Top 10 Rarest League of Legends Icons
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Top 10 Rarest League of Legends Icons

League of Legends has always embraced custom aesthetic features, from champion skins to in-game emotes and personal profile icons. Since its inception, players have sought out the rarest summoner icons to showcase their uniqueness. If you're one of those players, here's a curated list of the top 10 rarest League of Legends icons you can obtain.

10# Radian Wukong

Unlocking the Radiant Wukong icon is an exclusive affair – you'll need to snag the Radiant Wukong figure from the Riot store. However, rarity comes at a price, and this icon isn't exactly a common sight.
Adding to the challenge is the fact that Radiant Wukong stands as one of the less favored champions in the League of Legends lineup. Unless you're a dedicated Wukong enthusiast, this might not be the icon that resonates with your summoner identity.

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9# Dominion Icon

Reserved for the League of Legends veterans, the "Dominion" game mode holds a special place in the memories of seasoned players. Despite its notorious reputation for being poorly balanced and lacking consistent support, Dominion left the scene in 2016, creating a nostalgic rift for old-school LoL enthusiasts.
For those who reveled in the chaos of Dominion and amassed over 100 wins, Riot offered a unique consolation—a Dominion icon. Alas, this distinctive icon stands as a one-time relic of the past. Never reproduced, it remains one of the rarest League of Legends icons, a cherished badge of honor for those who conquered the Dominion battleground.

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8# Perfect Ascension

In the vast array of League of Legends icons, the Perfect Ascension icon stands as a true rarity, coveted by those who seek a formidable challenge. To earn this distinguished emblem, players must triumph in the Ascension game mode by achieving a unique feat: ascending their team at least once while thwarting the enemy team from doing the same.
The key to ascension lies in confronting the formidable Xerath, the neutral boss. A player must successfully eliminate Xerath without any adversary encroaching on the ring around him. This feat must be accomplished at least once and, crucially, before the enemy team seizes the opportunity.
Indeed, the task is as demanding as it sounds. The difficulty inherent in securing the Perfect Ascension icon adds to its allure, making it a mark of accomplishment that only the most determined players can proudly display.

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7#Hextech Hard Candy

Traveling back to the League of Legends archives, the special event icon known as Hextech Hard Candy emerges from the remnants of 2014. If you're a newcomer, don't set your expectations on acquiring this icon—it's a relic of the past.
Hextech Hard Candy wasn't just handed out casually; it was a reward bestowed upon players who generously gifted to their fellow summoners during the Sugar Rush event. However, the rarity of this icon isn't just a myth—it had a brief stint in the League of Legends realm, available for a mere week in the latter part of 2014.
While you might still encounter this rare gem every now and then, spotting the Hextech Hard Candy icon is a rarity in itself. It's a reminder of a bygone era, a symbol of generosity and limited-time exclusivity in the League of Legends community.

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6# Great mentor

Before Riot's 2018 overhaul of the honor system in League of Legends, players proudly showcased their honor stats through badges and numerical rankings on their summoner profiles. Among the four distinct honor icons available, only the top 10% of the most esteemed players could claim them.
The four honor categories—Teamwork, Helpful, Honorable Opponent, and Friendly—each boasted a unique icon. However, standing out as the pinnacle of recognition was the Great Mentor icon. Reserved for those who excelled in fostering positive in-game experiences, this particular honor icon has become a rare gem as the system evolved.
In the ever-changing landscape of League of Legends, spotting the Great Mentor icon today is a testament to a player's legacy in the earlier iterations of the honor system. As the game progresses and new features emerge, this iconic symbol remains a cherished relic, harkening back to a time when recognition was earned through commendable sportsmanship.

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5# Season Two Championship Icon

Back in the Season Two Championship Finals of League of Legends, Riot introduced a set of exclusive, limited-edition icons. These sought-after icons weren't just handed out; players had to be actively engaged in the World Championship Finals live stream to claim them.
To secure one of these icons, viewers had to stay tuned for a code that would pop up during the broadcast. Once spotted, players could redeem the code, unlocking the special icon for display on their profiles. It's worth noting that this unique opportunity occurred during the Season Two World Championships in 2012, making these icons a rare and somewhat nostalgic find for players in today's League of Legends landscape.

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4# Vintage Icon

This particular icon falls into the category of rare collectibles, though it hasn't escaped criticism for its design, often deemed lacking in creativity. The icon was initially granted to players who made the unique choice of purchasing limited edition skins during specific in-game events.
Interestingly, unlike many rare icons, this one remains accessible. Players with a desire to add it to their collection can still obtain it by purchasing one of the specified skins—provided, of course, that these exclusive items are currently listed in the in-game store.

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3# Vengeful Wrath
Venturing deep into League of Legends history, we find special "Harrowing" events from the bygone years of 2012 and 2013, dedicated to Halloween celebrations. These events marked the emergence of exceptionally rare icons.
Standing at the pinnacle of exclusivity is the Vengeful Wrath icon, a distinction reserved for players who expended a considerable sum—10,000 or more Riot points. As the most opulent icon in the game, it not only carries a hefty price tag but also ranks among the rarest treasures in the League of Legends iconography.

2# Challenger Icons

For those new to the League of Legends realm, it's worth noting that certain icons are badges of honor tied to a player's ranking. However, the path to earning these icons isn't open to everyone—a player must attain at least honor level 2, automatically excluding those with a history of toxicity.
In the pre-honor system era, these coveted ranked icons were exclusively bestowed upon players who successfully navigated the season without facing any bans. The highest echelon of achievement in League of Legends is the Challenger rank, a feat accomplished by only 0.02% of the player population. Given the rarity of this prestigious rank, showcasing the Challenger icon remains a crowning achievement and a coveted symbol among summoner icons.

1# Master & Grand Master Beta Tester Icons

If you were part of the League of Legends beta-testing crew back in 2009, consider yourself among the elite. Your reward? One of the rarest summoner icons in the game.
Achieving the Master Beta Tester icon wasn't a walk in the park. You had to not only be an early participant in the beta but also secure a spot among the top 500 players in your region. Now, if you're rocking the Grand Master Beta Icon, you're in the league of LoL wizards—hitting the top 100 players in your region during beta testing is no small feat.
Encountering these icons in the game is like facing off against players who witnessed the very origins of League of Legends. It's a mark of experience and skill that speaks volumes about the journey these summoners have undertaken in the ever-evolving world of LoL.


Exploring the rarest League of Legends icons offers a glimpse into the diverse and prestigious history of the game. While we've delved into some noteworthy examples, the vast array of unique icons is boundless.
Using icons in League of Legends is more than mere customization; it's an opportunity to showcase your journey, achievements, and participation in special events. The allure of rare icons lies in their scarcity, sparking interest and respect among fellow summoners. As you venture through the League, wielding a rare icon is not just a mark of distinction—it's a testament to the dedication, skill, and experience you bring to the ever-evolving world of LoL. So, whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, the pursuit of rare icons adds an extra layer of excitement to your League of Legends journey.
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