How to Fly in Rocket League Like A Pro
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How to Fly in Rocket League Like A Pro

Rocket League, at its core, is akin to soccer, but with a significant twist: players compete as cars aiming to maneuver a massive ball into the opposing goal. One of the most thrilling aspects of the game is the ability to 'fly'—a term used by players to describe performing aerial maneuvers to gain an advantage in the air over opponents. Today, we’re going to delve into two specific types of aerials: the single jump aerial and the double jump aerial. Not only will I explain how to execute these maneuvers, but I'll also offer tips on the most effective ways to practice and master them.

If you’re ready to elevate your Rocket League skills and dominate from above, read on to discover how to master the art of flying in the game.

The Basics: Single-Jump Aerial

Learning the single-jump aerial is essential for anyone looking to improve their Rocket League gameplay. This basic yet crucial skill empowers you to ascend swiftly and partake in dynamic aerial duels.

To start mastering this technique, it's advisable to practice in Free Play mode. This setting is ideal as it removes the stress of competitive play and provides unlimited boost, which means you can concentrate entirely on refining your aerial abilities. In this environment, you can experiment freely, learn at your own pace, and develop the confidence needed to execute single-jump aerials effectively during actual matches.

Pulling Off the Jump

Executing a single-jump aerial in Rocket League begins with the initial jump. Press the jump button (typically 'X' on most game controllers) to launch your car off the ground. Timing this jump is critical, as it forms the basis for your entire aerial maneuver.

Once airborne, your next move is to tilt your car backward by pulling down or backward on the left stick. This adjustment angles the front of your car upwards, setting it up for a controlled ascent.

After setting the angle, release the left stick to stabilize your car's orientation, ensuring it continues facing upward without unnecessary corrections that could destabilize your flight.

Now, activate your boost (usually the 'B' button on controllers), which will thrust your car higher into the air. The direction and speed of your flight are directly influenced by the thrust from your car’s rear thrusters.

Managing your speed in the air is key to successful aerial control. To accelerate, gently push the left stick forward, which tilts your car down slightly and increases speed. To decelerate, pull the stick back, slowing your ascent. Getting a handle on these movements is essential for precise aerial navigation and effective gameplay.

Moving Up: Double Jump Aerials

Double-jump aerials represent an important advancement for players looking to elevate their Rocket League skills. This technique propels your aerial capabilities further, allowing for even more dynamic plays and a marked edge over competitors.

To execute a double-jump aerial, it's essential first to have a solid grasp of the single-jump aerial techniques. Begin in the same way by launching your car into the air and tilting it backward to set the upward angle. The crucial distinction comes in the next steps of the process.

What Makes the Double Jump Different

In the double-jump aerial technique of Rocket League, once your car has launched with its nose pointing upwards, the next crucial step is the second jump. This second leap is activated while your car is already in the air, immediately following the initial jump. This rapid, precisely timed action momentarily overcomes the downward pull of gravity on your vehicle.

This secondary impulse provides a brief but powerful liberation from gravity’s constraints, allowing your car to engage in a more fluid and controlled ascent. This moment marks the transition from being merely airborne to truly soaring like a rocket.

After successfully initiating the second jump, activate your boost. This further accelerates your car upwards, enabling a quicker elevation gain compared to the single-jump aerial. This increased speed is vital when competing against opponents to either make a pivotal save or score an impressive aerial goal.

Timing is critical in executing double-jump aerials effectively. You have a tight window of approximately 1.5 seconds after the first jump to perform the second.
Precision in your inputs is key; a common mistake is accidentally performing a backflip, which typically results from not releasing the left joystick promptly before the second jump.

How to Practice Flying in Rocket League

Now that you're familiar with the basics of single-jump and double-jump aerials in Rocket League, it's crucial to start practicing to refine your skills. Consistent practice is key to mastering any skill, and aerial maneuvers in Rocket League are no exception.

Here are several effective strategies to help you perfect these aerial techniques swiftly:

1. Initiate your practice with either single- or double-jump aerials to reach the appropriate height. This initial step is fundamental in setting up your subsequent moves.

2. Consider coaching. Engaging a professional Rocket League player for real-time guidance can dramatically accelerate your learning curve. Services like 1v9 offer personalized training that can provide invaluable insights and adjustments to your technique.

3. Feather your boost after reaching the correct height, while you navigate towards the ball. This technique helps in maintaining better control over your car and conserving boost for critical moments.

4. Align your car towards the ball as you leave the ground. Doing so reduces the need for complex adjustments while airborne, enabling faster and more efficient contact with the ball.

5. Utilize specific targets for practice in Free Play mode, such as aiming for the white lights above the goal crossbar. This practice helps in honing your precision and making necessary micro-adjustments.

By focusing on these strategies, you'll find yourself making significant progress in mastering aerial maneuvers in Rocket League.


Mastering aerial maneuvers in Rocket League can significantly enhance your gameplay, giving you an edge over competitors and making the game even more exciting. Whether you're starting with the basics of single-jump aerials or progressing to the more complex double-jump aerials, consistent practice is essential. Utilizing strategies like real-time coaching, precise boost management, and targeted practice in Free Play will help you refine your skills efficiently. Remember, patience and persistence are key, as with any skill worth mastering. With dedication and the right approach, you'll soon be executing these aerial maneuvers with confidence and precision, soaring high in your Rocket League matches.

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