Valorant: Bucky vs Judge Which One is Better?


Valorant: Bucky vs Judge Which One is Better?

The ongoing debate in the Valorant community about whether the Bucky or the Judge is the superior shotgun is one that continues to spark discussions. For those unfamiliar with the nuances of these weapons, choosing between them can seem daunting.

The Bucky and the Judge are both shotguns, yet they cater to distinctly different playstyles due to their unique characteristics. The Bucky boasts a faster rate of fire, making it exceptionally lethal at close quarters. On the other hand, the Judge, though slower, extends its effectiveness to medium ranges, providing a broader tactical advantage.

In this comparison, we will dissect the strengths and weaknesses of both the Bucky and the Judge, providing insights to help you determine which shotgun aligns best with your gaming strategy and personal preferences in Valorant.

What You Should Know About the Bucky

Let's explore the intricacies of the Bucky, starting with its advantages and disadvantages. The Bucky stands out as a potent close-range shotgun, renowned for its rapid-fire rate and broad pellet spread. This makes it particularly effective for swiftly clearing tight spaces and taking down multiple adversaries simultaneously.

One of the Bucky's standout features is its secondary fire mode, which tightens the shot's spread for more focused damage. This mode is especially useful for engaging targets at medium range or when precision is necessary, adding a layer of versatility to this close-quarters weapon.

Despite its strengths, the Bucky does have limitations. Its primary drawback is the rapid decline in effectiveness at longer distances. The inherent wide spread of the shotgun pellets means accuracy decreases significantly at range, often requiring multiple shots to neutralize distant enemies. Consequently, the Bucky may not perform as well on maps that feature expansive open areas or in combat scenarios that involve long-range engagements.

What You Should Know About the Judge

Now, let's examine the Judge, a shotgun that contrasts sharply with the Bucky in several key areas. While the Bucky excels in close quarters, the Judge is designed to perform best at medium range. It features a tighter spread, enhancing its accuracy over longer distances compared to the Bucky. Additionally, the Judge packs a higher damage output per shot, which often allows it to dispatch enemies with fewer hits.

Despite its advantages at medium range, the Judge falls short in scenarios where the Bucky shines. Its slower rate of fire can be a significant drawback in fast-paced engagements, particularly in tight spaces where enemies are numerous and the action is frenetic. The tighter pellet spread, while beneficial for single-target accuracy, also means the Judge struggles to engage multiple targets simultaneously—a scenario where the Bucky would thrive.

These characteristics make the Judge less suitable for maps characterized by close quarters and frequent ambush points. Its limitations become particularly apparent in situations where quick, multi-target engagement capability is crucial. As such, the effectiveness of the Judge is highly dependent on the tactical environment and the player's ability to anticipate and manage these engagements.

Which One is Better

Having weighed the strengths and weaknesses of both the Bucky and the Judge, the question remains: which shotgun is superior? The answer isn't straightforward as each weapon excels under different circumstances.

The choice between the Bucky and the Judge should be informed by the specific conditions of the match, including the map layout and the enemy team's tactics. If you anticipate close-range engagements where quick, broad-spread firepower is beneficial, the Bucky is your best bet. Its ability to handle multiple adversaries at close quarters makes it ideal for tight, congested map areas.

Conversely, if the battle scenario involves more medium-range encounters where accuracy and higher damage per shot can turn the tide, then the Judge is the more suitable option. Its tighter pellet spread and higher damage output make it effective in open spaces where engagements can extend beyond close quarters.

In essence, neither weapon is universally better; instead, their effectiveness is context-dependent. Carefully considering your tactical environment and engagement likely scenarios will guide you to the right choice, ensuring that your arsenal is optimally suited to your strategic needs in Valorant.


The debate between the Bucky and the Judge in Valorant doesn't yield a one-size-fits-all answer. Each shotgun has its unique attributes tailored to different play styles and tactical situations. The Bucky excels in close-quarters combat with its rapid-fire capability and wide spread, making it ideal for tight, congested areas. On the other hand, the Judge offers greater precision and damage at medium range, suited for maps with more open spaces. The decision on which to wield should be strategically based on the specific match conditions, including the map layout and the anticipated engagement ranges. By understanding and leveraging the strengths of each shotgun, players can enhance their tactical execution and gameplay success in Valorant.

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