How to counter Cypher traps in Valorant


How to counter Cypher traps in Valorant

While playing Valorant, encountering Cypher's strategic set of traps can be one of the most challenging aspects for many players. His ability to gather crucial intel and disrupt the flow of the game with his traps makes him a formidable opponent. However, there are effective strategies to counter Cypher's utilities and reduce the frustration of running into his well-placed snares.

If you're looking to navigate through Cypher's network of traps without losing your cool, you're in the right place. We've compiled a set of practical tips and tactics that will help you effectively counter Cypher's traps, enhancing your gameplay and giving you an edge over this surveillance expert.

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What are Cypher traps in Valorant?

In Valorant, Cypher is categorized as a Sentinel, a role that focuses primarily on defense and area control. One of the key elements that define Cypher's toolkit is his traps. Known specifically for his Tripwires, these devices can be strategically placed across the map to create invisible lines. When an enemy crosses these lines, several things happen: they are temporarily revealed on the map, slowed, and if they fail to destroy the tripwire promptly, they become concussed.

Understanding Cypher's traps is crucial for both playing as and against him. His ability to secure areas and gather critical information through these traps makes him an invaluable asset to any team looking to fortify their defense.

How can I counter Cypher’s traps in Valorant?

Selecting the right agent before the match starts is crucial for effectively countering Cypher’s traps. Agents like Jett, Skye, Sova, Yoru, Omen, and Raze have abilities that can either bypass or destroy Cypher’s setups. For instance, Jett can quickly dash past tripwires, while Raze can use her Boom Bot to trigger and clear traps safely from a distance. Choosing one of these agents provides a strategic advantage in disabling or avoiding Cypher’s defensive measures.

Destroy it from a distance

When preparing to attacking a site, if you're aware of Cypher's trap locations but can't directly access them, employing ranged tactics can be effective. Utilize agents like Raze and Sova, whose abilities specialize in distance attacks. Raze’s grenades or Sova’s shock darts can effectively dismantle Cypher’s trip mines from safety, allowing your team to advance without risking direct exposure. This approach not only safeguards your squad but also disrupts Cypher’s defensive setup efficiently.

Navigate stealthily around traps

When you're on the defensive or attempting a flank, it’s crucial to approach Cypher’s traps with caution. These devices emit a faint sound when approached, serving as a cue for their proximity. To evade detection, move slowly and listen carefully for these audio signals.

Upon locating a trap, you have a couple of options depending on its placement: carefully jump over it or crouch beneath it to pass undetected. Shooting the trap is an alternative, though this could compromise your position by alerting the enemy team, potentially undermining a stealthy flank.

For agents with enhanced mobility like Jett, Yoru, or Omen, circumventing these traps becomes easier. Jett can use her updraft ability to leap over traps, or glide from elevated positions to bypass them. Yoru and Omen can use their teleport abilities to move past traps without triggering them, maintaining the element of surprise.

Trigger traps remotely

Utilizing agents with the capability to activate traps from a distance can be a strategic approach to dealing with Cypher's setups. For instance, Skye and Sova have abilities specifically suited for safely triggering traps. Skye can deploy her Guiding Light (hawk) or Trailblazer (tiger) to intentionally activate Cypher's traps, clearing the path for her team. This tactic can be especially useful when multiple traps are clustered together.

Similarly, Sova can employ his Recon Bolt or Owl Drone to scout ahead and deliberately trigger any traps in its path. This method allows your team to advance without the risk of getting caught unawares, effectively neutralizing the threat of hidden traps while keeping your team at a safe distance.

Opt for a site rotation

When facing a defensively strong Cypher anchoring a particular site, consider switching your attack strategy to a different site. Cypher players often commit to securing one site per match with their array of traps, making it challenging for attackers to breach. By rotating to the alternative site, your team can evade Cypher's network of surveillance and traps, reducing the complexity of your entry and potentially catching the opposing team off-guard. This tactic diverts from direct confrontation and leverages strategic movement to gain an advantage in the match.


While Cypher's traps in Valorant can pose significant challenges to any team, understanding how to effectively counter them can greatly enhance your gameplay and strategic approach. By selecting the right agents, using abilities to disable traps from a distance, sneaking past them, or even deciding to switch sites, you can minimize the impact of Cypher's defensive setups. Each method offers a strategic solution that, when applied correctly, can help turn the tides in your favor. So next time you face a skilled Cypher, remember these tactics and adapt your strategy to overcome the obstacles and secure victory.

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