How To See How Much Money Have You Spent On Valorant


How To See How Much Money Have You Spent On Valorant

Valorant sets itself apart from many other FPS games with its vibrant and extensive collection of cosmetic items. From unique weapon skins to varied accessories, the game offers numerous ways to customize your experience. However, these items often come at a cost, requiring real-world money, and it's easy for these expenses to accumulate over time.

In this guide, we’ll show you not only how to find out exactly how much money you’ve spent in Valorant but also why keeping track of your spending is crucial. Understanding your total investment can help you make more informed decisions about future purchases and manage your gaming budget more effectively.

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Why should I track my total spending on Valorant?

Tracking your total spending on Valorant is crucial for several reasons:

Smart Budget Management

Riot Games is known for regularly releasing attractive skins and bundles, making it easy to lose track of your expenditures. Monitoring your spending helps you make informed decisions about where to invest your money wisely within the game.

Account Valuation

If you ever consider selling your Valorant account, knowing the total amount you've invested in it is essential. This knowledge helps you assess its market value accurately, ensuring you can list it at a fair price.

Curbing Impulse Purchases

The allure of new cosmetics can often lead to impulse buying. By keeping a detailed record of your spending, you can gain valuable insights into your purchasing patterns, which can serve as a reality check and aid in avoiding unnecessary expenditures in the future.

Overall, maintaining a clear record of your spending on Valorant not only helps with financial management but also enhances your decision-making process regarding future purchases.

Where can I check my total spending on Valorant?

To track your total spending in Valorant, you'll need to utilize Riot Games' official services, as there are no external tools that can accurately tally your expenditures. Fortunately, Riot provides a way to view your financial activity directly through its support page.

How to Check Your Spending on Valorant:

1. Access Riot's Support Page: Riot's support system allows you to view a detailed list of transactions made over time.

2. Review Valorant Point Purchases: The information provided will primarily cover the amount of money you have spent purchasing Valorant Points (VPs), which are the in-game currency used to acquire cosmetics like skins, weapon bundles, and battle passes.

3. Calculate Total Expenditure: By tracking your purchases of Valorant Points, you can easily gauge the total amount spent. The system automatically sums up individual transactions to provide you with an overall total.

This method offers a clear picture of your financial investments in the game, helping you understand and manage your spending habits effectively.

How to check the total money spent on Valorant 

To find out how much you've spent on Valorant, you can easily access your purchase history through Riot Games' official support system. Here’s a streamlined guide on how to do it:

1. Open Your Browser: Start by launching your preferred web browser.

2. Navigate to Riot’s Support Page: Search for “Valorant Support purchase history” and click on the first link to go directly to Riot's official support page.

3. Log In to Your Account: Once on the page, click the red ‘Log in’ button. You’ll need to enter your Riot account username and password to proceed.

4. Access Purchase History: After logging in, look for and click the ‘Get My Purchase History’ button. If the page doesn’t load immediately, give it a moment. If it still doesn’t work, try refreshing the page or logging in again.

5. Review Your Spending: Once you gain access, you’ll be able to see your total amount spent along with a detailed list of each individual purchase.

This process provides a transparent look at your spending habits in Valorant, allowing you to manage your gaming expenses better.


Can you get skins in Valorant without spending money?

Yes, it is possible to acquire skins in Valorant without directly spending money. Riot Games occasionally offers free skins through various means. Players can obtain them by redeeming in-game codes provided during special events or promotions. Additionally, Valorant's Battle Pass includes free tiers that often contain skins, allowing players to earn them simply by playing the game and completing challenges.

Is Spending Money on Valorant Worth It?

Determining whether spending money on Valorant is worth it ultimately depends on the individual player. Value is subjective, and what might be worthwhile for one player could be unnecessary for another. It's essential to consider how much joy, satisfaction, or competitive advantage you derive from purchasing skins or other in-game items. Ultimately, the decision to invest money in Valorant should be based on your personal enjoyment and the value you find in enhancing your gaming experience.


Navigating the financial aspects of Valorant, from tracking your spending to acquiring skins without direct costs, involves a variety of strategies and personal decisions. By understanding how to view your purchase history, you can keep a better tab on your expenses, ensuring that your investments in the game are always within your budget and align with your gaming goals.

Whether you choose to spend money on Valorant is a personal choice that depends on the value you place on the game's cosmetic enhancements. It's important to weigh the enjoyment these items bring against their cost. Remember, spending wisely and staying informed will help you get the most out of your gaming experience, keeping it both fun and financially sustainable.

By following the guidelines and tips provided, you'll be better equipped to manage your expenditures in Valorant, making every decision an informed one.

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