A Guide to Choosing Your League of Legends Role
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A Guide to Choosing Your League of Legends Role

let's explore the roles in League of Legends from a fresh perspective, focusing on their unique characteristics, responsibilities, and the type of champions they use.

Top Lane: The Solo Island

Top Lane is often considered a solitary island due to its secluded nature. This role is for players who favour a more independent and measured approach to the game, favouring strategic thinking over flashy plays.

Top Lane Overview:
Lane: Baron Lane
Learning Difficulty: Moderate
Responsibilities: Teleportation response, split-pushing, soaking pressure
Champion Types: Tanks, Bruisers, Battlemages, Marksmen, Assassins
Players to Watch: TheShy, Nuguri, Bwipo, Impact, Wunder

Top Lane Duties:
The top laners are in charge of a wide array of tasks. Often wielding the Teleport summoner spell, top learners respond to other lanes' needs, assist in team fights, and manage the side lanes, all while being able to handle one-on-one duels effectively.

Champions for Top Lane:
The top lane hosts a versatile selection of champions, ranging from tanks to assassins. Your champion choice should ideally reflect a balance between damage and utility to maximize your contribution to the team.

Jungle: The Game's Puppeteer

The Jungle role is unique and demanding, requiring a strong understanding of the game's mechanics and a keen sense of map awareness. Junglers have the potential to influence all lanes, making them a crucial element of the team's success.

Jungle Overview:
Lane: Jungle Area
Learning Difficulty: High
Responsibilities: Securing objectives, ganking, controlling the map
Champion Types: Tanks, Bruisers, Battlemages, Assassins
Players to Watch: Selfmade, Jankos, Canyon, Blaber

Jungle Duties:
Junglers control the game's pace, securing neutral objectives like Elemental Drakes and Rift Heralds, performing ganks to create advantages for their team, and keeping tabs on enemy movements. A good jungler is proactive and decisive, often deciding the team's fate.

Champions for Jungle:
Jungle champions need to be versatile and efficient, capable of clearing monster camps quickly and ganking effectively. This often means selecting champions with crowd control, high mobility, or substantial burst damage.

Mid Lane: The Heart of the Action

The mid lane, at the center of the map, is where the action happens. Mid-laners often influence the game's flow, making plays around the map while keeping up with their lane pressure.

Mid Lane Overview:
Lane: Middle Lane
Learning Difficulty: Moderate
Responsibilities: Roaming, wave management, carrying in the late game
Champion Types: Mages, Assassins, occasionally Marksmen or Tanks
Players to Watch: Faker, Caps, ShowMaker, Doinb, Knight

Mid Lane Duties:
Mid-laners need to balance farming, roaming, and trading with their opposing laner. They're usually the first ones to respond to skirmishes around the map and are often relied upon for significant damage during team fights.

Champions for Mid Lane:
The mid-lane is filled with a wide variety of champions, from high-damage mages to slippery assassins. Your choice should reflect your ability to effectively control the lane, roam to affect the rest of the map, and deal significant damage in fights.

AD Carry: The Glass Cannon

The AD Carry, typically situated in the bot lane, is the team's primary source of sustained damage. While this role can be highly impactful, it also demands precise positioning and an understanding of how to survive the enemy's attempts to eliminate you.

AD Carry Overview:
Lane: Dragon Lane
Learning Difficulty: Hard
Responsibilities: Dealing high sustained damage, taking objectives, staying alive
Champion Types: Marksmen, occasional Mages or Bruisers
Players to Watch: Uzi, Doublelift, Rekkles, Ruler, Jackeylove

AD Carry Duties:
AD Carries are expected to deal a significant amount of damage in fights while maintaining a safe position to avoid being eliminated. They're also crucial for securing objectives due to their sustained damage.

Champions for AD Carry:
The majority of AD Carries are Marksmen, chosen for their ability to dish out highly sustained damage from a distance. Some mages or bruisers can also fit the role in specific compositions or metas, but these are more situational.

Support: The Unsung Hero

Supports often don't receive the limelight, but their role is crucial. They help keep the AD Carry and the rest of the team alive, control vision, and often dictate the pace of bot lane and team fights.

Support Overview:
Lane: Dragon Lane
Learning Difficulty: Moderate
Responsibilities: Protect the AD Carry, provide vision, control the pace of bot lane and team fights
Champion Types: Enchanters, Tanks, Mages, and occasionally Assassins
Players to Watch: CoreJJ, Vulcan, Mikyx, Meiko, Ming

Support Duties:
Supports are expected to assist their AD Carries in the lane, ward key areas for vision, neutralize threats during fights, and more. A good support player is often the difference between a win or a loss, even if it's not always immediately noticeable.

Champions for Support:
Support champions vary greatly, from healers and shield providers to crowd-control tanks and even damage-dealing mages or assassins. The choice often depends on the team composition, the AD Carry you're laning with, and the lane matchup. Remember, good support can carry the game from behind the scenes!

Posted On: July 15th, 2023

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