New League of Legends Mastery and Leveling System Explained
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New League of Legends Mastery and Leveling System Explained

In the upcoming Season 14 update, League of Legends is set to undergo a significant transformation in its Champion Mastery system, bringing about substantial alterations to how players showcase their expertise on a particular champion.
Originally introduced in Season 5, Champion Mastery allowed players to exhibit their proficiency by accumulating champion points through dedicated play and impressive performances. These points could then be used to unlock custom emotes specific to the champion. However, a notable criticism of the system was its perceived ease for one-trick players, lacking a sufficiently rewarding incentive for their dedication.
Addressing these concerns, League of Legends is revamping the Champion Mastery system, aiming to provide a more meaningful and challenging experience. As Season 14 kicks off, players can expect substantial changes, including adjustments to leveling, the introduction of crests, a mastery reset, and more. Here's an overview of what to anticipate in the revamped Champion Mastery system.

How does the new Champion Mastery leveling system work?

The upcoming changes in Season 2024 for League of Legends are set to bring a substantial transformation to the game, introducing not only new playable champions like Arcane's Ambessa Medarda but also a comprehensive overhaul of various systems. Amidst the excitement, the mastery system is undergoing a complete revamp to better reward players who have truly mastered their champions.
In contrast to the previous mastery system that relied on champion points and tokens for leveling up, the new system introduces "Marks of Mastery" as a replacement for the existing S-grade tokens. Mastery progression remains tied to playing more games with a specific champion, but the key difference is the introduction of Marks of Mastery through a revamped reward track that resets every split.
Unlike the previous mastery level cap, players can now achieve levels beyond mastery level 7. However, leveling up now requires an equivalent number of Marks of Mastery for the desired level. Beyond level 10, the requirement doubles, meaning players need twice the Marks of Mastery per level, making the mastery progression more challenging and reflective of a player's true mastery of a champion.

Will League players lose their current Champion Mastery levels?

Rest assured, League of Legends players won't experience any setbacks with the implementation of the new Champion Mastery system. Riot has officially confirmed that existing Champion Mastery levels will not be reset during the transition. This means if you've already achieved Champion Mastery level 7 for your favorite champions, you can seamlessly continue your progression under the upcoming system.
Moreover, for those dedicated players sitting on a substantial amount of champion score that couldn't be utilized for their mains, there's good news. Riot plans to reward such players with bonus Marks, determined by their surplus score. This serves as a one-time boost, acknowledging and representing the history of dedication players have shown to their champions.
Prepare to witness some impressive Mastery levels among main champions when the new system takes effect.

What are the new Mastery Crests?

With the introduction of the uncapped leveling system, Riot is rolling out a comprehensive enhancement to the mastery crests awarded to players as they progress through Champion Mastery levels. This upgrade not only introduces new crests for levels 8 and beyond but also revamps the existing crests. Keep an eye out for these changes to your current mastery crests when the new system is implemented. Get ready for an updated and expanded visual representation of your champion expertise as you climb the ranks.

How does the new split mastery system work?

In the revamped mastery system, Marks of Mastery can be earned through a dynamic reward structure that resets every split. Each champion now features a four-milestone reward track, providing players with an opportunity to earn Marks by consistently achieving impressive grades while playing that specific champion.
Upon reaching the final milestone in a split, players unlock a more challenging repeating bonus milestone, adding an extra layer of accomplishment. What's even more exciting is that completing this final milestone grants players the right to showcase a unique champion title for the remainder of the split.
For those who prefer a broader champion pool, Riot introduces the concept of a "Mastery Set." This set, comprised of champions chosen by both the player and Riot, resets each split. Completing milestones on any champion within this set contributes towards the overall set rewards, culminating in a coveted "super-charged mastery chest." It's a rewarding system that caters to both specialists and generalists alike, offering diverse avenues for showcasing mastery across various champions.


the impending changes to League of Legends Champion Mastery system in Season 14 promise an exciting and more rewarding experience for players. With the introduction of Marks of Mastery, the system now offers a dynamic way for players to showcase their expertise, particularly with the elimination of the previous mastery level cap. The inclusion of new mastery crests, split-based reward tracks, and the innovative Mastery Set for generalists further diversify the avenues through which players can display their mastery across their favorite champions. As the game evolves with these updates, players can anticipate a more engaging and personalized journey to demonstrate their skills and dedication in the ever-evolving world of League of Legends.

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