How to get chibi skins in Teamfight Fortress - Full In-Depth Guide
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Teamfight Tactics

How to get chibi skins in Teamfight Fortress - Full In-Depth Guide

Discover the charming world of chibi skins in Teamfight Fortress, a game that, like many of Riot's creations, thrives on its vibrant skin marketplace. Chibi skins, known for their adorable, miniature designs, are among the most coveted cosmetics in the game. If you're eager to enhance your Teamfight Fortress experience with these delightful skins, you're in the right place.
In this guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about chaffing skins in Teamfight Fortress. We'll delve into what makes these skins unique, why they're so popular, and provide you with detailed methods on how to acquire them.

Let's dive into the ways you can get your hands on chibi skins in Teamfight Fortress, and start personalizing your gameplay with style.

What are chibi skins in Teamfight Tactics?

In Teamfight Tactics, chibi skins are a unique take on the game's Little Legends, offering a miniature, bobblehead-style variant of the larger champions from League of Legends. These charming versions come with their own sets of units, taunts, and special actions, adding a whimsical flair to the gameplay.

Unlike typical skins, many chibi champions are often available for only a limited time. Once these exclusive periods end, the skins may either become unavailable indefinitely or reappear after a long hiatus, making them highly sought after by players.

How many Chibis are there in Teamfight Tactics?

Currently, Teamfight Tactics features an array of 20 Chibi Champions that players can collect and use. Each of these champions offers a unique, miniature version of iconic League of Legends characters, complete with their own distinct styles and animations. Here is the complete lineup of Chibi Champions available in the game:

  • Chibi Aatrox
  • Chibi Ahri
  • Chibi Akali
  • Chibi Annie
  • Chibi Ashe
  • Chibi Ekko
  • Chibi Gwen
  • Chibi Irelia
  • Chibi Jinx
  • Chibi Kai'Sa
  • Chibi Lee Sin
  • Chibi Lux
  • Chibi Malphite
  • Chibi Morgana
  • Chibi Sett
  • Chibi Sona
  • Chibi Teemo
  • Chibi Vi
  • Chibi Yasuo
  • Chibi Zed

This diverse roster offers players the opportunity to personalize their TFT experience with these delightfully stylized versions of their favorite League characters.

How to get Chibi Champions in Teamfight Tactics

In Teamfight Tactical, there are a couple of established methods to acquire Chibi Champions, each offering a different approach based on your preference:

Direct Purchase:

The most straightforward method to obtain Chibi Champions is through a direct purchase in the game store. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Open the League of Legends client.

2. Navigate to the shop.

3. Select the TFT Tab, typically the fourth option.

4. Browse and select the desired Chibi Champion.

5. Complete your purchase using Riot Points (RP).

It's important to note that Chibi Champions generally carry a premium price tag, typically around 1900 RP, equivalent to approximately $15.

Collector’s Bounty:

For those feeling lucky, Chibi Champions can also be obtained through random drops via the Collector’s Bounty. This method involves collecting Treasure Tokens in-game, which can then be exchanged for special chests. These chests contain randomized items, which may include a Chibi Champion.

One of the highlights of this method is the chance to snag exclusive Chibi skins, such as the Prestige Chibi Dragonmancer Yasuo, although availability may vary by region, and this particular skin is currently only offered in limited areas like China.

These are the primary ways to add Chibi Champions to your roster in Teamfight Tactics as of now, though Riot Games may introduce additional methods in the future to enhance accessibility and engagement.


Acquiring Chibi Champions in Teamfight Tactics offers an exciting way to personalize and enhance your gaming experience with delightful, stylized versions of popular League of Legends characters. Whether you choose to purchase them directly through the game's store or try your luck with the randomized Collector’s Bounty, each method provides unique opportunities to expand your collection. As you continue to engage with the game, keep an eye out for new methods and special promotions that Riot Games may introduce. Embrace these charming skins, and let them add a fun and whimsical element to your tactical battles in TFT.

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