How To Get Fennec in Rocket League Fast
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How To Get Fennec in Rocket League Fast

Rocket League's car roster is vast and diverse, but one standout favorite among players is the sleek and versatile Fennec. Known for its similarity to real-world vehicles and balanced performance, it's highly sought after in the gaming community.

In this guide, we'll dive into how to acquire the Fennec in Rocket League, from obtaining blueprints to unlocking the vehicle itself. Whether you're looking to add this stylish car to your collection or wanting to enhance your gameplay with its exceptional handling, we've got you covered.

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What makes Fennec such a big deal?

The Fennec stands out in Rocket League not just for its performance, but for its aesthetic appeal and design evocative of classic 80s and 90s hatchbacks. It's a fan favorite for several reasons. Firstly, its clean, sleek design captures the nostalgia of vintage cars, making it a visually appealing choice for many players. Additionally, it's a frequent pick among professional players, which has helped cement its status as a highly sought-after vehicle.

Another significant draw is its hitbox, which is identical to the Octane. This type of hitbox is preferred by many due to its balanced proportions, which offer a good blend of height, width, and length, suitable for various play styles. While driving the Fennec doesn't inherently enhance gameplay performance, its familiarity and balance make it a reliable choice in competitive matches.

The Fennec's rarity and association with high-level play contribute to its allure. While obtaining the Fennec can be challenging due to its rarity, the pursuit of this iconic car adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. Here’s how you can attempt to get your hands on the Fennec in Rocket League, detailed in the methods below.

Buy from the item shop

Purchasing the Fennec directly from the Rocket League item shop is the most straightforward approach. However, availability is contingent on the item shop's rotation, requiring players to periodically check for its listing. Since its introduction on July 1, 2019, the Fennec has appeared in the item shop a few times. When available, the standard Fennec model is priced at 500 credits, though special editions or variations may cost more.

Players can accumulate credits by advancing through the game’s premium Rocket Pass or opting to buy credits directly. Staying alert for when the Fennec becomes available in the shop is key, as it offers a guaranteed way to secure this coveted vehicle without relying on chance or extensive trading.

You can get one from drops

Securing a Fennec through game drops offers another route, albeit with low probabilities. Players earn drops by completing weekly challenges, advancing in rank, or progressing through the free tiers of the Rocket Pass. These drops range in rarity from uncommon to import, with the Fennec potentially appearing in rare, very rare, or import tier drops.

While the odds of obtaining a Fennec from a drop are slim, this method remains attractive due to its cost-effectiveness—it's completely free. Engaging in regular gameplay not only enhances your skills but also provides continuous opportunities to receive drops, giving players a chance to unlock the Fennec without any financial investment.

You can get one through Trade-in

The trade-in feature in Rocket League allows players to exchange five non-crate items of the same rarity for a single item of the next higher tier. This method is not only a great way to declutter your inventory by disposing of less desired items, but it also offers a shot at acquiring more coveted items like the Fennec. However, it's important to note that while trading up can be a strategic move, the probability of securing a Fennec specifically remains quite low.

Participants can utilize blueprints, items earned from challenges, and rewards from competitive tournaments for trade-ins. Although obtaining a Fennec through this route is feasible, the likelihood is not guaranteed. If you find yourself struggling with trade-ins or want to enhance your Rocket League experience, additional support is available.


Acquiring the Fennec in Rocket League is a sought-after achievement due to its aesthetic appeal and desirable Octane hitbox. Whether you choose to purchase it directly from the item shop, hope for a lucky drop, or try your luck with the trade-in system, each method offers a unique pathway to potentially adding this iconic car to your garage. Remember, while the Fennec doesn't inherently enhance gameplay, its popularity and status within the community make it a prized addition to any player's collection. As you navigate the avenues for acquiring the Fennec, patience and persistence are your best allies. And if you're looking to elevate your game while showing off your new ride, consider teaming up with a pro from services like 1v9 to really make your mark in the arena.

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