How To Double Rank Up in Valorant?


How To Double Rank Up in Valorant?

Valorant continues to captivate new and veteran players alike with its vibrant roster of agents and a gameplay experience that rewards skill and positive player conduct. Among the thrilling experiences in Valorant is the possibility of a double rank up— a rare but exhilarating event that can significantly boost your progress in the game.

In this guide, we'll dive into the essentials of double ranking up in Valorant, explaining what it entails and how you can increase your chances of leaping forward by two ranks.

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What is Double Rank Up in Valorant?

In Valorant, achieving a double rank up is akin to striking gold in the competitive scene. This exhilarating leap allows you to ascend two ranks in a single bound, overtaking competitors and showcasing a rapid advancement in your skills.

So, what exactly triggers this remarkable progression? It occurs when your match performances significantly surpass the expectations of your current rank, causing your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) to skyrocket. Essentially, the game recognizes your exceptional skill level and propels you forward by two ranks, bypassing the usual step-by-step climb.

Achieving a double rank up isn’t about chance; it’s the culmination of skill, dedication, and strategic gameplay. Excel in your matches, outplay your opponents, and you may experience this rapid ascent through the Valorant ranks, transforming your competitive journey faster than you could imagine.

How To Double Rank Up in Valorant

Now that we've explored what it means to double rank up, let's dive into the three key steps that can help you elevate your game and increase your chances of jumping two ranks in Valorant. While there's no foolproof formula for guaranteed advancement, adhering to these strategies can significantly enhance your likelihood of achieving this impressive feat.

Ready to climb the ranks at warp speed? Follow these essential steps to boost your gameplay and potentially secure a double rank up in your next competitive session.

Perform Well in Ranked Games

To excel in ranked games, you need to do more than just win; you need to dominate. Think of yourself as the MVP, leading your team to victory with great aim, smart plays, and good decisions. Aim to be the top player in every game. Every kill, every bomb you plant or defuse, and every tough situation you get through helps increase your MMR.

But it's not only about how well you play individually. It's also about how you compare to others. Play against people at your level and show them what you're capable of. Don't just compete against lower-ranked players; prove you deserve to move up. And when you go up against better players, take it as a chance to prove yourself. Your performance in each game affects your MMR, so make every game count.

Gain a Win Streak

Experience the thrill of stringing together multiple wins in Valorant. Winning repeatedly isn’t just about chance—it’s about maintaining consistency, enhancing team coordination, and ensuring clear communication. Align yourself with teammates whose strengths complement yours, devise strategies collectively, and execute your game plans seamlessly. Whether it’s defending sites, orchestrating synchronized assaults, or securing pivotal rounds, each consecutive win nudges you closer to achieving an impressive win streak.

Remember, even a modest series of victories is significant. A couple of wins might seem minor, but they're crucial building blocks. Every victory not only bolsters your confidence and cements your team dynamics but also drives you closer to your ranking goals. When you're on the verge of surpassing your previous win streak, push harder, stay sharp, and capitalize on the momentum. Every win, whether it’s your second or your twentieth, is a vital stride towards achieving excellence in Valorant.

Earn 100 RR Points After a Single Win

Securing 100 RR points from just one match in Valorant is like winning big in its competitive ecosystem. This significant achievement can trigger a double rank up, catapulting you two ranks ahead almost instantly. But what does earning these points entail, and why is it so impactful?

In the ranking system of Valorant, RR points are a gauge of your performance relative to others at your rank. These points reflect your contribution to the game, taking into account your kills, assists, objective achievements, and overall influence on the match's outcome. Thus, hitting the maximum of 100 RR points indicates that your performance was extraordinarily above the norm for your rank.

When your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) already suggests that you're performing above your current level, and you score a perfect 100 RR points, Valorant acknowledges your superior skills with a double rank up. This not only highlights your prowess but also speeds up your progression through the ranks, marking you as a standout player who excels beyond typical expectations.


What is the best way to double rank up in Valorant?

Achieving a double rank up in Valorant is a challenging feat and there's no guaranteed method for success. However, if you're committed to improving your chances, one effective strategy is to seek guidance from experienced players. Consider hiring a professional coach from 1v9 to help refine your skills and strategies in ranked games. This can help boost your MMR and your overall performance, which in turn could increase your chances of advancing two ranks at once. Plus, if you use the promo code "1v9er", you can enjoy a 20% discount on their coaching services. This approach not only enhances your gameplay but also equips you with the insights and techniques necessary for climbing the competitive ladder in Valorant.


While the prospect of achieving a double rank up in Valorant is both rare and exciting, it requires more than just luck—it demands exceptional skill, strategy, and a commitment to improving your gameplay. By following the insights shared in this guide, such as excelling in your matches, maintaining win streaks, and possibly engaging with a professional coach from 1v9, you can significantly enhance your chances of skipping ahead not just one, but two ranks. Remember, every match is an opportunity to learn and grow, and with the right approach and mindset, you can reach new heights in the competitive world of Valorant. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, the journey to mastering Valorant is ongoing and always rewarding. Let’s climb the ranks together and make your mark in the world of Valorant!

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