League Of Legends Wild Rift: 10 Best Champions For Beginners
LoL: Wild Rift

LoL: Wild Rift

League Of Legends Wild Rift: 10 Best Champions For Beginners

League of Legends Wild Rift has successfully transformed the iconic League of Legends experience into a mobile-friendly version, thanks to Riot Games. This adaptation preserves much of the complexity of the original game, albeit with a smaller roster of about 40 Champions out of the over 140 found in the PC version. For those new to the game, selecting a Champion can seem daunting.

In this guide, we’ll introduce the top 12 Champions ideal for beginners aiming to climb the ranks in Wild Rift. These Champions have been chosen for their ease of use and effectiveness in lower elo gameplay, setting you up for success right from the start.

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#10: Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank, the amiable mechanical colossus, excels as a tank and support Champion in Wild Rift. Despite his friendly appearance, Blitzcrank brings formidable abilities to the Baron Lane, combining high armor, disruptive crowd control, and significant area-of-effect damage.

His passive, Mana Barrier, provides him a shield that absorbs incoming damage, recharging every minute—this boosts his survivability in skirmishes. Blitzcrank's Overdrive (S2) temporarily increases his attack speed, allowing for more powerful combo attacks. His signature move, Rocket Grab (S1), pulls enemies towards him, setting up strategic plays and team fights. Additionally, Power Fist (S3) delivers a critical knock-up hit, disrupting opponents. Completing his kit, Blitzcrank’s ultimate, Static Field, unleashes a wave of damage over time, which is especially effective during team engagements. This combination of skills makes Blitzcrank a powerhouse in controlling the flow of battle and protecting his teammates.

#9: Garen (Fighter/Tank)

Garen, known for his simplicity and effectiveness, remains a steadfast fighter and tank in Wild Rift. His mechanics are ideal for newcomers and veterans alike, allowing for straightforward and resilient gameplay in the lanes.

Garen's passive ability, Perseverance, provides him with substantial health regeneration. This unique trait allows him to stay in the lane longer, sustaining through skirmishes without needing frequent returns to base for healing. His Decisive Strike (S1) and Judgment (S3) not only offer a burst of speed but also deliver powerful spinning attacks, making Garen a relentless force in combat.

Additionally, Courage (S2) bolsters his defenses, granting him significant damage reduction and resistance to crowd control effects, enhancing his tanking capabilities. His ultimate, Demacian Justice, is a formidable tool, executing a devastating area-of-effect attack that scales with the enemy's missing health. This makes Garen particularly dangerous in executing low-health targets and turning the tides in team fights.

#8: Ashe (Marksman/Support)

Ashe, known as the Frost Archer, commands a uniquely versatile skill set in Wild Rift, making her a standout choice among Marksman and an unconventional support. Her abilities allow her to control the battlefield with chilling precision.

Her passive, Frost Shot, turns Ashe’s critical strikes into enhanced slows, allowing her to steadily control enemy movements while dealing increased damage. This passive synergizes well with her other abilities, enhancing her battlefield control.

Hawkshot (S3) expands her strategic reach, using her Hawk Spirit to reveal distant parts of the map and locate hidden enemies, vital for team awareness and ambush prevention. When engaging in combat, Ashe gains Focus with each attack, which she can expend using Ranger's Focus (S1) to temporarily boost her attack speed and transform her regular shots into rapid, flurry arrows, increasing her damage output significantly.

Volley (S2) complements her kit by firing arrows in a cone, applying her slow passive to all targets hit, making it an excellent tool for both initiating and escaping conflicts. Her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, is a powerful ice arrow that can be directed across the map, stunning a target for longer durations the farther it travels, and dealing area-of-effect damage to nearby enemies. This ability is perfect for turning the tide in team fights or picking off fleeing opponents.

#7: Annie (Mage/Support)

Annie, the beloved child mage, and her fearsome bear Tibbers are a quintessential duo in Wild Rift, offering a potent mix of offensive and defensive capabilities. Her entry into the game during the Alpha release highlights her accessibility and effectiveness, making her a top pick for beginners seeking a powerful yet straightforward champion.

Annie's passive, Pyromania, sets the stage for her control abilities, providing a free stun every time she casts an offensive spell after four prior spells. This feature pairs seamlessly with her primary attack, Disintegrate (S1), which launches a targeted fireball that refunds both mana and its cooldown if it secures a kill, promoting sustained lane aggression.

Her second ability, Incinerate (S2), expands her threat radius with a fiery cone that deals area-of-effect damage, perfect for clearing minion waves or punishing clustered foes. Molten Shield (S3) fortifies Annie's defenses, creating a protective barrier that not only absorbs incoming damage but also retaliates against attackers, enhancing her survivability.

The culmination of Annie's kit is her ultimate, Summon: Tibbers (Ult), where she calls upon her bear Tibbers to join the fray. Tibbers serves as both a guardian and an aggressor, dealing damage to nearby enemies and drawing fire, making Annie formidable in team fights and solo encounters alike. This combination of skills allows Annie to dominate in various game phases, making her an ideal choice for players looking to impact with magical prowess.

#6: Master Yi (Assassin/Fighter)

Master Yi, a blend of Assassin and Fighter, offers a gateway for players eager to delve into more complex character kits while retaining approachability for beginners. His abilities allow for a dynamic and rewarding playstyle that scales effectively with player skill and item choices.

His innate ability, Double Strike (Passive), lets him hit twice every few attacks, which can be devastating when timed correctly. This passive is particularly synergistic with his Wuju Style (S3), which augments his basic attacks with bonus true damage. This combination allows Master Yi to inflict significant damage without the need for elaborate skill use, making him deadly in prolonged fights.

Alpha Strike (S1) is a core aspect of his kit, offering both offensive burst and defensive evasiveness. This ability allows Master Yi to strike multiple targets along a path, becoming untargetable during the attack. This skill's cooldown is partially reset by his basic attacks, encouraging active engagement.

Meditate (S2) provides a strategic counterbalance, granting Master Yi substantial healing and a degree of damage reduction, which can be crucial for surviving in tight situations or between skirmishes.

His ultimate, Highlander (Ult), dramatically increases his movement and attack speed and grants immunity to slows, enabling him to chase down fleeing enemies or escape adverse situations effectively. This suite of abilities makes Master Yi an excellent choice for players looking to impact the game through both strategic assassination and sustained fighting capability.

#5: Sona (Support/Mage)

Sona, deftly combining the roles of Support and Mage, excels in Wild Rift through her unique "musical" ability kit, which enhances both her and her allies' capabilities. Her toolkit revolves around the strategic use of her "songs" or spells, which cater to various battlefield needs while harmonizing beautifully with each other.

Her passive, Power Chord, enriches her musical arsenal, providing a significant magic damage boost and an additional effect depending on the third spell she casts. This adds a layer of tactical depth to her gameplay, encouraging thoughtful spell sequencing.

Hymn of Valor (S1) is Sona's primary offensive spell, striking two nearby enemies and granting nearby allies a temporary damage increase, making it invaluable during team skirmishes. Her ultimate, Crescendo, unleashes a wave of stunning music, dealing substantial damage and stunning enemies, setting the stage for decisive team fight victories.

Supporting her allies, Sona’s Aria of Perseverance (S2) heals and shields her teammates, bolstering their survivability in engagements. Additionally, Song of Celerity (S3) provides a burst of speed to Sona and her allies, enhancing mobility for strategic positioning or swift retreats. This blend of supportive melodies and damaging harmonics makes Sona a versatile and indispensable presence in any team composition.

#4: Dr. Mundo (Fighter/Tank)

Dr. Mundo, with his formidable presence, serves as an excellent introduction to more intricate combat mechanics in Wild Rift, all while remaining accessible for newer players. His abilities uniquely benefit from variations in his health level, making him a compelling choice for those looking to engage deeply with the game's strategic elements.

His passive, Adrenaline Rush, is a continuous boon, regenerating 1 percent of his total health every second, which significantly bolsters his sustainability in the fray. His primary attack, Infected Cleaver (S1), is a versatile tool that not only slows opponents but also deals damage proportional to their health and provides a bit of life steal, enhancing his staying power in battles.

Burning Agony (S2) presents a trade-off, consuming his own health to emit damage around him while reducing the duration of effects that could disable him, allowing for more aggressive positioning. Masochism (S3) further capitalizes on Mundo's masochistic tendencies by increasing his attack damage and magic resistance each time he takes damage, rewarding risky confrontations.

His ultimate, Sadism, epitomizes his reckless disregard for personal safety by sacrificing a portion of his health to activate a dramatic boost in health regeneration and movement speed. This surge enables him to overwhelm enemies or escape if the tide turns against him, making Dr. Mundo a tank that thrives amidst chaos and conflict.

#3: Miss Fortune (Marksman/Mage)

Miss Fortune, the charismatic bounty hunter, is a standout Marksman/Mage in Wild Rift, known for her lethal and straightforward combat style. Her abilities are designed to maximize damage output in varied tactical situations, making her an ideal choice for players who enjoy a dynamic and aggressive playstyle.

Her passive, Love Tap, enhances her damage potential by granting bonus damage whenever she switches targets. This mechanic encourages strategic target selection and positions her to maximize her damage across multiple opponents in quick succession.

Strut (S2) bolsters her mobility, providing a passive speed boost that kicks in when she's not attacking. This ability can be activated to grant a significant attack speed boost instead, which synergizes well with her passive by reducing its cooldown, allowing her to quickly reposition or chase down fleeing enemies.
Double Up (S1) is a critical component of her offensive toolkit. It hits an enemy directly in front and then ricochets to a second target behind, potentially critting. This ability is perfect for harassing lane opponents and whittling down their health.

Make It Rain (S3) offers area control, showering a designated area with bullets that deal damage over time and slow enemies, making it excellent for zoning in team fights or cutting off escape routes.

Her ultimate, Bullet Time, is the centerpiece of Miss Fortune's arsenal. This ability unleashes a devastating barrage of bullets in a wide cone, dealing substantial damage over several seconds. Bullet Time is highly effective in team fights, capable of turning the tide of battle when used from an advantageous position.

#2: Lux (Mage/Support)

Lux, the radiant Mage/Support in Wild Rift, excels at managing the battlefield with her light-themed abilities, making her an accessible option for players looking to wield a champion with a support-oriented toolkit. Her skills are designed to control and manipulate engagements, providing both defensive and offensive benefits.

Her passive, Illumination, marks enemies with light whenever they're hit by her damaging spells. The next attack against these marked enemies will deal additional magic damage, enhancing her burst damage capability.

Prismatic Barrier (S2) offers defensive utility, casting a wave of light from her wand that shields herself and allies it passes through. This ability is pivotal for protecting her team during critical moments of the game.

For crowd control, Lux employs Light Binding (S1), which launches a sphere of light that can snare up to two enemies in place, perfect for setting up kills or preventing enemies from advancing or escaping. Lucent Singularity (S3) provides area control, creating a zone that slows enemies and can be detonated at will to deal damage, making it versatile for both zoning and initiating fights.

Her ultimate, Final Spark (Ult), is a powerful beam of light that travels across the battlefield, dealing significant damage and refreshing the Illumination passive on all targets hit. This ultimate can be a game-changer in team fights or when sniping low-health enemies attempting to retreat. Lux's combination of supportive shields, area control, and potent burst damage makes her a formidable champion in both offensive and defensive roles.

#1: Seraphine (Mage/Support)

Seraphine, the enchanting songstress, enters Wild Rift as a Mage/Support with a uniquely accessible and musical-themed kit that resonates well with beginners. Her abilities center around enhancing team performance and controlling the pace of the battlefield with harmonious support skills.

Her passive, Stage Presence, plays a pivotal role in her gameplay. After casting three spells, Seraphine's next spell will echo, casting it again for free. Additionally, her abilities generate Notes, which her allies can collect. These Notes enhance Seraphine's basic attacks, making them deal more damage based on the number accumulated.

High Note (S1) delivers a powerful area-of-effect attack that scales in damage inversely with the enemies’ remaining health, making it especially effective at finishing off weakened opponents.

Beat Drop (S3) offers versatile crowd control, initially slowing enemies. If the targets are already slowed, they become rooted, and if they are rooted, they get stunned, providing multiple layers of potential disruption based on the battlefield conditions.

Surround Sound (S2) shields her allies and boosts their movement speed, adding a healing effect that further cements her role as a pivotal support. This ability is crucial for both offensive pushes and defensive retreats.

Her ultimate, Encore (Ult), showcases her star power by sending forth a mesmerizing wave of music that damages and slows all enemies in its path. This wave extends whenever it touches an enemy champion or ally, potentially affecting the entire enemy team in lined-up scenarios.

Seraphine's kit combines straightforward yet impactful abilities, making her an ideal choice for players who want to support their team both offensively and defensively while enjoying the rhythm of her musical magic.


Wild Rift offers a diverse roster of Champions, each with unique abilities suited for various play styles and roles. From the steadfast tankiness of Blitzcrank to the dynamic support of Seraphine, this guide has covered 10 of the best champions for beginners looking to make their mark in the game. Whether you're drawn to the straightforward damage-dealing prowess of Miss Fortune or the strategic crowd control of Lux, each champion on this list provides a solid foundation for new players to learn the fundamentals of Wild Rift while enjoying success in their matches.

As you venture into ranked games, remember that mastering a champion not only involves understanding their abilities but also adapting to the evolving dynamics of each match. By starting with these beginner-friendly champions, you’re well on your way to climbing the ranks and achieving your desired elo. Remember to practice consistently, stay adaptable, and most importantly, enjoy the journey through the exciting world of Wild Rift.

Posted On: May 17th, 2024

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