How To Get Marks of Mastery in League of Legends
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How To Get Marks of Mastery in League of Legends

Riot Games has revamped the Champion Mastery system in League of Legends, introducing an advanced method to celebrate player expertise with their favorite champions. Gone are the days of the 7-level cap and Mastery tokens. Instead, the new system employs "Marks of Mastery," a fresh currency that pushes the boundaries of showcasing skill levels, allowing players to advance beyond the previous limits.

In this guide, we'll delve into the effective strategies to swiftly accumulate Marks of Mastery. This currency is crucial for players aiming to demonstrate their high-level prowess with their preferred champions. Additionally, if you're looking to expedite your ranking climb, consider partnering with a professional Challenger-level teammate. Our elo boosting services can provide the support you need. Don't forget to use the promo code "1v9er" at checkout for a 20% discount on all our League of Legends services. Join us to unlock your full potential in the game and master your champions like never before.

To successfully acquire Marks of Mastery in League of Legends, players must reach and complete defined performance milestones with their chosen champions. Each milestone is crafted to measure your proficiency and contribution during matches, rewarding you with Marks of Mastery upon completion.

Understanding the Milestones:

1. First Milestone: Kick off your mastery journey by earning one B- grade or higher along with four C- grades or higher in your games. This initial challenge is designed to gauge basic competency and understanding of your champion.

2. Second Milestone: Step up your game by securing one A- grade or higher and four C- grades or higher. This stage tests your ability to perform more consistently well in your matches.

3. Third Milestone: This level challenges you to demonstrate superior skills by achieving one S- grade or higher and four C- grades or higher. Meeting this requirement indicates advanced mastery and significantly impacts your team’s success.

4. Fourth Milestone: Continue to showcase your expertise by repeating the third milestone's criteria: one S- grade or higher and four C- grades or higher. This repeated high performance solidifies your status as a master of your champion.

Strategic Tips to Excel:

  • Focus on Consistent Performance: Strive for consistency in your gameplay. Even achieving a C- grade consistently helps you progress through the milestones.
  • Learn from Each Match: Analyze your performance post-match. Understanding where you excel and where you need improvement can lead to better grades and faster mastery accrual.
  • Play Strategically: Engage in matches with a clear strategy in mind. Knowing your champion’s strengths and optimizing their abilities in team fights can elevate your grades significantly.
  • Team Collaboration: Work closely with your team as achieving higher grades often hinges on excellent teamwork and collective effort.

By focusing on these milestones and adopting a strategic approach to your matches, you can efficiently collect Marks of Mastery, unlocking higher mastery levels and proving your profound skill and dedication to your chosen champion in League of Legends.

How To Level Up Your Champion Mastery

To enhance your Champion Mastery in League of Legends, you must fulfill specific criteria that escalate in complexity as you aim for higher mastery levels. The pathway to mastering your champion is segmented into several tiers, each with its own set of requirements:

Initial Levels (1-4): For the beginning stages of mastery, your primary goal is to amass a Mastery Score, which is a cumulative metric reflecting your performance and experience with the champion. No Marks of Mastery are needed at this stage, allowing new players to gain initial recognition for their efforts.

Intermediate Levels (5-9): Progressing to these levels requires not only a higher Mastery Score but also the expenditure of Marks of Mastery. Each level within this range necessitates one Mark of Mastery along with achieving the requisite Mastery Score. For instance, ascending from Level 4 to Level 5 demands one Mark of Mastery plus the necessary score accumulated through gameplay.

Advanced Levels (10+): Attaining these prestigious levels demands even greater dedication. Players need to spend two Marks of Mastery for each level beyond the ninth, in addition to continuously increasing their Mastery Score. This tier is designed to distinguish highly skilled and dedicated players who have demonstrated exceptional proficiency with their champions.

How to Effectively Increase Your Mastery Score:

  • Consistent Gameplay: Regular play with the same champion greatly aids in increasing your Mastery Score. Consistency not only builds skill but also contributes significantly to your score.
  • Performance Excellence: Your score gains are influenced by your performance in each match. Striving for high impact and efficiency in your role can accelerate your mastery progression.
  • Strategic Mastery: Understanding the deeper mechanics of your champion, including optimal item builds, effective positioning, and impactful decision-making during critical game phases, can enhance your overall game impact and, by extension, your Mastery Score.
  • Learning and Adaptation: Continuously learning from past games and adapting your strategies based on your strengths and weaknesses will help in refining your gameplay, thereby boosting your Mastery Score more efficiently.

By focusing on these strategies and understanding the requirements at each level, players can methodically advance their Champion Mastery, showcasing their evolving expertise and commitment to their favorite champions in League of Legends.


Riot Games' revamped Mastery system in League of Legends offers an enhanced avenue for players to demonstrate their deep competence with their favorite champions. By securing Marks of Mastery for achieving specific performance milestones and steadily increasing their Mastery Score, players are now able to elevate their champion’s mastery levels beyond the previous limit of level 7.

This upgraded system challenges players not just to participate, but to excel with their chosen champions. The criteria for earning Marks of Mastery and advancing through the mastery levels are designed to incentivize consistent high-level play, encouraging players to hone their skills and contribute effectively in their matches.

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