How to Get Better at Using Operator in Valorant?


How to Get Better at Using Operator in Valorant?

Mastering the Operator, Valorant's equivalent to the iconic sniper rifle in FPS games, can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Known affectionately as the OP, this weapon demands precision, strategic positioning, and excellent teamwork to be wielded effectively. If you're aiming to enhance your proficiency with the Operator, focusing on four key areas will be crucial: aim, movement, positioning, and communication.

Here in this blog, we delve deep into these essential skills to help you not only understand but excel with the Operator:

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#1: Aim

Aiming with a sniper rifle like the Operator might seem straightforward, but its significance can't be overstated. The Operator packs a powerful punch but is tempered by its slow recoil and firing rate. This means that every shot must count, as a miss could be disastrous.

Improving your aim with the Operator requires dedicated practice. Start by using Valorant’s shooting range to get comfortable with the weapon’s feel and mechanics. You can also engage in Aim Lab's sniper training drills or jump into unranked games where you focus solely on using the Operator. Consistent practice is key to mastering your shots.

For those serious about enhancing their skills, consider investing in personalized coaching. A professional Valorant coach from 1v9 can provide targeted advice and strategies to help you refine your aiming technique more efficiently.

#2: Movement

Improving your movement is crucial when mastering the Operator in Valorant. Here, 'movement' encompasses both how you maneuver your character and how you control your aim.

The Operator is a heavy weapon, which means wielding it will slow your character's movement speed. To combat this, it's essential to keep your movements both smooth and hard to predict. Techniques like jiggle peeking and jump peeking can be extremely useful. Additionally, switching to your secondary weapon when you need to move quickly can give you the necessary speed to reposition effectively.

For your aiming movement, staying vigilant is key. Given the Operator's vulnerability at close range—common to most sniper rifles—opponents may attempt to close the distance unexpectedly. In such cases, being proficient in quick scoping and flicking will help you react swiftly and accurately, turning potential threats into successful counters.

#3: Positioning

Effective positioning is paramount when operating a sniper rifle like the Operator in Valorant. The ideal position provides a clear, long sightline while also offering cover, and sufficient room to retreat and reposition if necessary. Maintaining distance from opponents is crucial; close encounters diminish the advantages provided by the Operator.

To optimize your effectiveness, familiarize yourself with key angles on each map. Choose positions that offer strategic viewpoints and cover essential to sniping success. Learning the layout of each map is equally important, as it can give you a tactical edge. Being able to navigate the map proficiently allows you to escape and reposition effectively, often outmaneuvering opponents who are less familiar with the terrain. This knowledge can turn the tide of an encounter, giving you the upper hand simply through superior positioning.

#4: Communication

Often underestimated, communication is a vital component of effectively using the Operator in Valorant. When wielding a sniper rifle, two crucial elements that enhance your effectiveness are having reliable cover and timely information.

Your teammates are invaluable in this regard. Effective communication ensures that they know your position and can provide the necessary cover and intel on enemy movements. Remember, Valorant is fundamentally a team game, and the synergy between team members can significantly impact the outcome of matches.

While it's true that not all teammates may meet your expectations, in such cases, it might be worthwhile to consider enlisting the help of a professional. Partnering with a seasoned Valorant player from 1v9 can ensure that you consistently receive the support and information needed to maximize your performance with the Operator. This collaboration can be the key to transforming your gameplay and achieving better results.


Mastering the Operator in Valorant involves more than just sharpshooting skills. It requires a comprehensive approach that includes refining your aim, enhancing your movement, optimizing your positioning, and fostering effective communication with your teammates. Each of these components plays a critical role in leveraging the full potential of this powerful sniper rifle. While individual skill is important, remember that Valorant is a team-oriented game, and achieving success often depends on how well you collaborate with your team. For those looking to seriously elevate their gameplay, consider professional coaching or partnering with experienced players to further enhance your strategic execution and tactical awareness. With the right approach and support, you can turn the Operator into a formidable asset in your Valorant arsenal.

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