League of Legends Season 14: The Best midlane Champions
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League of Legends Season 14: The Best midlane Champions

The midlane in League of Legends stands as the battleground where individual skill and strategic prowess converge. Unlike other lanes, the midlane requires a champion capable of self-sufficiency, as the proximity to teammates is limited, making instant assistance a rarity in times of trouble. Choosing a champion that can independently hold their ground becomes imperative for climbing the enhanced rank system.
Today, let's delve into five of the most exceptional champions tailored for the midlane in League of Legends Season 14. We'll illuminate their strengths, weaknesses, and provide insights into the type of player who might find each champion to be their ideal match.

1) Sylas

The inaugural champion securing a spot on our Season 14 midlane list is none other than Sylas. This versatile champion stands out for his formidable skirmishing capabilities during the laning phase, making him a force to be reckoned with in midlane engagements. What sets Sylas apart is his synergy with junglers, seamlessly joining skirmishes for objectives like the Scuttle Crab, and his susceptibility to ganks adds an extra layer of versatility.
Sylas truly shines in team fights, particularly when he secures an early lead. His ability to abscond with an enemy Ultimate that boasts high damage, AOE effects, and substantial AP scaling transforms him into a potent force. A well-fed Sylas becomes a formidable adversary, challenging opponents with his elusive playstyle and the potential to turn the tide of battles in his favor.

2) Swain

Our next standout midlane contender for Season 14 is Swain. While not enjoying the same popularity as some other champions, Swain exhibits considerable strength in the hands of the adept. Early on, Swain may not exert overwhelming pressure, but his scalability and prowess in team fights more than compensate for his initial subtlety. As the game progresses, Swain truly comes into his own, showcasing exceptional lane priority and wave-clearing abilities with the right items in his inventory.
In the heart of team battles, Swain's Ultimate becomes a game-changer, allowing him to absorb substantial damage while simultaneously dishing out significant harm. His pick potential is commendable, thanks to his E ability, enabling him to lock down multiple enemies at once and create opportunities for his team. Swain's scaling proficiency makes him naturally tanky as the match unfolds, positioning him as a formidable force capable of dictating the ebb and flow of the game.

3) Akshan

Now, let's shine the spotlight on Akshan, a versatile champion who has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in both the Mid and Top lanes for Season 14. Akshan's proficiency in securing kills in the lane and exploiting the vulnerabilities of weak and immobile champions is unparalleled. With the recent terrain changes, Akshan not only maintains his excellence but also gains an extended window to chase down foes along the lane.
A standout quality that elevates Akshan's prowess is his ability to exploit melee champions using his superior range. This advantage makes him a formidable foe, particularly in matchups against close-quarters adversaries. Akshan's mobility is a key asset, allowing him to roam effectively and secure kills in other parts of the map. His capacity to go invisible adds an element of unpredictability, making it challenging for opponents to track his movements and respond effectively. In the hands of a skilled player, Akshan emerges as a dynamic and elusive force capable of leaving a mark across the entirety of the battlefield.

2) Fizz

Now, let's dive into the prowess of Fizz, our fourth featured champion for Season 14 midlanes. Fizz, the elusive assassin, excels in chasing down overextended or mispositioned enemies, establishing a menacing presence from as early as level 3. His capacity to secure kills at an accelerated pace allows him to snowball rapidly, potentially turning the tides of the match in his favor.
An added advantage for Fizz in the current patch is the slightly lengthened lane, enabling him to chase enemies further and capitalize on additional kill opportunities. Fizz's proficiency as a roaming champion adds another layer to his strategic toolkit. This versatility allows him to not only impact his lane but also actively support and participate in ganks, making him a formidable force across the entire map. In the hands of a skilled player, Fizz stands out as a dynamic and opportunistic assassin, ready to exploit any lapses in the enemy's positioning for maximum impact.

1) Lux

Concluding our list of exceptional midlane champions for Season 14 is Lux, a fan-favorite champion in the League of Legends community. Lux, while not the least formidable among the featured champions, brings a unique set of strengths that make her a solid pick, particularly in the early stages of Season 14 and on Patch 14.1.
Lux's proficiency in wave clear becomes evident, and with the right itemization, she can effectively keep her adversaries pushed in with her E ability. Given the recent changes to the lanes, this strategy proves crucial for maintaining her safety. As Lux reaches level 6, her potential in the midlane further amplifies. She can actively seek opportunities for pokes and advantageous trades by landing her Q ability on the enemy champion, showcasing her ability to influence the flow of the game with precise and strategic plays. In the dynamic landscape of Season 14, Lux stands out as a reliable and popular choice for midlaners seeking both control and impact.


Why are so many mage champions recommended for the midlane in Season 14?

In Season 14, mage champions are frequently recommended for the midlane due to several strategic advantages they bring to the table. Here are some key reasons behind the prevalence of mage champions in the midlane:

  • Wave Clear and Control: Mage champions typically possess strong wave-clearing abilities, allowing them to efficiently clear minion waves and exert control over the midlane. This ability is crucial for securing lane priority and enabling the mage to roam or assist in jungle objectives.
  • Roaming Potential: Mages often have tools that allow them to roam effectively. This is particularly valuable in the midlane, where champions can quickly transition to other lanes to secure kills, support teammates, or participate in skirmishes.
  • Objective Control: Mages frequently bring impactful area-of-effect (AoE) abilities, making them valuable contributors to team fights and objective control. Their ability to influence clashes around major objectives like Dragon or Rift Herald enhances the team's chances of securing these vital resources.
  • Scaling Power: Many mage champions scale well into the late game, becoming potent damage dealers as the match progresses. This scaling power makes them formidable threats in team fights, ensuring they remain relevant throughout the game.
  • Versatility: Mages come in various shapes and sizes, offering a diverse array of playstyles. Whether it's burst mages, control mages, or utility mages, the midlane accommodates a wide range of mage champions, allowing players to choose based on personal preferences and team composition.
  • Flexibility in Builds: Mages can adapt their item builds based on the evolving needs of the game. This flexibility allows them to adjust to the enemy team composition and build defensively or offensively as the situation demands.

In essence, the midlane's dynamic nature and central location on the map make it an ideal habitat for mage champions, where their unique abilities and attributes can be harnessed to influence the game's outcome positively.


mastering the art of playing mages in League of Legends requires a combination of champion knowledge, strategic positioning, and adaptability. Mages bring potent abilities to the midlane, emphasizing the importance of efficient wave management, effective roaming, and vision control. In team fights, precise positioning and cooldown management become crucial, while adaptability ensures the ability to read the game and adjust strategies accordingly. By incorporating these elements into your gameplay and maintaining effective communication, you'll elevate your mage playstyle, contributing significantly to your team's success throughout Season 14 and beyond.

Posted On: January 16th, 2024

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