Is League of Legends ELO Boosting Safe?
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Is League of Legends ELO Boosting Safe?

Many League of Legends players hesitate to boost their ELO due to concerns about account security, suspension, or even a permanent ban. It's true that Riot Games' terms of service consider ELO boosting a form of cheating with potential penalties.

However, the reality of ELO boosting isn't as black and white as people make it out to be. At 1v9, we implement rigorous safeguards to ensure our customers’ accounts are as protected as possible, especially from Riot.

Can ELO boosting get your account banned?

ELO boosting involves a highly skilled player accessing another player's account to win matches and achieve a specified rank. Riot Games' regulations stipulate that playing ranked games on an account you did not create could be deemed as boosting, potentially leading to sanctions against the account.

If detected for MMR or ELO Boosting, the following consequences may occur:

  • Suspension of the account for two weeks
  • A reset of Honor level to 0
  • Ineligibility to receive ranked rewards for the current season
  • A potential permanent ban for repeat offenses

However, it's crucial to note that these outcomes are not inevitable. By selecting a reputable and secure boosting service, the risk to your account can be significantly minimized. Such services employ numerous precautions to safeguard your account's security and privacy, ensuring a safe and discreet boosting experience.

1v9's ban prevention methods

1v9 prioritizes the safety and security of our client's accounts above all else, implementing unparalleled measures to ensure complete discretion and protection. Here's how we stand out:

  • Our boosters utilize VPN technology tailored to your geographic location to reduce any risk of detection during solo queue orders.
  • In-game communication is kept to a minimum, with strict policies against engaging in all chat and maintaining a positive attitude to avoid reports.
  • Client confidentiality is paramount; we guarantee the privacy of your account details and never disclose customer information.
  • Our boosters match the gameplay level expected for your account's rank, ensuring no unusual performance spikes that might raise suspicions.
  • We offer a unique service allowing you to specify champion preferences for the booster, mirroring your usual gameplay at no extra cost, minimizing detection risks.
  • An option to set your status as offline is available during boosting sessions, ensuring your friends list remains unaware of any activity, provided complimentary.
  • Our team consists solely of professional or elite players who rely on their genuine skills rather than scripts or unfair tactics, ensuring a legitimate and safe boosting experience.

At 1v9, our commitment is to provide a seamless, secure boosting experience, allowing you to achieve your desired rank with peace of mind.

Furthermore, entrusting your account to individual boosters not associated with reputable ELO boosting services can be risky. There have been instances where such boosters have intentionally sabotaged accounts or hijacked them entirely, denying access to the rightful owners.

To significantly reduce the chances of detection by Riot and ensure the utmost safety of your account, consider partnering with a booster through the "Play with booster" service. This collaborative approach involves the booster teaming up with you in matches, thereby directly contributing to your rank progression without the need to share your account details. This method not only safeguards your account from potential bans and unauthorized access but also provides you with the opportunity to learn from the booster's strategies and gameplay, enhancing your overall skills in League of Legends.

Is League of Legends boosting Safe with 1v9?

Yes, safety is our top priority at 1v9. We understand how crucial your account is to you, which is why we only work with a select group of boosters. These individuals are not just chosen for their exceptional skills in the game but also for their reliability and integrity.

We make sure each of our boosters undergoes a thorough vetting process before they join our team. This includes training to align with our high standards of account security and customer privacy. We take great care in who we select and train, ensuring that your account is handled by someone we trust implicitly. When you choose a service from us, you can rest assured knowing your account is in safe hands.


ELO boosting in League of Legends, especially with a service like 1v9, is designed with your account's safety as the foremost priority. By choosing a reputable and professional boosting service, you significantly mitigate the risks associated with account security and potential penalties. With stringent safety measures, expertly vetted boosters, and secure processes in place, 1v9 ensures that your journey to a higher rank is not only successful but also completely safe. Rest easy knowing your climb in the ranks is in trustworthy hands, allowing you to achieve your League of Legends goals securely and efficiently.

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