Top 8 Best Duos in League of Legends Arena
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Top 8 Best Duos in League of Legends Arena

Arena has made a triumphant return to League of Legends, boasting a plethora of new features such as augmented abilities, unique items, and even resurrection mechanics. This revamped game mode has not only shaken up the meta but has also introduced powerful duos, featuring champions previously unavailable in this format. It stands as one of the most exciting updates to hit League of Legends in recent times, potentially earning its place alongside the classic Summoner's Rift queues and ARAM as a permanent game mode. For those seeking victory in Arena, here are some dynamic duos that can lead you to success.

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8# Sylas and zed

Mastering this duo demands a considerable amount of mechanical skill from both players, yet the exhilaration and satisfaction it brings make it worthwhile. These two champions boast exceptional versatility, allowing them to tailor their builds based on the augments they acquire.
Whether opting for the tried-and-true Summoner's Rift builds or venturing into the culinary realm to concoct delectable Moonstone-Renewer immortal Sylas variations, the options are diverse. Success hinges on a touch of luck in securing the right augments for your strategy.

Best Augments For Sylas And Zed:

  • Sylas — Bread And Jam, Eureka, First-Aid Kit.
  • Zed — Earthwake, It's Killing Time, Executioner.

7# Leona and Yuumi

This duo stands out as one of the most formidable combinations currently wreaking havoc in Arena. While it heavily relies on augments, there's a sufficient pool of excellent choices to mitigate the impact of randomness. The game plan is straightforward: both players aggressively fish for augments, transforming Leona into an immortal force.
Yuumi remains tucked away unless a dire need for mana arises, and victory is essentially assured by outlasting opponents. If, as the Ring of Fire begins its encroachment, all four champions boast maximum or near-maximum health, consider the round already won. This strategy is tailored for those who savor victory, no matter the cost.

Best Augments For Leona And Yuumi:

  • Leona — Courage of the Colossus, Guilty Pleasure, Tormentor.
  • Yuumi — Circle of Death, All For You, First-Aid Kit.

6# Gragas And Jhin

While it may not jump off the page as an ideal combo, this pairing proves to be exceptionally effective. Much like the synergy between Illaoi and Swain, these two champions, already formidable in Arena, reach new heights when united. The twist? In this dynamic duo, you're the ones taking the lead.
The strategy revolves around maximizing Jhin's damage output and movement speed, while Gragas prioritizes stacking Ability Haste. Alternatively, with a stroke of luck from your Augments, Gragas can take center stage as the primary carry, turning Jhin into a captivating diversion. In the ever-changing landscape of Arena, adaptability reigns supreme.

Best Augments Gragas And Jhin:

  • Gragas — Eureka, Bread And Cheese, Guilty Pleasure.
  • Jhin — Tap Dancer, Scopier Weapons, Don't Blink.

5# Illaoi And Swain

Your original text effectively captures the essence of the Illaoi and Swain combo. Here's a slight rephrasing for variety:
Meet the formidable duo we affectionately dub the "Circle of Death." Each champion, individually powerful in the Arena, transforms into an indomitable force when paired together, rendering them nearly unbeatable even without the best-in-slot augments.
Exercise a bit of patience, as cunning opponents may attempt to evade your onslaught. However, within the confines of the encroaching ring of fire, allies become adversaries' inescapable demise. Picture it: relentless tentacle strikes or the electrifying dance of hand-generated lightning, leaving foes utterly helpless with nowhere to flee. The Circle of Death prevails, and resistance is futile.

Best Augments For Illaoi And Swain:

  • Illaoi — Rabble Rousing, Goliath, Goredrink.
  • Swain — Plaguebearer, Phenomenal Evil, Magic Missile.

4# Alistar And Pyke

Introducing the 'no resurrections for you' combo – Alistar and Pyke, an unexpectedly effective, albeit seemingly absurd, partnership. Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity; this duo just clicks. Both champions boast a straightforward path to immortality—Alistar through sheer resilience and Pyke with his W passive. Together, they unleash an unending barrage of displacements.
Your mission is clear: toss enemies into the flames or expertly nudge them out of the resurrection circle. The annoyance factor might even rival that of the notorious Leona/Yuumi combo. Embrace the chaos and revel in denying resurrections with this unconventional yet surprisingly potent alliance.

Best Augments Alistar And Pyke:

  • Alistar — Courage of the Colossus, Tormentor, Bread and Jam.
  • Pyke — Giant Slayer, the Brutalizer, Shadow Runner.

3# Mordekaiser And Veigar

Unleash the formidable synergy of Mordekaiser and Veigar with the power duo facilitated by the unique items Sword of the Blossoming Down and Wordless Promise. This combination stands out for its exceptional potency, requiring minimal dependence on specific augments. While defensive augments suit Mordekaiser and damage/AP augments complement Veigar, the beauty lies in the flexibility—you're not bound to specific choices for success.
The game plan involves Mordekaiser building Moonstone Renewer, opting for a couple of tanky items, and concluding the build with Wordless Promise and the new Sword. The result? Mordekaiser becomes an immortal, permanently-shielded juggernaut, siphoning 20 percent of Veigar's colossal 1000+ AP. Meanwhile, the mischievous yordle scampers around, bombarding opponents with his relentless barrage of abilities. Embrace the synergy, and witness the duo's unrivaled dominance on the battlefield.

Best Augments For Mordekaiser And Veigar:

  • Mordekaiser — Infernal Conduit, Parasitic Relationship, First-Aid Kit.
  • Veigar — Doomsayer, Phenomenal Evil, Stackosaurus Rex.

2# Master Yi And Taric

While Taric and Yi may not be a novel pairing, their terrorizing legacy from the previous iteration of Arena still haunts the battleground. Though not as ubiquitous as before, facing them remains a nightmarish ordeal.
The age-old strategy endures: Yi embraces the glass-cannon approach, swiftly dispatching both adversaries before Taric's ultimate spell concludes. And if the notion of outlasting the initial burst with a tanky approach crosses your mind, enter the newest disruptor on the scene—Hellfire Hatchet. Consider yourself warned; this duo, with its timeless plan and newfound tricks, continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving chaos of the Arena.

Best Augments For Master Yi And Taric:

  • Master Yi — Mystic Punch, Twice Thrice, Scoped Weapons.
  • Taric — Spirit Link, Quest: Angel of Retribution, Sonic Boom.

1# Brand And Trundle

Trundle reigns supreme as the undisputed champion. His unparalleled dueling skills shine in a game mode that amplifies the intensity of 2v2 encounters, making him a force to be reckoned with.
While many CC-heavy champions could fit the bill alongside Trundle, the fiery touch of Brand proves particularly potent in the chaos of Arena, especially with a few strategically chosen augments. The linchpin of this duo is the must-have item, Rylay's Scepter, ensuring that the Troll King's opponents have no chance of escaping his relentless pursuit. Prepare for a fiery and troll-infested showdown in the Arena, where Brand and Trundle stand as an indomitable force.

Best Augments For Brand And Trundle:

  • Brand — Infernal Conduit, Magic Missile, Ice Cold.
  • Trundle — Symphony of War, Scopier Weapons, Heavy Hitter.

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