League of Legends Mythic and Prestige Skins: All you need to know
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League of Legends Mythic and Prestige Skins: All you need to know

In League of Legends, skins aren't just for show—they transform a champion's appearance and can be a true testament to a player's dedication or style. While Riot Games has made obtaining skins more accessible through methods like Hextech crafting and Prime Gaming subscriptions, the allure of exclusive skins remains unmatched.

Among these, Mythic and Prestige skins hold a special place. They are not only rare and expensive, but they also come with limited availability, making them highly coveted whenever they appear on Summoner’s Rift. These skins often feature elaborate designs and unique visual effects that set them apart from standard skins, enhancing the gaming experience and prestige of owning them.

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What are mythic skins?

Mythic skins in League of Legends represent a tier of cosmetic items that are exceptionally rare and highly sought after by players. These skins are renowned for their extraordinary design, incorporating stunning visual effects, detailed animations, and unique sound effects that surpass the quality found in most other skin categories, including epic and legendary tiers.

Available only for limited times, Mythic skins are released as part of specific thematic collections, such as Hextech, Ashen Knight, and Crystalis Motus. Each collection imbues the skins with a distinctive aesthetic that transforms the champions into visually striking versions that stand out dramatically on Summoner’s Rift.

The exclusivity and the intricate design of Mythic skins make them a prestigious acquisition for any player, positioning them just below the ultimate skins in terms of rarity and desirability within the game’s community.

Mythic variant skins

In 2023, Riot Games introduced an even more exclusive subset of Mythic skins, known as Mythic variant skins. These skins epitomize rarity and exclusivity, only available during specific in-game events, making them some of the most sought-after cosmetics in League of Legends.

To acquire a Mythic variant skin, players face challenging odds and several acquisition methods:

Capsule Luck: There’s a mere 1% chance to secure a Mythic variant skin from a single event capsule.

Guaranteed Acquisition: Commit to opening 30 event capsules; the thirtieth capsule is guaranteed to contain a Mythic variant skin.

Champion Re-roll: An exceedingly slim chance of less than 0.05% when re-rolling skin shards.

The steep path to obtaining these skins can be daunting. For instance, achieving the guaranteed drop from 30 capsules equates to an expenditure of approximately 22,500 RP, or over $200, marking it as one of the most luxurious investments in the game to date. This rarity not only underscores their desirability but also reflects their status as the pinnacle of League of Legends collectibles.

What are Prestige skins?

Prestige skins in League of Legends are a standout category within the Mythic rarity tier, recognized for their exclusivity and rarity. Unlike Mythic skins that are entirely distinct entities, Prestige skins serve as enhanced versions of existing skins, offering elevated designs with upgraded visual effects (VFX), models, and sometimes unique animations and sound effects that distinguish them from their standard counterparts.

Since their introduction in 2018, Riot Games releases approximately 10-15 new Prestige skins each year, accumulating over 50 distinct Prestige skins to date. In 2024, Riot initiated an ambitious project called Prestige 2.0, aimed at revitalizing these skins. This project was developed in response to feedback that some earlier Prestige skins had become dated and lacked the impressive qualities expected of such high-tier items.

This upgrade effort not only enhances the aesthetic and functional aspects of these skins but also reaffirms Riot’s commitment to maintaining the high status and desirability of Prestige skins within the community, ensuring they remain a coveted element of a player's collection.

How can I get Mythic and Prestige skins?

To acquire Mythic and Prestige skins in League of Legends, players should explore the Mythic Shop. This specialized section, found within your profile's loot area, serves as the primary hub for securing these exclusive skins. The Mythic Shop regularly updates with limited-time offers, providing a range of sought-after items such as:

  • Mythic and Prestige skins
  • Orange essence for skin upgrades
  • Blue essence for champion purchases
  • A variety of random skin shards
  • Unique emotes exclusive to the shop
  • Special Mythic ward skins and seasonal borders
  • Icons tailored to specific themes or events
  • Mythic Chromas, which include matching icons for skin enhancements

These items are purchasable using Mythic essence, a special currency dedicated to the Mythic Shop. Here, players can spend their accrued essence to unlock these high-value cosmetics, enhancing their gaming experience with visually stunning upgrades and new gameplay elements.

What is Mythic essence in League Of Legends?

Mythic essence, which evolved from the earlier systems of Gemstones and Prestige Points, is now the standard currency used for purchasing exclusive skins and other items within League of Legends. This unified currency simplifies the acquisition of both Prestige and Mythic skins, along with a variety of other exclusive items in the Mythic Shop.

Cost of Prestige and Mythic Skins Using Mythic Essence:

  • Initial Release:
    • Mythic Skins: 100 Mythic Essence
    • Prestige Skins: 125 Mythic Essence
  • First Re-release (Unvault):
    • Mythic Skins: 125 Mythic Essence
    • Prestige Skins: 150 Mythic Essence
  • Subsequent Re-releases:
    • Both Skin Types: 200 Mythic Essence for each additional unvaulting

The pricing strategy for these skins is designed to reflect their rarity and exclusivity, escalating with each subsequent release from the Mythic Shop. This tiered pricing model ensures that the value of these skins remains high, rewarding players who invest in them early with a lower cost.

How to get Mythic essence?

Securing Mythic Essence quickly in League of Legends often involves participating in the game's regular events and purchasing event passes. Each event not only enhances gameplay but also provides an opportunity to collect Mythic Essence through structured rewards.

Event Passes and Milestone Rewards:

Purchasing an event pass unlocks a progression system with milestone rewards that yield Mythic Essence upon completion. By working through the event tiers, players can amass a significant amount of Mythic Essence:

  • Event Milestones: Players earn 5 Mythic Essence at tiers 20, 30, and 40.
  • Final Tier Bonus: Completing the 50th tier of an event pass rewards players with an additional 10 Mythic Essence, totaling 25 for the entire pass.

Token Exchange for Mythic Essence:

Beyond milestone rewards, event passes also offer the ability to directly exchange event tokens for Mythic Essence. A typical conversion rate allows players to exchange 2200 event tokens for 125 Mythic Essence, providing a substantial boost towards acquiring exclusive skins.

This system incentivizes active participation in event-related activities, aligning players' engagement with valuable rewards in the form of Mythic Essence.

Hextech crafting

Hextech and Masterwork chests, integral components of League of Legends' Hextech crafting system, offer a periodic means of accruing Mythic Essence alongside other in-game rewards. These chests can be a crucial resource for players aiming to collect this valuable currency.

Masterwork Chests

Known for their higher yield, Masterwork chests present a 4.2% chance of dropping 10 Mythic Essence, making them a preferable choice for players seeking to maximize their potential gain.

Hextech Chests

Although offering a lower chance, Hextech chests still contribute to your Mythic Essence collection by providing a 3.6% chance to drop 5 Mythic Essence upon opening.

Utilizing these chests not only enhances your inventory with various in-game items but also slowly builds your stash of Mythic Essence, contributing significantly to your ability to secure exclusive cosmetic upgrades.

Masterwork milestones

In League of Legends, progressing through Masterwork milestones not only grants you access to valuable loot but also offers incremental rewards of Mythic Essence. These milestones are set at specific intervals and provide a cumulative reward system that incentivizes the opening of Masterwork chests.

Milestone Rewards Breakdown:

  • 5th Milestone: Upon reaching your fifth milestone by opening Masterwork chests, you'll earn 5 Mythic Essence.
  • 10th Milestone: Continuing your progress, the tenth milestone also rewards you with an additional 5 Mythic Essence.
  • 15th Milestone: At fifteen chests opened, you again receive 5 Mythic Essence, maintaining the pace of your rewards.
  • 20th Milestone: The twentieth milestone follows suit with yet another 5 Mythic Essence.
  • 25th Milestone: The twenty-fifth milestone marks a significant increase, rewarding you with 10 Mythic Essence.

Each milestone is designed to provide a steady stream of Mythic Essence, encouraging players to continuously engage with the Masterwork chest system to unlock exclusive in-game content.

Event orbs and capsules

Event orbs and capsules stand out in the League of Legends loot system, not only for their ability to grant regular rewards but also for their enhanced chances of dispensing Mythic Essence (ME). These special event-related loot containers offer a 1.5 times greater probability of yielding ME compared to traditional Hextech crafting options.

Opting for event orbs and capsules can be particularly advantageous during special event periods. Players investing their event tokens into these loot options find them more rewarding, given the increased likelihood of securing ME. This makes them an excellent choice for those aiming to accumulate Mythic Essence efficiently while engaging with event activities.

Level Milestone Rewards

Beginning at level 150, Riot Games introduces a rewarding system for player progression by offering Mythic Essence (ME) at specific level milestones. For every 50 levels achieved beyond 150, players are rewarded with 10 Mythic Essence. This system not only incentivizes continuous play but also aids players in accumulating valuable ME to use towards exclusive in-game content.

Showcase Event Capsules

Showcase events in League of Legends stand out due to their brief duration—lasting just two patches—and their focus on promoting specific skin lines. During these events, unique Showcase capsules are introduced, available only while the event lasts.

Distinct from regular events, Showcase capsules feature an exclusive milestone system. Players can earn up to 120 Mythic Essence by completing all the event-specific milestones. These milestones are unique to the Showcase event, non-recurring, and only accessible during the event's limited timeframe, making them a lucrative but fleeting opportunity for players to gain valuable rewards.


This blog has provided a comprehensive guide to understanding Mythic and Prestige skins in League of Legends, delving into what sets these skins apart, how to acquire them, and the role of Mythic essence in obtaining these rare and desirable items. Whether you're aiming to enhance your champion's appearance with visually striking skins or looking to grasp the exclusivity that comes with Prestige and Mythic variants, the insights shared here will help you navigate your way towards obtaining these coveted skins. As the game continues to evolve, keeping informed about these opportunities ensures that your gameplay remains as exciting and rewarding as possible.

Posted On: April 21st, 2024

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