How to Earn Radianite in Valorant


How to Earn Radianite in Valorant

Valorant is renowned for its dynamic weapon skins, which can be enhanced using Radianite Points. These points are essential for unlocking new visual effects, soundtracks, animations, finishers, and alternative skin variations, making them a hot commodity among players. While the most straightforward way to acquire Radianite Points is through purchase, there are alternative methods to earn them without spending money.

Today, we'll explore three practical ways to accumulate Radianite Points for free in Valorant, enhancing your gameplay experience without impacting your wallet. We'll look into leveraging the free tiers of the battle pass, benefiting from promotions like Amazon Prime, and advancing through agent contracts.

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What Are Radianite Points?

Before diving into how to acquire Radianite Points, it's important to understand what they are and their purpose in Valorant. Radianite Points are a virtual currency used within the game to enhance and personalize weapon skins. These upgrades can include new visual effects (VFX), audio enhancements, unique animations, dramatic finishers, and alternative skin variants, provided the skin supports these features.

While these upgrades are purely cosmetic, meaning they do not influence game mechanics or provide any competitive advantage, they add an element of customization and flair to the gameplay experience. Players value Radianite Points for the aesthetic enhancements they offer, making in-game weapons not only perform well but also look visually striking.

This level of personalization is why Radianite Points have become a coveted resource among Valorant players, eager to make their gaming experience more engaging and tailored to their style. Whether it's revamping an old battle pass skin or applying the latest visual upgrades, Radianite Points open up a world of creative possibilities within Valorant.

Method #1: Leveling Up the Free Battle Pass

The first method to earn Radianite Points in Valorant without spending any real money is by progressing through the free tiers of the battle pass. Each tier in the free battle pass awards you ten Radianite Points, allowing you to accumulate up to sixty points throughout the season.

This approach does require a commitment to regular gameplay, as advancing through the battle pass tiers can be time-consuming. However, for players who frequently engage in Valorant matches, this method offers a rewarding way to enhance your arsenal's aesthetics while enjoying the game. If you're an active player looking to enhance your weapons without an additional cost, leveraging the free battle pass is an excellent strategy to build up your collection of Radianite Points.

Method #2: Completing a Contract

Another viable method for earning Radianite Points in Valorant is through completing specific contracts. It's important to note that not all contracts in Valorant offer Radianite Points—only select ones do.

The key contract that provides Radianite Points is the introductory "Welcome Contract" available to new players. Upon reaching tier 7 of this contract, players are rewarded with various cosmetics, including Radianite Points. This contract also allows players to unlock new agents as they progress, adding even more value.

To complete the Welcome Contract and claim your 40 Radianite Points, you need to accumulate a total of 72,000 XP by participating in matches. This method not only enhances your collection of in-game cosmetics but also helps new players expand their agent roster while earning valuable Radianite Points to upgrade their favorite weapon skins.

Method #3: Using Your Amazon Prime Gaming Membership

The third method to acquire Radianite Points involves utilizing an Amazon Prime Gaming membership. While this isn't a free method per se, it's an excellent way to capitalize on a service you might already be paying for.

Amazon Prime Gaming periodically offers its subscribers various in-game perks across multiple titles, including Valorant. By linking your Valorant account with your Amazon Prime Gaming account, you gain access to exclusive drops that occasionally include Radianite Points alongside other in-game items like Gun Buddies and weapon skins.

If you're already an Amazon Prime subscriber, leveraging this benefit is a no-brainer. It's an effective way to enrich your Valorant experience without directly purchasing Radianite Points. For those considering a subscription, the gaming perks are an added incentive to the broad array of benefits Amazon Prime offers. Make sure to keep an eye on the monthly offers to snatch up those Valorant goodies as soon as they're available.


Acquiring Radianite Points in Valorant doesn't always require dipping into your wallet. By engaging with the game through the free battle pass tiers, completing specific in-game contracts, or utilizing an Amazon Prime Gaming membership, you can earn these valuable points to enhance your weapon skins with special effects and animations. Each method offers a different approach to earning Radianite Points, allowing players to choose the best fit based on their gameplay frequency and existing subscriptions. Whether you're a frequent player or have access to additional services like Amazon Prime, these strategies can help you maximize your Valorant experience by unlocking the full potential of your favorite skins. Remember, the key to success in Valorant is not just skill, but also how you customize and enjoy the game.

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