How to Clear Angles Like a Pro Player in Valorant


How to Clear Angles Like a Pro Player in Valorant

Valorant stands out as a premier competitive FPS game, drawing increasing numbers of players eager to test their mettle. To rise above the competition, mastering fundamental gameplay mechanics is crucial. One such essential skill is clearing angles effectively, a technique that can significantly enhance your tactical performance.

In this guide, we'll explore several strategies to help you clear angles like a professional in Valorant. Understanding the nuances of different peeks and the intentions behind each move is key. Although Valorant's gameplay is highly dynamic, these tips are designed to improve your approach consistently.

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Understand the Purpose of Your Peek

Every peek you perform should have a strategic purpose, and recognizing the right moment to use each type of peek is crucial for your success. For example, jump peeking is a valuable tactic for scouting enemy positions, though it comes at the cost of reduced accuracy during the action. To refine this technique, you can incorporate silently jump peeking by holding the Walk key. This adjustment not only maintains the benefits of jump peeking for gathering intelligence but also minimizes noise, making it a more effective method for assessing situations without alerting opponents.

Jump Peeking

Jump peeking is a tactical maneuver in Valorant that enables players to quickly gather crucial information about enemy whereabouts. This technique is primarily used for intelligence gathering, though it comes with a trade-off in terms of shooting accuracy. To enhance the effectiveness of jump peeking, you can perform a silent jump peek by pressing the Walk key while executing the move. This method allows you to retain the benefits of gathering intel with minimal noise, reducing the chance of alerting nearby opponents.

Wide Swinging

Wide swinging is an aggressive technique in Valorant that is effective against opponents who are holding narrow angles. This move involves quickly stepping out far beyond the corner or cover to challenge an enemy, giving you a better angle and often catching them off-guard. However, wide swinging requires precise timing and situational awareness. It can be risky if you're not aware of enemy positions or if multiple enemies are covering the angle, as it exposes you to potential crossfires.

To master wide swinging, it’s crucial to understand when it’s advantageous to use this tactic and when a more measured approach might be necessary. Evaluating the number of opponents, their likely positions, and your team’s current setup can help you decide whether to commit to a wide swing or opt for a tighter, more conservative peek.

Jiggle Peeking

Jiggle peeking is a fundamental technique in Valorant that combines information gathering with minimal exposure, allowing players to briefly glimpse enemy positions without committing to a full engagement. This method involves quickly peeking out from cover and then immediately returning to safety, making it harder for enemies to land a shot.

To effectively use jiggle peeking, it's essential to understand the rhythm of peeking and retreating swiftly back to cover. This allows you to spot enemies and potentially bait out their shots while maintaining the safety of cover. Mastering jiggle peeking can significantly enhance your ability to collect critical battlefield intelligence while reducing your vulnerability to enemy attacks.

Avoiding Dry Peeking

Dry peeking, which entails peeking an angle without using any supporting abilities, can often expose you to high-risk situations, especially against opponents who might be holding unexpected off-angles. To minimize these risks and enhance the effectiveness of your peeks, it's crucial to integrate utility into your tactics.

Using supportive abilities such as blinds, recon devices, or scouts can significantly tip the scales in your favor. These tools can disorient, reveal, or distract opponents, giving you a strategic advantage when you decide to engage. Leveraging these abilities allows you to create safer engagements, reducing the likelihood of falling victim to well-positioned enemies. By thoughtfully incorporating utility into your approach, you can avoid the pitfalls of dry peeking and maintain a tactical edge in your encounters.

Short Peek or Standard Peeking

Standard peeking, often referred to as short peeking, is a tactical approach that involves methodically clearing angles with minimal exposure to potential threats. This technique focuses on taking brief, calculated glances to isolate engagements, allowing you to manage one-on-one encounters more effectively.

By breaking down larger areas into smaller, manageable segments, short peeking enables you to control your visibility and engagement, reducing the chances of being overwhelmed by multiple opponents at once. Understanding when and how to use short peeking can significantly enhance your strategic play, making it a vital skill in various gaming scenarios. This method not only improves your tactical positioning but also increases your survivability during intense confrontations.

Consider Your Condition

Before you attempt to peek an angle in Valorant, it's crucial to assess your current condition to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome. Factors like environmental obstacles, including Sage's Wall or crowd-control abilities like Slow Orbs, can significantly affect the effectiveness of your peek and potentially place you at a tactical disadvantage.

Experts often recommend maintaining a buffer zone between yourself and nearby obstacles when preparing to peek. This distance is important because it affects your ability to move freely and position your crosshair accurately. Movement and crosshair placement are key elements in Valorant, and any restriction in your mobility can degrade the quality of your peek.

Always be mindful of the surrounding environment and the placement of any potential impediments. By strategically positioning yourself away from obstacles, you can ensure cleaner, more effective peeks and enhance your overall performance in engagements.

Peeking Like a Pro Player

Mastering the art of peeking in Valorant significantly benefits from teamwork and effective communication, especially in the high-stakes environment of ranked matches. Before making a move, coordinate with your teammates to secure coverage from potential off-angles, allowing you to focus on the primary confrontation.

Building a mental map of typical enemy placements can dramatically enhance your ability to pre-emptively spot and neutralize threats. This foresight, combined with an understanding of how opponents might perceive and react to your movements, prepares you better for gunfights.

While refining your peeking strategy, remember that learning from each engagement—even those that result in your defeat—is crucial. Each encounter provides valuable insights into enemy tactics, which over time will hone your skills and decision-making, allowing you to peek like a pro.


Is jump peeking effective in every scenario?

While jump peeking is a useful tactic for quickly scouting enemy locations, it comes with the trade-off of decreased accuracy while performing the action. It's excellent for collecting information about where opponents are positioned but can be less effective when directly engaged in combat. When deciding to use jump peeking, it's important to consider the specific goal of your peek and select a method that best supports your immediate needs in the game.

Why should you avoid dry peeking, and what are the alternatives?

Dry peeking, which involves peeking an angle without the support of utility abilities, is generally discouraged due to the high likelihood of encountering enemies positioned in unexpected off-angles. These positions can be challenging to anticipate and counter without assistance. To minimize the risks associated with dry peeking, it's advisable to employ supportive abilities such as blinds, recon devices, or scouts. These tools can help neutralize the advantages held by opponents and increase your chances of safely and successfully engaging them. By integrating these utilities into your strategy, you can navigate battles more effectively and secure advantageous outcomes.


Mastering the art of peeking in Valorant is essential for enhancing your gameplay and becoming a more effective competitor. Whether it's understanding the different types of peeks, such as jump peeking or wide swinging, or recognizing the importance of using utility to support your actions, each aspect contributes to a strategic approach in engagements. Remember, peeking effectively is not just about quick reflexes but also about smart decision-making and situational awareness. By incorporating the tips and techniques discussed, you can improve not only your peeking skills but also your overall ability to read the game and anticipate enemy moves. Keep practicing, stay aware of your surroundings, and use your utilities wisely to elevate your Valorant gameplay to the next level.

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