The Best Sova Lineups for Sunset in Valorant


The Best Sova Lineups for Sunset in Valorant

Sova remains a top choice in Valorant for players looking to execute precise and impactful lineups that benefit their team. On the newer and relatively open Sunset map, identifying effective lineups can be challenging for many players. However, armed with the right knowledge, you can transform the way you play on this map.

In this guide, we'll cover four of Sova's most effective lineups on Sunset, with two dedicated to the A bombsite and two for the B bombsite. This ensures that players are well-equipped for any situation on the map. Moreover, the strategies outlined here can also be applied to other maps such as Fracture and Bind, making them versatile tools in your tactical arsenal.

Let's dive into the top Sova lineups for Sunset in Valorant. For those looking to perfect these techniques, consider enhancing your skills with personalized coaching from 1v9. Use the promo code "1v9er" to enjoy a 20% discount on coaching services, tailored to help you master the game.

A Bombsite Lineups

1) A-Lobby to A-Elbow

Utilize this vital Sova recon lineup from A-Lobby to A-Elbow to gather early-round intelligence on enemy positions, a crucial advantage for setting the pace and strategy for your team's attack on A-Site.

Execution Steps:

  • Start the round by positioning yourself at the corner of the barrier in A-Lobby.
  • Aim towards the A-Elbow wall, specifically targeting the small row of windows at the top.
  • Position your crosshair at the center of the second window from the right.
  • Charge your recon dart fully and release it, allowing for a single bounce off the wall.
  • The dart will land on the wall near the A-Elbow entry, revealing any enemies lurking near this crucial choke point.

Implementing this lineup at the beginning of a round offers your team a strategic advantage by exposing hidden enemies and enabling precise, coordinated strikes on A-Site. This information can be pivotal in catching defensive players off-guard and securing the site more effectively.

2) A-Lobby to A-Site

This essential Sova lineup from A-Lobby to A-Site is designed to provide a broad overview of A-Site soon after the round starts, offering insights into enemy placements while excluding A-Alley and the area directly beneath the ledge. This intelligence is key for shaping your team’s tactical approach to capturing A-Site.

Execution Steps:

  • Once the barrier drops, position yourself at the corner near A-Lobby.
  • Snugly fit into the angle of the wall to set up for the shot.
  • Direct your focus towards the wall close to the A-Elbow entry that’s straight ahead.
  • Adjust your crosshair to align with the wire, ensuring the first bar charge matches with the top of the wall.
  • Charge your recon dart with a single bar.
  • Launch the dart to let it arc gracefully over the wall and land on A-Site.

When executed correctly, the dart will land atop A-Site’s wall, illuminating the positions of most opponents in the area—except for those hidden in A-Alley or directly under the ledge. This expansive view is invaluable, enabling your team to strategize with a clear understanding of enemy locations and potentially secure A-Site more effectively.

B Bombsite Lineups 

1) B-Main to B-Site

Gaining a stronghold in B-Main on Sunset is crucial, and this Sova lineup is crucial for unveiling hidden opponents on B-Site, providing your team with a substantial tactical edge.

Execution Steps:

  • First, secure control of B-Main with your team before setting up for this lineup to avoid interruption.
  • Move to the specific corner in B-Main as shown in the guide—this spot offers an optimal angle for the shot.
  • Focus on the B-Site entrance and locate a small marker on the ledge; align your crosshair precisely with this mark, as close to the edge as possible.
  • Prepare your recon dart, setting it to a single bounce and full charge.
  • Fire the dart, ensuring it sails over B-Site and lands strategically on the wall near B-Market.

Positioning yourself in the designated corner of B-Main not only provides a safe spot to launch your recon dart but also ensures that the dart traverses critical areas of B-Site. The precise placement of the dart exposes enemies hiding or guarding strategic spots, particularly around B-Market.

Utilize this lineup to reveal hidden threats, which is essential for effectively planning your team’s maneuvers or bolstering your defenses against incoming attacks. This recon ability of Sova, when used wisely, can be pivotal in controlling engagements and securing victories on Sunset.

2) B-Lobby to B-Back Site

Gaining a foothold in B-Lobby is critical for any successful attack on B-Site. This Sova recon dart lineup is designed to provide a complete overview of B-Back Site, revealing enemy locations to facilitate a well-coordinated strike.

Execution Steps:

  • Begin by positioning yourself next to the blue box in B-Lobby, which offers a clear path for your dart.
  • Lift your aim towards the sky to ensure the dart has the necessary trajectory.
  • Line up your HUD’s horizontal line near the HP count right below the letter "E" for precise aiming.
  • Launch the recon dart using a double charge, aiming it high over the walls of B-Site.

When executed properly, this dart will arc gracefully over the obstacles and land atop the wall near B-Boba. The dart's landing spot is strategically chosen to maximize the area of visibility into B-Back Site, giving your team vital information about enemy positions. This comprehensive sightline allows your team to adjust their strategy in real-time, catch defenders unprepared, and effectively break through the site’s defenses.


Are these lineups completely safe for deploying the Recon Bolt, or is there a risk of exposure?

Although the recon dart lineups are designed to be launched from positions that generally offer some level of security, there is always a slight risk of being exposed to enemy fire during the setup and execution phases. To mitigate this vulnerability, it’s crucial to synchronize with your team for support, make strategic use of utility to cover your actions, and remain alert to enemy movements. Practicing these lineups in custom games can significantly reduce the chances of being caught off-guard, enabling you to execute them more safely and effectively in actual matches.

How can I master these Sova lineups effectively?

To become proficient with Sova's Recon lineups, consistent practice and a thorough understanding of key positions and visual markers are essential. Start by familiarizing yourself with the specific locations and aiming points detailed in the guide. To accelerate your learning curve, consider enlisting the help of professional coaching services such as those offered by 1v9. They provide customized training sessions tailored to improve your strategic play and lineup execution. Take advantage of a 20% discount on their coaching services by using the promo code "1v9er," making your path to Sova lineup mastery both affordable and efficient.


As we've explored the essential Sova lineups for the Sunset map in Valorant, it's clear that mastering these strategies is crucial for gaining a competitive edge. Each lineup is designed to maximize Sova’s recon capabilities, providing your team with invaluable intelligence that can dictate the pace and outcome of the game. Whether you're securing B-Lobby or gaining crucial insights into A-Site, these lineups are pivotal for enhancing your tactical approach.

Remember, while practice is key to perfecting these lineups, don't hesitate to seek additional resources and coaching to refine your skills further. With dedication and the right guidance, you can turn Sova’s abilities into a game-changing asset, making you a formidable opponent in every match on Sunset.

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