League of Legends: How to Cheater Recall
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League of Legends: How to Cheater Recall

Cheater recalling in League of Legends is a strategic maneuver aimed at securing an early game advantage without sacrificing lane pressure or tower health. This technique revolves around expert minion wave manipulation to create a window where a player can safely recall to base for healing, mana replenishment, and item purchases, and return to lane before the opposing minion wave crashes into their tower.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the nuances of executing a successful cheater recall, from gaining the upper hand in minion wave control to timing your recall perfectly with the wave's progression. By mastering this strategy, you'll not only enhance your lane sustainability but also position yourself advantageously against your opponent without missing out on crucial experience and gold. Let's explore the benefits of cheater recalling and provide step-by-step instructions to incorporate this tactic into your gameplay, elevating your League of Legends skills to new heights.

What is Cheater Recall in LoL

Cheater recall in League of Legends is a sophisticated strategy devised by players to gain an edge over their lane opponent. The essence of this tactic lies in the clever manipulation of minion waves, enabling a player to carve out a strategic opportunity to recall back to base. This maneuver is executed in a manner that ensures the player's tower remains unscathed and minimizes any significant loss of gold. By mastering the art of cheater recalling, players can refresh their health and mana, upgrade their gear, and return to their lane poised to maintain dominance, all without conceding valuable lane pressure or economy.

Advantages of Cheater Recall

The strategic timing of a cheater recall early in the game confers multiple benefits, pivotal for gaining the upper hand in lane. This technique allows players to replenish their health and mana, which are crucial resources that deplete rapidly during the early phases of the game. Moreover, the gold accrued up to this point can be utilized to acquire an item, providing a tangible advantage upon returning to lane.

This advantage manifests in several ways:

  • Full restoration of health, ensuring your champion can withstand and engage in further combat more effectively.
  • Complete replenishment of mana, enabling the continued use of abilities for harassment, wave clear, or defensive maneuvers.
  • The acquisition of an item, which may catch your opponent off-guard and tip the scales of lane dominance in your favor.

Upon re-entering the lane, the opposing player is placed in a predicament: they must either remain in lane, potentially at a disadvantage due to your newly gained item and resource recovery, or recall themselves and risk losing valuable experience and gold to their tower. This strategic position forces your opponent into making tough decisions, further leveraging your advantage.

How to Cheater Recall

Executing a cheater recall in League of Legends involves a blend of aggression and strategic wave management right from the match's start. Without resorting to unnecessary risks, your aim should be to consistently out-damage your lane opponent in minion clear.

In the critical initial waves, your objective is to inflict more damage on enemy minions than your opponent, gradually pushing the wave towards their tower. This buildup leads to a pivotal moment by the third wave—by which point you've likely gained a level—where you swiftly eliminate the enemy minions. Ensuring your minions march under the enemy tower is your cue to initiate the recall. This timely retreat allows you to replenish health, mana, and make your first purchase with the gold you've accumulated, ideally around 400 gold for a significant early item.

If executed with precision, you'll re-enter your lane as the fourth wave spawns, preserving your tower from any minion damage and securing an early advantage without missing out on gold.

However, achieving a flawless cheater recall is not without its challenges. It demands patience, practice, and a bit of fortune, as its success is influenced by early-game dynamics, including potential jungler interference or difficulty in achieving the desired minion wave positioning. It's a tactic that's sensitive to the initial minutes of gameplay, and its feasibility can vary from match to match.

Moreover, the versatility of the cheater recall strategy is one of its strengths—it's applicable across all lanes, whether you're in the top, mid, or playing as an ADC in the bottom lane. This universality makes it a potent tool in the arsenal of players looking to gain an early edge, regardless of their chosen position on the Rift.


Why Does cheater recall is very effective?

The effectiveness of the cheater recall strategy in League of Legends lies in its ability to provide a multifaceted advantage with minimal risk. Here are several reasons why cheater recall stands out as a highly effective maneuver:

  • Resource Replenishment: It allows players to fully restore their health and mana, ensuring they can return to lane with a significant sustain advantage. This is particularly crucial in the early game, where resource management can dictate lane control and pressure.
  • Item Advantage: By efficiently managing minion waves and timing the recall, players can purchase key items earlier than their opponent. This item advantage can lead to a power spike, enabling players to exert more pressure, secure kills, or force the opponent out of lane.
  • Pressure Maintenance: Executing a cheater recall correctly means that players do not lose significant minion waves to their tower, preserving their gold and experience gain. It maintains lane pressure by ensuring the player does not fall behind in lane progression while also potentially putting the opponent at a disadvantage.
  • Psychological Edge: Returning to lane with full resources and an item advantage can psychologically impact the opponent, making them more cautious and less likely to engage in trades. This can lead to a passive playstyle from the opponent, allowing the recalling player to dictate the pace of the lane.
  • Flexibility Across Lanes: The strategy's applicability in any lane adds to its effectiveness. Whether you're in the top, mid, or bot lane, a well-timed cheater recall can provide a significant early game advantage, adaptable to various champions and matchups.
  • Mitigates Jungle Pressure: By pushing the wave to the opponent's tower before recalling, players minimize the risk of being ganked by the enemy jungler during their absence. This not only safeguards against potential early game setbacks but also allows for a safer recall.

The combination of sustaining lane presence, securing a tangible item advantage, and exerting psychological pressure on the opponent makes cheater recall a potent strategy. When executed properly, it sets the stage for dominating the lane and, by extension, the game, showcasing its effectiveness as a tactical maneuver in League of Legends.

Does Cheat Recall can improve your ranked climb?

Yes, mastering the cheater recall is indeed a significant mechanic for climbing the ranks in League of Legends. This strategic maneuver, when executed correctly, can have a profound impact on the outcome of the laning phase, which in turn influences the overall game.


Mastering the cheater recall in League of Legends offers a strategic edge that can significantly impact the early game dynamics. This technique, centered on meticulous minion wave management and timing, allows players to secure a health, mana, and item advantage over their lane opponent without sacrificing gold or tower health. While it requires a delicate balance of aggression and precision, its benefits are manifold, offering a way to return to lane stronger and more prepared to dominate.

However, players should approach cheater recalling with the understanding that its success is influenced by various factors, including the actions of the enemy jungler and the inherent unpredictability of early-game skirmishes. Despite these challenges, the cheater recall remains a versatile strategy, applicable across all lanes and capable of tilting the lane momentum in your favor.

As with any advanced tactic in League of Legends, proficiency in cheater recalling comes with practice, patience, and a willingness to adapt based on game conditions and opponent behavior. Embracing this strategy can elevate your gameplay, providing you with a nuanced tool for gaining early advantages and setting the stage for mid to late-game dominance.

Posted On: February 13th, 2024

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