How to Get Rank Buddy in Valorant


How to Get Rank Buddy in Valorant

In Valorant, ranked play offers more than just competitive challenges; players also look forward to unique rewards each season, one of which is the coveted rank buddy. These decorative gun charms are awarded based on your performance and highest rank achieved during the season. Yet, not every player is familiar with how these rewards are distributed or what to do if they encounter issues receiving them.

To earn a rank buddy in any given season of Valorant, you must first complete your placement matches. After these are concluded, the rank buddy you receive at the season's end reflects the highest rank you attained during that period. Despite this straightforward process, some players report difficulties in receiving their rank buddies. Today's discussion will not only clarify how to secure your rank buddy but also offer solutions should you face any issues in obtaining this reward.

We'll dive deep into the nuances of earning and troubleshooting rank buddies in Valorant, ensuring you can proudly display your season's achievements.

What are Rank Buddies in Valorant

In Valorant, gun buddies serve as a form of cosmetic embellishment for players' weapons, allowing them to personalize their gear with various small trinkets or charms that dangle from their firearms. These decorative items don't impact gameplay but are a hit among players who take pride in customizing their appearance in-game.

These gun buddies are available in a wide array of designs, from playful and whimsical to sleek and formidable. They can be acquired through various activities within the game, with a special subset known as "rank buddies" awarded to players based on their competitive achievements each season. These rank buddies are a way to showcase your competitive milestones, adding a unique touch of prestige to your weapon.

How to Get Rank Buddies

Securing rank buddies in Valorant is a straightforward process tied directly to your participation in ranked matches during a season. To ensure you receive a rank buddy, you simply need to complete all your placement matches within that particular season.

The type of rank buddy you receive correlates with the highest rank you achieve during the season. This means even if you experience a drop in your rank, the highest tier you reached is what determines the rank buddy you'll get. For instance, if you peaked at Gold but finished the season in Bronze, you will still receive a Gold rank buddy.

If you're aiming for a higher-tier rank buddy, consider utilizing services like 1v9 to hire a professional Valorant player to help optimize your placement matches. This can provide a strong start and potentially higher ranking, enhancing the quality of your seasonal reward.

Once the season concludes, your rank buddy will be automatically added to your inventory, ready to be equipped and displayed on your weapons as a badge of your achievements for that season. This process is automatic, requiring no additional action on your part once the season ends.

How to Equip Your Rank Buddy

Adding a rank buddy to your weapon in Valorant is a great way to showcase your competitive achievements from past seasons. These charming accessories personalize your gameplay, dangling from your weapon as you navigate through matches. Here’s how to equip your rank buddy in a few easy steps:

1. Open Valorant: Start by launching Valorant and logging into your account. Once you’re at the main menu, navigate to the “Collection” tab which you’ll find at the top of your screen. This section houses your skins, sprays, gun buddies, and other cosmetic items.

2. Access Gun Buddies: Inside the Collection tab, locate the sidebar and click on “Gun Buddies.” This will open a display of all the gun buddies you have unlocked, including any rank buddies you’ve earned from previous seasons.

3. Preview and Select: Browse through your collection and click on the gun buddies to preview them. This helps you visualize how they’ll look on your weapons. When you find the rank buddy that you want to showcase, proceed to the next step.

4. Equip Your Buddy: With your chosen rank buddy displayed, click the “Equip” button situated in the lower right corner of the thumbnail. This action will attach the buddy to all your weapons by default.

5. Customize by Weapon: If you prefer to customize further and assign a rank buddy to a specific weapon only, head to the “Agents” section within the Collection tab. Select “Buddies” for the desired agent and choose the weapon you’d like to personalize. From here, you can select and equip the rank buddy to that particular weapon, tailoring your arsenal to your liking.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly add a touch of personal flair to your Valorant weaponry, displaying your rank achievements for all to see as you climb further in your competitive journey.

Didn't Get Gun Buddy in Valorant

If you've wrapped up a season in Valorant, completed all your placement matches, and eagerly anticipated flaunting your new rank buddy, only to find it missing from your collection, don't fret—this issue might be more common than you think.

Instances where players don’t receive their earned rank buddies post-season are not unheard of in the Valorant community. In the past, similar situations have occurred, prompting Riot Games to intervene with updates to rectify this issue. It’s likely that they are already addressing the glitch and will soon roll out a patch to solve it.

In the meantime, while you await the fix, ensure that your game and client are updated to the latest version. This not only helps in receiving prompt fixes but also enhances your overall gaming experience. Keep an eye on official Riot communications for updates regarding patches and fixes.

Hang in there—soon enough, you should be able to showcase your rank buddy as a badge of your competitive prowess. Remember, playing with skilled teammates is always a plus for not just enjoyable gameplay but also for a better chance at climbing the ranks effectively.


Navigating the intricacies of rank buddies in Valorant, from earning them to resolving issues when they don't appear, is part of the competitive journey. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned player, understanding how to equip these coveted accessories, and what to do if you encounter issues, enhances your overall experience. Remember, the key to climbing the ranks and earning these symbols of achievement lies in consistent play and teamwork. Stay updated with game patches and community updates to ensure you can showcase your rank buddy proudly. Keep playing, keep striving, and let your rank buddy be a testament to your Valorant prowess.

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