How to counter the Judge in Valorant


How to counter the Judge in Valorant

Dealing with the Judge in Valorant can be a daunting task. This shotgun packs a significant punch with its rapid firing rate and formidable damage output, often making it a nightmare for players, particularly those at lower ranks. However, there are effective strategies to mitigate its impact and turn the tables on Judge-wielding opponents.

Here’s a guide on how to counter the Judge in Valorant, offering tactical advice and practical tips. Whether you're looking to maintain distance, utilize utility to disrupt enemy positioning, or simply improve your tactical play, these suggestions will help you outmaneuver and outplay those relying on this powerful shotgun.

Additionally, teamwork is crucial in overcoming a Judge user. Coordinating with your team for flanks or trading effectively can nullify the advantage of a Judge. If finding reliable teammates is a challenge, consider enlisting the help of a professional Valorant player. Using the promo code "1v9er" can get you a 20% discount on services like these, ensuring you have the support you need to succeed.

Play at long ranges

Leverage distance to your advantage when countering the Judge in Valorant. Due to its nature as a shotgun, the Judge lacks effectiveness at longer ranges, confining its users to close-quarters engagements. To counter this, position yourself in open areas where the Judge's limited range becomes a disadvantage.

Opt for long-range weapons such as the Vandal, Marshal, or even the Ghost to engage Judge users from a safe distance. Entice them to leave their preferred tight spots by drawing them into more open spaces where your choice of weapon gives you the upper hand. If you find yourself needing to push through narrow areas where a Judge might be lurking, consider alternate routes to bypass the threat entirely, avoiding unnecessary and risky confrontations.

Flash the enemy

Utilize flash abilities to disorient Judge users, a tactic that proves highly effective due to their predictable positioning. Agents like Phoenix and Skye, with their Curveball and Guiding Light abilities respectively, are perfect for flushing out entrenched shotgunners.

Deploy these flashes into common Judge hiding spots. Anticipate that once blinded, Judge wielders may panic and unload their ammunition in a bid to defend themselves. Instead of rushing in immediately, maintain your distance during their firing spree. Once the barrage ends and they're vulnerable, make your move to secure an easy elimination. This method not only neutralizes the threat but also conserves your resources and health for more critical confrontations.

Using abilities that can reveal the enemy

Leverage reconnaissance abilities to pinpoint opponents potentially armed with the Judge. Utilize Sova’s Recon Bolt or Owl Drone, or deploy KAY/O’s ZERO/POINT to reveal hidden enemies. These tools are essential for scouting suspect corners without risking a close encounter.

Upon confirming an opponent's position, they'll likely reposition to avoid being predictable. This is your cue to advance. If they remain entrenched, tactical grenades or preemptive firing are effective strategies. By forcing them out of their comfort zone or catching them off-guard, you can neutralize the threat before they have a chance to use the Judge effectively.

Check the enemy team’s economy

Monitoring the enemy team's economy can provide crucial insights into their potential weapon choices, including the likelihood of encountering a Judge. Players often opt for the Judge during eco rounds, light buys, or half-buys. While not as potent as rifles like the Vandal or Phantom, the Judge's affordability and effectiveness in close quarters make it a tempting choice for budget-conscious rounds.

If an opponent successfully wielded a Judge in a previous round and their team emerged victorious, there's a high chance they'll carry it into the next. Anticipate this by adjusting your tactics accordingly. Prepare for the possibility of facing a Judge by choosing engagement strategies that mitigate the shotgun's advantages, ensuring you're not caught off-guard in close-range encounters.


The most straightforward approach to countering a Judge user is simply outshining them in terms of aim. Precision and speed are crucial; focus on eliminating them before they have a chance to utilize their shotgun's close-range power.

To enhance your aiming skills, maintain your crosshair at head level consistently and sharpen your reflexes with flick shots. Utilize Valorant’s own practice range to drill these skills or explore third-party aiming software like Aimlab to refine your abilities in varied shooting drills.

Additionally, disorient your opponents with crowd-control abilities such as Skye’s Trailblazer or Breach’s Fault Line. Disabling a Judge wielder momentarily disrupts their capacity to aim accurately, giving you the perfect opportunity to take them down while they’re vulnerable.


How much does the Judge cost?

The Judge is the priciest shotgun available in Valorant, retailing at 1850 credits. This makes it a popular choice for players who find themselves in a financial pinch—not quite able to afford a Vandal but still wanting to ensure they have enough credits for a full buy in the following round.

Is the Judge the best shotgun in Valorant?

Labeling any weapon in Valorant as the best is highly subjective and varies based on individual play styles. However, the Judge, as Valorant’s most expensive shotgun, is renowned for its capability to surprise enemies effectively. Despite its high price, it offers significant tactical advantages, although it may not deliver as high damage per shot as the Bucky.


Dealing with the Judge in Valorant requires a combination of strategic positioning, effective use of abilities, and keen awareness of the enemy's economy. By maintaining distance, utilizing revealing abilities, and being cautious of the enemy's purchase patterns, you can mitigate the Judge's impact. Furthermore, mastering your aim and using disruptive tactics can provide the upper hand in encounters. Remember, the best strategy often involves adapting to the dynamics of the game and leveraging your strengths against the vulnerabilities of your opponents.

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