How to Fix League of Legends Lag Issues
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How to Fix League of Legends Lag Issues

Even in a game like League of Legends, where the pace can shift in an instant, every moment counts. Whether you're reacting to a sudden jungler gank or trying to land a crucial skill shot that could turn the tide of a team fight, having high FPS and minimal lag is essential.

To help you optimize your gaming experience and minimize lag, we'll explore several straightforward adjustments you can make to boost your FPS. These tips will focus on enhancing performance, possibly at the expense of some graphical fidelity, but ensuring smoother gameplay.

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Adjust In-Game Settings

Optimizing your in-game settings is a critical step towards improving FPS and achieving smoother gameplay and fixing lag issues in League of Legends, especially on less powerful systems. Here’s how you can adjust your settings for better performance:

  • Lower the Resolution: Reducing your screen resolution can greatly decrease the demand on your hardware. While this may slightly degrade the sharpness of the visuals, the trade-off for enhanced gameplay smoothness can be worth it.
  • Scale Down Graphics Settings: Minimize resource-intensive settings such as shadows, effects, and character details. These elements enhance the game's visual quality but significantly increase the load on your system. Adjusting these settings downward can boost your FPS without drastically altering your gaming experience.
  • Set an Appropriate Frame Rate Cap: Limiting your frame rate can prevent your hardware from overworking, which is crucial for maintaining system health and consistent performance. Experiment with different frame rate caps to identify the best balance that provides fluid gameplay without pushing your system too hard.

By carefully tuning these settings, you can enjoy a more responsive and enjoyable gaming experience in League of Legends, even on systems with limited capabilities.

Update Graphics Drivers

Regularly updating your graphics drivers is crucial for optimal gaming performance and ensuring compatibility with the latest game titles, including League of Legends. Both NVIDIA and AMD frequently release new driver updates designed to enhance the performance of newly released games.

By keeping your graphics drivers current, you not only ensure that your system is functioning at its best but also benefit from specific optimizations made for League of Legends. These updates often include critical bug fixes and stability enhancements that can significantly improve FPS and overall game smoothness.

Moreover, staying updated with the latest drivers can also solve compatibility issues with newer patches and game updates, helping to maintain a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience free from technical difficulties.

Disable Background Processes

Ensuring that unnecessary background processes are disabled can significantly enhance your gaming performance in League of Legends, particularly on systems with limited resources. Background applications can sap essential CPU, memory, and disk resources that are better allocated to your game, potentially causing lag, stuttering, or drops in FPS.

To optimize your gaming session, make it a practice to shut down any non-essential applications before you start playing. Common culprits include web browsers, media players, and messaging apps, which can continue to drain resources even when minimized. Completely exiting these programs frees up these resources for your gaming needs.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to manage your startup programs. Many applications are programmed to automatically run at system startup, which can unnecessarily consume resources every time you turn on your computer. You can streamline your system’s performance by using the Task Manager or a dedicated third-party startup manager tool to disable these auto-start applications.

By taking these steps to reduce background process load, you can ensure that more of your system’s capabilities are dedicated to running League of Legends smoothly, thus enhancing your chances of climbing from Master to Grandmaster without technical interruptions.

Adjust Power Settings

When gaming on a laptop, the default power-saving settings designed to extend battery life can often restrict your system's performance capabilities. To maximize your hardware's potential during your League of Legends sessions, it's advisable to switch your power settings to high-performance mode. This mode prioritizes your system's performance over energy conservation, allowing your hardware to operate at peak efficiency.

Switching to high-performance mode can significantly enhance your gaming experience by improving frame rates, reducing input lag, and facilitating smoother gameplay overall in League of Legends. However, be aware that this mode can consume battery life more rapidly. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your laptop connected to a power source while gaming to prevent battery drain
Additionally, many laptops offer customizable power settings that enable finer control over the balance between performance and energy usage. Adjusting these settings can provide a tailored gaming experience that maximizes performance without unnecessary power waste.


Optimizing your League of Legends setup involves several crucial steps that can dramatically enhance your gaming experience. From adjusting in-game settings for better performance to updating your graphics drivers and managing background processes, each adjustment plays a vital role in maximizing your system’s capabilities. Additionally, tweaking your power settings can further enhance performance, especially for laptop users. By implementing these strategies, you can enjoy smoother gameplay, higher FPS, and an overall improved experience in League of Legends, allowing you to focus more on your strategy and less on technical issues. Whether you’re a casual player or a competitive gamer, these tips will help you get the most out of your gaming sessions and potentially elevate your performance in the game.

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