League of Legends season 14: Updated LP System
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League of Legends season 14: Updated LP System

Riot Games has launched an updated League Points (LP) system for League of Legends Season 14, responding to player feedback regarding inconsistencies in LP gains in past seasons. These changes aim to address the frustrations players expressed over erratic LP fluctuations, which often hindered smooth progression through the game's ranks.
The overhaul focuses on players at the Emerald tier and higher. The goal is to establish a more consistent and fair playing field in these upper echelons of the competitive ladder. Recognizing the importance of community input, Riot is actively seeking feedback from players to further refine the system. Additionally, a soft reset has been implemented for Apex tiers, encouraging players to assess their progression in comparison to previous seasons.
The new system is designed to ensure a more equitable and engaging experience for players as they embark on their journey in Season 14. This initiative reflects Riot Games' commitment to enhancing the competitive integrity and overall enjoyment of League of Legends.

Better and more fair LP gains

In the latest update to League of Legends, Riot Games has fine-tuned the LP (League Points) gains to enhance the ranking experience, particularly addressing the needs of players in different tiers.
For players in the Emerald tier and higher, LP gains and losses have been restructured to center around a more stable +-20 point range. This pivotal change is designed to reduce the occurrence of erratic LP fluctuations that players frequently encounter at critical tier junctures. The aim here is to foster a more consistent progression system that rewards steady play and diminishes the impact of occasional losses.
Meanwhile, for players below the Emerald tier, the LP gains and losses are now set to average around +-28 points. This adjustment acknowledges the unique challenges faced in these ranks, aiming to balance progression with sustainability. While the system is initially set with a balance of +27/-29 and +29/-27, Riot Games is committed to vigilant monitoring and readiness to make additional tweaks as necessary to maintain a fair and enjoyable competitive environment.
These refinements demonstrate Riot Games' dedication to creating a more balanced and rewarding experience for players across all tiers in League of Legends.

Riot is finally listening players feedback

Riot Games emphasizes the importance of player feedback in the ongoing refinement of the LP system, particularly from those in the Diamond tier and above. Players experiencing irregular LP gains, such as +18/-22 or more significant discrepancies, are encouraged to share their insights. This input is crucial for Riot to identify and rectify any unexpected challenges arising from the new system's implementation.
Furthermore, Riot is closely examining situations where players below the Emerald tier are not demoting as expected at critical tier junctures. In these instances, players might face substantial negative LP gains. This mechanism is part of Riot's effort to accurately match a player's rank with their actual skill level, ensuring a more authentic competitive environment.
Through this approach, Riot Games demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a balanced and fair ranking system in League of Legends, valuing community feedback as a key component in this endeavor.

Improved Apex Tier

The Apex tier in League of Legends, which undergoes a soft reset at the season's start, introduces unique dynamics into the ranking system. Originally, Diamond 1 was seen as a high benchmark, representing the top 300 players. However, Riot Games anticipates a gradual expansion at the higher end of the LP ladder this season. Players are advised to compare their current season's performance to the previous one for a better understanding of their progress, utilizing analytical tools like deeplol.gg for a more nuanced view of their standings.
For players achieving a balanced win/loss ratio this season, Riot estimates that an equivalent ranking would be around Diamond 3 or Diamond 4. This comparison is based on the performance relative to the player with the maximum LP, providing a more transparent and realistic perspective of where a player stands as the season progresses.
Riot Games encourages the League of Legends community to adapt to and engage with these changes, emphasizing the importance of player feedback and participation in the continuous development of the Ranked LP Gains System. The goal is to cultivate a competitive yet enjoyable experience for everyone in Season 14 and future seasons, with a focus on open dialogue and collaboration between the player base and the developers.

All The Big Changes Riot Has Added to Ranked in season 14:

In addition to the updated LP system, Riot Games has introduced several other changes and features in the Ranked system for League of Legends Season 14. These changes are designed to enhance the overall player experience, ensuring a more balanced, competitive, and engaging environment. Here are some key areas where Riot has focused its efforts:

  • Matchmaking Improvements: Riot has made significant adjustments to the matchmaking algorithms to ensure more balanced and fair matches. These improvements aim to reduce skill gaps within teams and between opponents, leading to a more competitive and satisfying experience for players of all skill levels.
  • Role Specific Ranks: Introducing or refining role-specific ranks to better reflect a player's proficiency in different positions. This change acknowledges the diversity in skill sets required for various roles and provides a more accurate representation of a player's abilities.
  • Improved Ranked Rewards: Enhancing the ranked rewards system to better recognize and incentivize player achievements. This might include new tiers of rewards, unique cosmetics, or other incentives that acknowledge players' dedication and success in ranked play.
  • Clarity in Progress Tracking: Implementing more transparent and detailed progress tracking within the ranked system. Players can now get a clearer view of their ranking journey, understanding what is required to reach the next tier or division.
  • Behavioral Systems Update: Riot may have strengthened its focus on player behavior, introducing stricter penalties for negative behaviors such as AFK, intentional feeding, or toxic communication. This ensures a healthier gaming environment and promotes positive interactions among players.
  • Provisional Matches Adjustment: Adjusting the number or impact of provisional matches at the start of a season or for new ranked players. This could involve changes in how these matches affect your initial ranking, providing a more accurate starting point for the ranked journey.
  • Queue Optimization: Improvements to queue times and options, possibly including more flexible queue settings or adjustments for peak and off-peak hours, to enhance the overall player experience.
  • Ranked Flex Enhancements: Enhancements to the Ranked Flex queue, encouraging team play and cooperation, which might include new features or rewards for participating in this queue.


Riot Games' introduction of the updated LP system in League of Legends Season 14 marks a significant step towards refining the ranked play experience. By recalibrating LP gains and losses across various tiers, especially focusing on the Emerald tier and above, and addressing the dynamics of the Apex tier, Riot demonstrates a commitment to creating a more stable and equitable competitive environment. The emphasis on player feedback, particularly from those in higher tiers, underlines Riot's dedication to evolving the game in response to community insights. This approach not only seeks to align players' rankings more accurately with their skill levels but also enhances the overall enjoyment and fairness of the game. As the season unfolds, Riot's willingness to adjust and improve the system based on player experiences promises a dynamic and responsive competitive landscape for all participants.

Posted On: January 22nd, 2024

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