League of Legends Season 14: Everyone Hates the New Mastery Crests
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League of Legends Season 14: Everyone Hates the New Mastery Crests

League of Legends Season 14 has introduced a revamped Champion Mastery Badge system, but the change hasn't been warmly received by the community. Riot Games' intention was to expand the Mastery system, allowing for badges up to Level 10 and beyond, featuring an infinitely scaling badge that reflects a player's level.

Despite these ambitious plans, the new Mastery crests have largely been met with dissatisfaction. Many players have unfavorably compared the designs to gummy bears, criticizing their aesthetic and feeling let down by the lack of appeal in the new crests.

The community's response has been a mix of disappointment and frustration, with many voicing their disapproval of the updated designs. This article explores the reasons behind the negative reception and discusses the broader implications for the LoL community.

Overdesigned and Distracting Visuals

The updated Champion Mastery crests in League of Legends Season 14 have not been well-received, with many players criticizing them for being overly intricate and visually incongruent with the game's overall style. Community feedback on platforms like Reddit suggests that the crests seem more appropriate for a casual mobile game than the detailed and immersive environment of League of Legends.

Additionally, there is growing concern about the crests contributing to visual clutter, potentially distracting players during crucial moments of gameplay. This feedback highlights a disconnect between the game's design direction and the preferences of its player base.

Comparison to Current Design

A major critique regarding the new Mastery crests in League of Legends is their significant deviation from the existing design, which is favored for its simplicity and elegant animations. The current crests for levels 4 to 7 are known for their sleek aesthetics, which blend smoothly into the game's visual theme. In contrast, the newly introduced crests are perceived as bulkier and less refined, raising concerns that they might disrupt the visual harmony that players have come to appreciate in the existing Mastery system.

Mastery Spamming

Another issue highlighted by players revolves around the potential for increased emote spamming due to the new, elongated design of the Mastery crests. There is a growing concern that this design change could lead to excessive and disruptive displays during gameplay, especially from champions known for frequent emote spamming. The thought of enduring continuous Mastery animations from a character like Yasuo is a significant annoyance for many in the community.

Looking into the future

Despite the substantial backlash, there's still optimism about the future of the Mastery system. The community is actively sharing their thoughts and constructive criticism, aiming to steer the development of upcoming updates. Many suggest keeping the current design for levels 8 to 10, or at least pursuing new designs that better complement the established aesthetic of the game. This ongoing dialogue between players and developers could potentially lead to more agreeable updates in the Mastery system.


The introduction of the new Champion Mastery crests in League of Legends Season 14 has stirred significant unrest within the community, with many players expressing dissatisfaction with the designs. The departure from the minimalist style of the existing crests to more elaborate and potentially distracting visuals has not been well-received. However, there is room for optimism as Riot Games has the opportunity to harness community feedback for future improvements. The ongoing discussions offer a chance to refine the Mastery system in a way that aligns with player expectations and enhances the overall game experience.

Posted On: April 23rd, 2024

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