How to Redeem Valorant Gift Cards and Codes


How to Redeem Valorant Gift Cards and Codes

Valorant stands out in the FPS arena not just for its gameplay but also for the extensive customization options it offers through weapon and knife skins. These skins, however, typically require Valorant Points (VP), a premium currency that players often purchase using gift cards and codes.

To assist players in enhancing their game's aesthetics, we've put together a straightforward guide on how to redeem Valorant gift cards and codes. Additionally, we'll provide some troubleshooting tips should you encounter any issues with your codes.

Here’s a step-by-step approach to redeeming your Valorant gift cards and codes. And remember, if skins aren’t a priority for you, consider using your funds to engage a professional booster from 1v9 for enhanced gameplay. Don't forget to use the promo code "1v9er" for a 20% discount on our services. Let’s dive into the redemption process without further ado!

What are Valorant gift cards?

Valorant gift cards are a popular way for players to obtain Valorant Points (VP), the premium currency used within the game for purchasing skins and other cosmetics. These cards are available in various denominations, ranging from $5 to $200, catering to different budget needs.

You can purchase Valorant gift cards through several reputable online platforms, including Amazon and Best Buy, as well as in physical stores like GameStop and Target. While it's possible to find these gift cards on other marketplaces like G2A, it's generally safer to buy them from official retailers to avoid potential issues with code validity.

How to redeem Valorant gift cards?

Redeeming a Valorant gift card is a simple process, especially if you already have the game installed. Here’s a clear step-by-step guide to help you add Valorant Points (VP) to your account:

Step #1: Open Valorant on the account you want to add funds to

To begin, launch the Riot client and log in to the account where you wish to redeem your Valorant gift card. After logging in, navigate to and open Valorant to proceed with the redemption process.

Step #2: Click on the Valorant Points icon

Once you're in the game, locate the Valorant Points icon situated at the top-right corner of the screen. Among the three icons displayed, select the leftmost one to access Valorant Points. The other two icons are for Radianite Points and Kingdom Credits, so make sure to choose the correct one for Valorant Points.

Step #3: Select the prepaid option

Next, navigate to the payment methods and select the 'Prepaid Cards and Codes' option to proceed with redeeming your gift card.

Step #4: Apply ur code

Finally, enter your code. If your code is on a physical card, make sure to type it accurately to avoid errors. Alternatively, if your code was provided digitally, simply copy and paste it into the designated field.

That's it! You've successfully redeemed your code and added Valorant Points to your account. Enjoy your new purchasing power within the game!


Why isn't my code working?

There are several reasons why your code might not be working. The most frequent issue is incorrect entry, so please carefully recheck the code you entered and try again. Another possibility is that the code has already been redeemed and is therefore no longer valid for use.

If you've double-checked your entry and confirmed the code hasn't been used, the next step is to contact customer support. You can open a support ticket with Riot Games or the vendor from which you purchased the code to receive assistance in resolving the issue.


Redeeming Valorant gift cards is a straightforward process designed to enhance your gaming experience by allowing you to acquire premium in-game items through Valorant Points. By following the steps outlined—from logging into your account, navigating to the Valorant Points section, selecting the appropriate payment method, and correctly entering your code—you can effortlessly add funds to your Valorant account. If you encounter any issues with your code, remember to double-check your entry and consult customer support if necessary. With these tips, you're all set to enjoy a richer, more personalized Valorant experience. Happy gaming!

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