League of Legends Season 14: New LoL Skins 2024
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League of Legends Season 14: New LoL Skins 2024

League of Legends, the popular MOBA game by Riot Games, is set to enhance its visual appeal in 2024 with a fresh batch of exciting skins. Each year, Riot Games infuses new life into the game by introducing visually striking skins, allowing players to personalize their favorite champions. These skins not only add a flair of style but also serve as a symbol of prestige within the gaming community.
The game, already boasting a repertoire of approximately 1,500 skins as of 2023, continues to expand its collection. In 2024, Riot is expected to delve deeper into various skin concepts and revisit several Alternate Universes, adding an even broader range of cosmetics.
A notable anticipation for 2024 is the potential release of more Mecha-themed skins, a category that has seen limited additions in the past year. Additionally, there's buzz about an ice-skating skin line, which would perfectly align with the winter season.

Sneak peek into the skins released and planned for 2024:

  • Dragonmancer Series - Featuring champions like Rakan, Kassadin, Fiora, and Vayne, this series made its debut with LoL Patch 14.1 on January 10, 2024.
  • Primal Ambush Line - This line includes Vi, Riven, Sivir, and Talon, launched with LoL Patch 14.2 on January 24, 2024.
  • Heavenscale Collection - Featuring Ezreal, Janna, Lee Sin, Kai'Sa, Diana, and Smolder, this series was introduced in LoL Patch 14.3.

Additionally, Riot's 'Look Ahead' video hints at the return of beloved skin lines like Porcelain, Faire Court, PROJECT, and Blood Moon. Among these, the Soraka skin, inspired by a dung beetle, appears to be part of the Faire Court series. Naafiri is also slated to receive her much-awaited second skin in the PROJECT line, and Zyra is expected to be featured in the Blood Moon series.
This lineup for 2024 indicates Riot Games' continued commitment to keeping League of Legends visually dynamic and engaging, constantly giving players new ways to experience the game's vast universe.

Which Champions Need Skins In 2024?

In the realm of League of Legends, where aesthetic customization is a significant part of the player experience, certain champions seem to have been overlooked in terms of receiving new skins. As we step into 2024, it's an opportune time for Riot Games to address this gap and revitalize some of the champions who have long been waiting for fresh cosmetic updates.
Here's a list of champions who are notably overdue for new skins, along with the dates of their last skin release:

  • Skarner – The crystalline scorpion has been without a new skin since November 2020. Given his unique aesthetic, there's ample room for creative and visually striking designs.
  • Alistar – The Minotaur, last receiving a skin in February 2021, is ripe for a new look. His imposing presence on the battlefield makes him an excellent candidate for a visually impactful skin.
  • Braum – Known for his robust persona, Braum hasn't seen a new skin since June 2021. A new skin could further highlight his heroic qualities and larger-than-life character.
  • Corki – The daring bombardier, with his last skin released in July 2021, offers a lot of potentials to explore aviation-themed aesthetics or even more whimsical concepts.
  • Rammus – This armordillo, who rolled out his last skin in July 2021, could greatly benefit from a new skin, perhaps emphasizing his quirky nature or enhancing his armored look.
  • Olaf – The Berserker, having not received a new skin since September 2021, is a perfect candidate for a skin that reflects his fierce and relentless fighting style.
  • Tryndamere – The Barbarian King, also last updated with a skin in September 2021, could use a fresh skin that captures his raw power and regal barbarism.

These champions, having waited a considerable amount of time since their last skin release, deserve a spotlight in 2024. New skins for these characters would not only rejuvenate their appearance but also excite the players who favor them, contributing to the dynamic and ever-evolving world of League of Legends.

How Many Skins Will Riot Release In 2024?

In the ever-evolving universe of League of Legends, Riot Games consistently delights players with a steady stream of new skins each year. For 2024, it's anticipated that Riot will maintain their usual pace, likely unveiling around 130 to 140 skins. This estimate aligns with their previous years' releases, showcasing Riot's commitment to keeping the game fresh and visually engaging.
Among the new additions in 2024, the introduction of Mythic Variants stands out. These skins, crafted to be rare and unique, add an extra layer of exclusivity and prestige to the game. While they are counted as new skins, their rarity suggests that they will be released sparingly, ensuring their special status among the plethora of available cosmetics.
The Prestige skins, a fan-favorite, are set to continue their legacy in 2024, with Rakan receiving the honor of the first Prestige skin of the year. This ongoing series of skins is known for its high-quality designs and exclusive nature, making them a coveted item for players.
Looking ahead, the prospect of new Prestige skins opens up exciting possibilities. For instance, a champion like Cho'Gath, who possesses a unique and formidable in-game presence, would be an excellent candidate for a Prestige skin. Such a skin would not only rejuvenate Cho'Gath's visual appeal but also offer a fresh, luxurious look that aligns with the grandeur and might of this colossal Void creature.
In summary, 2024 appears to be another vibrant year for League of Legends skins, with Riot Games continuing to enrich the game's aesthetic diversity through a mix of regular, Mythic, and Prestige skins, catering to a wide range of player preferences and styles.

Prestige Skins In 2024: Which Have Been Released?

The allure of Prestige skins in League of Legends continues in 2024, offering players exclusive and visually stunning options for their favorite champions. While the complete roster of champions set to receive Prestige skins this year is still under wraps, we can anticipate a lineup similar to the 13 Prestige skins introduced in 2023. These skins, known for their rarity and exquisite design, are available through the battle pass or the Mythic Shop, adding an element of exclusivity and prestige to the gaming experience.
Kicking off 2024, we've already seen the unveiling of a few Prestige skins:

  • Dragonmancer Line – The "Prestige Dragonmancer Rakan" skin, released with LoL Patch 14.1 on January 10, 2024, brings a majestic and mythical flair to Rakan.
  • Heavenscale Series – "Prestige Heavenscale Ezreal" made its grand entrance with LoL Patch 14.3 on February 7, 2024, offering a divine and celestial look for Ezreal.
  • Porcelain Collection – The "Prestige Porcelain Kindred" skin, while its release details are yet to be announced, promises to blend the intricate beauty of porcelain art with the ethereal essence of Kindred.

Additionally, there are whispers of upcoming Prestige skins for Evelynn and Kayle, though specific details about these releases remain a closely guarded secret for now.
Players can look forward to these exceptional skins as they embody not just a change in appearance but also signify a player's dedication and achievements in League of Legends. The anticipation for more Prestige skins is palpable, and the year 2024 is poised to be another exciting chapter in the realm of League of Legends cosmetics.

Mythic Variants In 2024

In 2023, Riot Games introduced the concept of Mythic Variants in League of Legends, adding a layer of exclusivity and rarity to the game's skin collection. These Mythic Variants are special versions of existing skins, obtainable through a gacha-like system. This system, often found in mobile games, involves players spending either in-game currency or real money for a chance to receive random virtual items, with each item having different levels of rarity.
The gacha system is essentially a form of randomized loot distribution. Players invest resources with the hope of obtaining specific, often rare, items, but without a guaranteed outcome. This method can be thrilling but also encourages repeated spending, as players try their luck to collect the items they desire.
In its inaugural year, Riot released Mythic Variants for champions like Jhin and Ekko. As we look to 2024, rumors suggest that Ezreal might be the next champion to receive this special treatment. The Mythic Variants, despite their slow acceptance among some sections of the player base, represent a unique and highly exclusive tier of skins, underscoring Riot's continuous exploration of new ways to engage and reward its players.
This approach reflects Riot's commitment to diversifying the skin offerings in League of Legends, catering to players who seek not just visual enhancements for their favorite champions but also exclusivity and rarity in their in-game collections.


as League of Legends moves through 2024, Riot Games continues to evolve and enrich the game's cosmetic landscape. With the consistent introduction of new skins, including the anticipated return of Prestige skins and the intriguing rollout of Mythic Variants, Riot showcases a deep understanding of their player base's desire for both aesthetic diversity and exclusivity. The gacha system, albeit met with mixed reactions, adds another dimension to acquiring these coveted items, fueling excitement and a sense of achievement among players. While specific champions are set to receive much-awaited skin updates, the entire roster benefits from this continuous infusion of creativity and innovation. Ultimately, these developments not only enhance the visual appeal of League of Legends but also reinforce its standing as a dynamic, player-focused game that consistently adapts and grows with its community.

Posted On: January 24th, 2024

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