Valorant settings keep resetting (fixed)


Valorant settings keep resetting (fixed)

Dealing with constantly resetting settings in Valorant can be frustrating, especially when you've fine-tuned your preferences for optimal gameplay. If you're encountering this issue, it's not only distracting but can impact your performance in critical moments. Today, I'm here to guide you through resolving this persistent problem so you can focus on your game without interruptions.

We'll explore two effective solutions to ensure your Valorant settings remain consistent every time you launch the game. These methods are straightforward and designed to provide a long-term fix to this common annoyance.

By following this guide, you'll not only regain control over your game settings but also enjoy a smoother, more personalized Valorant experience. And remember, if you're looking to elevate your gameplay even further, consider enhancing your skills with a professional coach from 1v9, using the discount code "1v9er" for a significant saving. Let's dive into the solutions to keep your settings intact.

Valorant settings resetting issue

Experiencing settings resets in Valorant can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it disrupts your carefully customized gameplay setup. If you've spent time meticulously configuring your keybinds, crosshair, and sensitivity settings, having them revert unexpectedly can disrupt your flow and impact your performance.

This persistent issue, known for affecting player keybinds, crosshair configurations, and occasionally sensitivity settings, has been a notable problem within the Valorant community. It appears that once the game is closed, an outdated configuration from Riot's servers might overwrite the current settings, negating any recent customizations.

Despite numerous reports to Valorant support, players often receive generic responses that fail to resolve the underlying problem. However, the community hasn't been deterred and has pioneered a couple of effective solutions to this aggravating issue.

In this guide, we will explore two practical methods to permanently fix the settings reset problem in Valorant, ensuring that your gameplay remains as you set it, session after session. Whether the first solution provides relief or you need to try the second, you'll find detailed steps to maintain your custom settings intact.

Method 1

To tackle the persistent issue of Valorant settings resetting, the first method involves a direct approach to managing your game's configuration files. Begin by ensuring that the Valorant client is completely closed to avoid any complications during the process.

Navigate to the directory C:\Users%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\VALORANT\Saved\Config on your computer. Here, you will find the files that store your current game settings. Delete all the contents within this folder to remove any potentially corrupt or outdated configurations.

Reopen the Valorant client after clearing the folder. This action will generate new configuration files in the same directory, which you should delete once more to ensure a clean slate. Log into your account, set your desired settings, and then play a custom game to solidify these changes. Once done, exit the game and log out of the client.

This method effectively refreshes your game's settings files, circumventing the glitch that causes settings to reset. Although it might seem tedious, this process can provide a stable solution to preserving your customized settings across gaming sessions.

Method 2

For a second method to resolve the issue of settings resetting in Valorant, follow these steps carefully:

1. Begin by opening the settings menu in Valorant and navigate to the controls section. Here, you'll see profiles for each agent with associated key binds. Use the minus icon to delete these individual agent key bind profiles, which can sometimes hold onto corrupted data.

2. Once all agent profiles are removed, click on the “Reset to game defaults” button within the main key bind settings area. This action restores the default control settings and helps clear out any residual errors from previous configurations.

3. For an additional clean-up, you can manually delete the “BackupKeybinds” file. To do this, navigate to the file path C:\Users[YourPCname]\AppData\Local\Valorant\Saved\Config[Your unique hash folder]\WindowsClient. Within this folder, locate and delete the “BackupKeybinds” file to prevent any old settings from interfering with your new configurations.

4. After completing these steps, launch Valorant and re-enter all your preferred key binds under the Default profile. This ensures that all your settings are freshly inputted without remnants of old or corrupted data.

5. To ensure the changes are fully integrated and saved by Riot’s servers, log out of the game after setting your key binds. This step is crucial as it helps sync your newly configured settings with the server.

6. When you log back into the game, you may then set up individual agent keybinds if required. This comprehensive reset and reconfiguration approach is a bit more involved but necessary to fully address persistent settings reset issues in Valorant.

By following this method, you should establish a stable configuration environment that retains your settings across gaming sessions.


Why do Valorant settings revert to default?

Several factors can lead to Valorant settings reverting to their default state. These include updates to the game that might overwrite current settings, corrupted configuration files, and interference from third-party software. System changes or improper computer shutdowns might also trigger a reset of game settings.

How can I fix Valorant settings from resetting?

To stop your Valorant settings from resetting, you should first ensure that your game files are verified and your graphics drivers are up to date. Minimizing conflicts by disabling non-essential background apps can also be effective. Make sure to run Valorant as an administrator to avoid permission issues, and always shut down your computer properly to prevent data loss. If these steps don’t solve the problem, a reinstall of the game might be necessary, or you might need to reach out to Riot Games support for further help.


Dealing with Valorant settings that keep resetting can be frustrating, but thankfully, there are effective strategies to prevent this from happening. By understanding the root causes and applying the suggested fixes, such as verifying game files, updating drivers, and adjusting administrative settings, you can ensure a more stable and personalized gaming experience. Whether you're a casual player or aiming to climb the competitive ranks, maintaining your custom settings is crucial for consistent performance. If all else fails, don't hesitate to contact Riot Games support for a more tailored solution. Remember, a smooth gaming experience starts with a stable setup.

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