League of Legends Season 14: New Skarner Rework - Abilities and Gameplay Changes
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League of Legends Season 14: New Skarner Rework - Abilities and Gameplay Changes

The long-anticipated Skarner rework has finally made its debut, marking a significant evolution for the Crystal Vanguard. After a series of teasers and sneak peeks that fueled the community's excitement, Skarner emerges redefined, promising to reshape the battlegrounds of League of Legends with his revamped abilities.

In this deep dive, we'll meticulously analyze Skarner's redesigned skill set, detailing the mechanics and tactical utility of each ability. Furthermore, we'll evaluate the broader implications of these updates on Skarner's playstyle, including how they may influence his positioning within team compositions and his versatility in terms of build paths.

With Skarner's rework now available for testing on the PBE, it's the perfect opportunity to explore the nuances of his updated abilities and the transformative impact they're set to have on his gameplay dynamics. Let's dissect the revamped Skarner and understand how his reimagined toolkit stands to alter the League landscape.

New Role and Build Flexibility

Skarner retains his staple position as a formidable presence in the jungle, yet Riot's latest updates to his kit subtly open the door for top lane viability as well. When it comes to tailoring Skarner's build, players can still navigate between specializing him as an attack damage (AD) bruiser, a steadfast tank, or blending the two for a more balanced approach. However, it appears that an ability power (AP) build for Skarner might not be the most effective strategy following his rework.

New Skarner Reworked Abilities

Passive - Resonating Tremors:

Skarner's attacks and certain abilities tag foes with "Tremor" marks. When an enemy accumulates three marks, they erupt, inflicting damage based on their max health over a duration.

Q - Crystalline Exhumation/Earthsplitter:

Skarner summons a crystal shard, empowering his next few strikes with added damage, extended reach, and a speedier attack rate. The final strike forcefully drives the shard into the enemy, slowing them significantly and dealing extra damage. A second activation hurls the shard, creating a damaging, slowing projectile capable of wall traversal.

W - Rupture Wave:

Skarner conjures a protective barrier and slams the ground, unleashing a wave that slows and damages foes around him. A straightforward yet potent defensive tactic.

E - Rift Surge:

Skarner surges forward, defying barriers, and seizes the first enemy champion or sizable monster he encounters, dragging them briefly and stunning them upon collision with obstacles.

Similar to abilities seen in Nunu & Willump (W) or Sion's ultimate, this skill allows for innovative plays by phasing through walls. However, a visual cue warns enemies of Skarner's charge, reminiscent of Kayn's shadow step. Be mindful, as stuns can halt this charge.

R (Ultimate) - Crystal Impalement:

Skarner can now ensnare up to three adversaries, suppressing and damaging them simultaneously. This ability grants him a temporary boost in speed, dragging his captives in his wake. This updated ultimate fixes enemies to Skarner's position, removing the ability to reposition them mid-duration.

Enemies can be dragged over barriers, but Skarner's movement options are limited to his W skill during the ultimate, with the Flash ability disabled.

This overhaul of Skarner's toolkit redefines him as a formidable control juggernaut, offering new strategic depth and engagement possibilities. Whether safeguarding allies or initiating clashes, these changes promise to rejuvenate Skarner's presence on the Rift, providing players with fresh ways to dominate and dictate the flow of battle.

New Skarner, New Strategies for the Otps!

The revamped Skarner brings to the Rift an unprecedented level of team fight dominance and engagement versatility. His innovative E ability, which allows him to traverse walls, equips him with the element of surprise, making him a formidable force against the enemy's backline. Champions lacking in mobility will find themselves at a significant disadvantage when faced with Skarner's newfound prowess.

Moreover, Skarner's comprehensive crowd control capabilities present numerous strategic opportunities. Players can now execute intricate flank maneuvers or swiftly incapacitate key targets, turning the tides of battle in their favor. The rework not only rejuvenates Skarner's gameplay but also injects a fresh dose of tactical depth into engagements.

Anticipation is building as players explore the myriad ways to leverage Skarner's enhanced toolkit. His redefined role on the battlefield promises to introduce thrilling dynamics and challenges for both Skarner mains and their adversaries. The sands of the Crystal Scar are stirring, heralding the rise of a reimagined predator ready to claim dominance in the League of Legends arena.


Skarner's rework has infused new life into this iconic champion, offering League of Legends players a thrilling blend of strategic crowd control, enhanced mobility, and potent engagement tools. With abilities that disrupt enemy formations and dominate team fights, Skarner is set to reshape the battlefield dynamics. Whether employing the terrain-ignoring prowess of his E or the multiple target suppression of his reimagined ultimate, Skarner's potential for turning the tide of battle is unmatched. This rework not only revitalizes Skarner for existing fans but also beckons new players to master his complex and rewarding gameplay. As the League community adapts to these changes, the crystal scorpion's presence on the Rift promises to be both formidable and transformative, marking a new era for Skarner as a champion who can truly carry the weight of his team to victory.

Posted On: March 20th, 2024

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