbing?

When it comes to climbing the ranks in League of Legends, assuming the role of a Jungler often emerges as one of the most effective strategies. The Jungler's primary responsibility involves navigating the jungle, situated between lanes, and clearing camps to accumulate both experience and gold.
This role grants unparalleled map control, allowing the Jungler to exert influence across all lanes by offering support, executing well-timed ganks, and securing critical objectives such as Dragon and Baron Nashor. A proficient Jungler can create pivotal opportunities for their team, orchestrating successful ganks that tilt the scales in their favor and securing key objectives that pave the way to victory.
Success as a Jungler hinges on effective communication, keen map awareness, and astute strategic decision-making. Balancing farm efficiency, assisting teammates, and dictating the tempo of the game are crucial aspects that make the Jungler an impactful force in the climb up the ranks.


In conclusion, League of Legends offers a diverse array of roles, each with its unique dynamics and strategic nuances. Whether you seek the intense one-on-one duels of the top lane, the dynamic influence of the jungle, the versatile gameplay of the mid lane, the strategic coordination of the bottom lane ADC, or the supportive teamwork of the bottom lane support, there's a role tailored to your preferences.
While the "best" role for climbing can vary based on personal strengths and playstyles, the Jungler often stands out as a potent choice due to its ability to control the map, influence all lanes, and secure crucial objectives. Whichever role you choose, the key to success lies in continuous improvement, effective communication, and adapting to the ever-evolving dynamics of each game. So, venture forth, discover your preferred playstyle, and embark on the journey to conquer the Summoner's Rift.

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