What is Win Trading in League of Legends and how i can spot it?
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What is Win Trading in League of Legends and how i can spot it?

What is exactly Win Trade in League of Legends?

The process of win trading is fairly straightforward. Let’s consider two friends, John and Alex, both operating at the Grandmaster level in League of Legends. If John and Alex independently queue up (not in a duo but separately) for a match simultaneously, there's a good chance they might find themselves in the same champion select. Consequently, they could end up on the same team or facing off against each other. Now, suppose John is aware that Alex only needs one win to leap from Grandmaster to Challenger. In a display of friendship, John might choose to assist Alex by deliberately underperforming – feeding, playing poorly, and hindering his own team. This strategy results in Alex securing the win and climbing the ranks in League of Legends.
Following this, the two pals will repeatedly queue up independently until they consistently end up in the same game and pitted against each other. They can then perpetuate this cycle, trading victories to elevate both John and Alex to higher ranks. Alternatively, they might catapult one of them significantly higher on the ladder than they rightfully deserve, at the expense of the other.
This encapsulates win trading in essence. Importantly, this isn't exclusive to close friends (a considerable transgression regardless of their good intentions), but extends to agreements between complete strangers seeking personal gain. The lengths people go to ensure the success of their win trading schemes might surprise you.

Do people Win Trade a Lot in Solo Queue?

In brief, yes. Given the heightened status of League of Legends as a premier esports title, securing a spot in the competitive scene can translate into lifelong earnings. Challenger players, constantly observed, mentored, and scouted by professional or academy teams, become the coveted goal for most LoL enthusiasts. Consequently, a significant number of individuals are willing to resort to any means, including win trading, to elevate their ranks.
Various websites, businesses, and communities have perfected the art of boosting in League, offering a seemingly 'sure' path to victories. Some even employ a strategy of sending two win traders to be matched against their customers, ensuring a 100% success rate for the method. Naturally, many players opt for the shortcut of a guaranteed win rather than investing time and effort into the traditional approach.
However, it's worth noting that win traders encounter formidable challenges when attempting to exploit lower elos in League of Legends.

Why Does Win Trading usually happens in High Elo?

In truth, win trading can manifest in every rank and division within League of Legends. However, its success rate significantly diminishes in lower elos, and the reason lies in the intricate statistics governing the League of Legends player base.
According to LeagueOfGraphs, a majority of LoL players cluster in Gold, followed by Platinum, Silver, and Bronze. As you ascend to Diamond and beyond, the player numbers drop dramatically. This phenomenon occurs because not everyone reaches the higher echelons of Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger. Consequently, a player in Challenger engages with the same pool of approximately 500 individuals, while someone in Gold contends with millions of diverse strangers.
Consider this: if you and a friend both find yourselves in Gold and attempt to queue up separately at the same time for win trading, the chances of landing in the same match are slim. The sheer volume of players with similar Matchmaking Rating (MMR) in Gold increases the competition for those spots. In stark contrast, two Challenger friends can engage in matches throughout the day, consistently facing each other and facilitating win trades.

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How to spot a wintrader:

Irregular Match Outcomes:

Stay vigilant for players or teams consistently facing unusual losses, such as deliberate deaths or unexpected poor decisions that deviate from their typical gameplay.
Keep an eye out for sudden and drastic shifts in skill levels, especially when a highly skilled player inexplicably performs at a significantly lower level, particularly against opponents with notably lower skills.

Unusual Champion Picks and Behavior:

Take note of players opting for unconventional or off-meta champions that they have little mastery over. This might suggest intentional self-handicapping aimed at losing matches intentionally.
Observe for unconventional behaviors, like players mindlessly engaging the enemy without retaliating, neglecting objectives, or making choices that directly undermine their team's chances of winning.

Irregular Account Patterns:

Scrutinize accounts frequently duo queuing that showcase inconsistent performance when not paired. This behavior could indicate one player intentionally sabotaging games to boost the other's rank.
Examine win-loss ratios that appear disproportionately skewed toward specific opponents or allies. A pattern of excessive losses to one player followed by numerous wins against the same player may raise suspicion of potential win trading.

Final thoughts 
Win trading stands as the most toxic act in League of Legends, eroding the solo queue experience and unfairly advancing players who haven't earned their ranks. Despite attempts by Riot Games and vigilant streamers exposing such behavior, the problem persists into Season 12. While bans may curb individual instances, the root challenge remains unchecked.
As a community of passionate LoL players, let's stand united against win trading. Encourage fair play, report suspicious activities, and foster an environment that values genuine skill and sportsmanship. By actively rejecting win trading, we contribute to maintaining the integrity of the game we love. Finished reading and intrigued by these rare gems? Explore our services! Immerse yourself in a selection of high-quality League of Legends accounts. Elevate your gaming experience with our premium LoL Smurf accounts or our most advanced LoL Skins accounts also if you want extra security you can go for our Handleveled LoL Accounts designed to offer you a head start, bypassing the grind and unlocking new opportunities in the League of Legends universe.

Posted On: November 17th, 2023

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