Valorant Not Updating: Stuck at 0 (Fixed)


Valorant Not Updating: Stuck at 0 (Fixed)

Imagine excited waiting to dive into the latest major update for Valorant, only to find that your update progress is stuck at 0%. Frustrating, right? Fortunately, this common issue has some straightforward fixes.

First and most important, verify your internet connection, as a disrupted or slow connection is often the culprit behind update delays. If your internet isn't the issue, try restarting your computer. This can resolve any temporary glitches affecting the update process. Additionally, adjusting the Riot Client's priority to high in your system's task manager can help expedite the update process. Lastly, check your firewall settings to ensure that they're not blocking the Riot Client, which can prevent updates from downloading correctly.

In this blog, we'll explore these solutions in more detail to help you resolve the frustrating problem of a Valorant update stuck at 0%

Check Your Internet Connection

Starting with the most common fix for the Valorant update issue, where the progress is stuck at 0%, it's crucial to check your internet connection. This can also affect other functionalities, such as purchasing Valorant points. To verify your connection, try using another application that requires internet access to see if it’s working properly.

You can also perform a speed test through various online platforms to check your download and upload speeds. If your download speed is exceptionally low—only a few kilobits per second—it might not be an issue with the update itself, but rather the update is downloading very slowly due to your internet speed. In this case, you might need to find ways to boost your internet speed or patiently wait for the download to complete.

Restart Your PC

A straightforward and broad solution to many technical issues, including Valorant’s update being stuck at 0%, is to restart your system. Restarting your computer will, by extension, reset the Riot Client as well. Once your PC reboots, relaunch the Riot Client and check if the Valorant update proceeds without further problems. This method often resolves the freezing issue and allows the update to continue normally.

Set the Priority For Riot Client to High

If you find that your internet connection is functioning well with other applications but Valorant still won’t update, consider adjusting your system's resource allocation. Here’s how you can prioritize the Riot Client to ensure it receives adequate bandwidth for the update:

1. Launch the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

2. Navigate to the “Processes” tab and search for the Riot Client.

3. Right-click on the Riot Client and select “Go to details.”

4. In the Details tab, right-click on “RiotClientServices.exe.”

5. Choose “Set priority” from the context menu and select “High.”

After setting the priority to high, restart the Riot Client to apply these changes and attempt the update again. This adjustment helps ensure the Riot Client receives sufficient system resources to complete the Valorant update efficiently.

Ensure Your System's Firewall isn't Blocking the Riot Client

If your Valorant update is stuck at 0%, it's worth checking if your system's firewall is inadvertently blocking the Riot Client from accessing the internet. To ensure the Riot Client can communicate freely and complete updates, you can adjust your firewall settings by following these steps:

1. Open the Start menu and type "firewall" in the search bar to find your firewall settings.

2. Click to open the firewall application.

3. Look for an option labeled "Allow an app through the firewall" and select it.

4. Check if the Riot Client is listed under allowed apps. If not, you will need to add it by selecting "Allow another app" and browsing to the Riot Client executable.

Once you've confirmed that the Riot Client is permitted through your firewall, restart the client and attempt the update again. This should resolve the issue and allow the update to proceed smoothly.

Other Fixes For the Valorant Not Updating 'Stuck at 0' Issue

If you've tried all the fixes mentioned but still find your Valorant update stuck at 0%, consider checking the status of Valorant's servers or updating your network drivers as these could be potential culprits. Sometimes, switching to Google DNS by setting '' as your Preferred DNS server and '' as the Alternate might resolve the issue. Each of these solutions tackles different underlying problems, from server issues at Riot's end to local network difficulties on your machine. By systematically trying each fix, you should be able to get back to enjoying Valorant with the latest updates installed.


If your Valorant update is stubbornly stuck at 0%, there are several strategies you can try to resolve the issue. From checking your internet connection, restarting your PC, adjusting your Riot Client's system priorities, to ensuring it's not blocked by your firewall—each of these solutions addresses common obstacles that could prevent your game from updating. Additionally, consider server status, updating network drivers, or even switching to a more reliable DNS if problems persist. By methodically applying these fixes, you'll increase your chances of successfully updating Valorant and getting back into the game.

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