Everything You Need to Know About an Iron 4 Account and LoL Smurf Accounts
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Everything You Need to Know About an Iron 4 Account and LoL Smurf Accounts

If you are an avid League of Legends player, you've likely heard of Iron 4. It's the lowest division in the ranked ladder in the game. However, what is an Iron 4 League account, and why do some players want to create them?
We will explore all the ins and outs of having an Iron 4 Account. LoL (League of Legends) will never be the same again!

What's a LoL Iron 4 Account?

In a sense, an Iron 4 account is your League of Legends account that's been ranked down to the lowest division in the game (Iron 4). This is done intentionally and works by losing many games on purpose, usually in a group with others who wish to rank down. Once your account reaches Iron 4 status, you can then begin playing games normally.
Many people prefer League of Legends Smurf accounts (second accounts) because they allow them to do many things.
Let's focus on those now:

Why Players Create a Smurf Iron 4 League of Legends Account

There are many reasons why players prefer to create Iron 4 accounts. These include:

  1. Playing with Friends - The most common reason to create an Iron 4 account is to play with those friends who are new to the game or have a lower rank. When you intentionally rank down to the Iron 4 level, you can join others in matches without worrying that you will drag down your primary account's rankings.
  2. Streamer Content - Sometimes, League of Legends streamers will create an Iron 4 account to provide more entertaining content for the viewers. When you intentionally lose games and rank it down to Iron 4, you can establish entertaining and hilarious gameplay videos for others to enjoy.
  3. Challenge Yourself - Some players want to intentionally rank down to Iron 4 levels because it's a challenge in itself. They wish to know if they can climb up the ranked ladder from the bottom without hurting their current scores. Therefore, League of Legends Smurf accounts can be highly beneficial. Likewise, they might prefer to play against low-skilled opponents.
  4. Fewer Queue Times - Creating extra League of Legends accounts (a Smurf account) can also help lower queue times for higher-ranked players. When you make an Iron 4 account, you can play at the lower rank and do so faster. Sometimes, you may do this while you wait for your turn in the higher-ranked account.

Who Do You Duo within Your Iron 4 LoL Account?

Once you have bought your Iron 4 account, you can queue up for duos with friends in the Bronze or Iron tiers.
Overall, our Iron accounts will give you a starting division that lets you practice safely and enjoy the time. Plus, you can access duos with your lower-ranked friends.
Having a Smurf account (an extra LoL account) is handy in many ways!

Why People Purchase a Smurf Account for Iron 4

Many players complain about teammate unreliability. Unless you have had the Iron experience, you haven't seen everything. Starting fresh with League of Legends Smurf accounts means being among the bottom one percent of players (the worst in the game). It's indescribable!
Why would you want to own an Iron 4 account? Overall, it's hard to intentionally demote yourself, and it might also mean you have to work harder to climb back up the ladder. Likewise, the game creators added a new placement system, which makes it almost impossible to start in Iron.
We provide a more unique experience. You can play in any build, any lane, and with any champion and outperform everyone else. Overall, a Smurf account is extremely popular with those who want to challenge themselves in all tiers of LoL and with content creators who have fans who love the Iron 4 setup.
You need an environment to start practicing new roles and playing as new champions, but you require a space where the opponents aren't a match for you. Iron 4 games have tons of comedy and offer more fun than you have likely ever had before.
Likewise, you start out with a low MMR with an EUW Iron 4 account. Therefore, you begin at the bottom and can work your way up as you win games against lower-tier players.
Look at it another way: You've spent tons of time leveling yourself up to 30. Deranking yourself back to a EUW Iron 4 level will take more time. Then, you can't play the higher levels until you go up the ladder. With a separate account, you can play whichever way meets your needs at that time!

Benefits of Purchasing an Iron 4 Account from 1v9

We have been in the industry of selling LoL accounts for many years and understand that our customers face specific and unique frustrations and requirements. Overall, our LoL accounts are always secure and feature full access from an unverified email address.
Our priority is to provide you with the best Smurf account in League of Legends, and we offer instant delivery and less hassle.
Let's check out a few of the benefits of buying from us:

Instant Delivery

When you buy an Iron 4 account from us, you will receive instant delivery. What does this mean? Overall, instant delivery indicates that once you've purchased the account, it will arrive instantly to your email address.
You will receive the password, name, and a recovery email (if you choose to get it) to your email address and can begin playing right away. There's no waiting with an instant delivery! Plus, you can contact us if you have concerns or questions, and we will assist you!

Helpful Customer Support

Apart from instant delivery, you will have access to customer support if you need assistance with your new LoL account. We cover all of your needs!

Full Access

Each LoL account features full access. You'll get an unverified email address and password, which you can change once you've purchased the account. No one else will get access, and it's an instant delivery!

No Hidden Fees

The price you see on the website is final. Therefore, there are no surprises when you finalize the order. Plus, you'll get instant delivery from an unverified email so that you can start playing Iron 4 immediately!

Easy and Safe

Security is a crucial factor. When you're on our website, your details are secured and hidden. Likewise, we accept PayPal and credit cards and offer safe payment gateways. Once you get the instant delivery, you can change the unverified email and password to secure your EUW Iron 4 account even more. No one else has access to your information!

High-quality Options

We offer high-quality options. When you buy a LoL account, each one is leveled up slowly and through a VPN. This prevents suspicious behavior when logging in from a new IP address. Overall, that is why our accounts don't get banned! Don't take our word for it, though! Experience it now for yourself!

Very Low MMR

MMR is your Matchmaking Rating. Usually, when you start out, you have a very low MMR and build it up over time. However, when you want to play Iron 4 for any of the reasons listed above, you don't wish to derank yourself back to the low MMR of those players.
Therefore, you buy a LoL account with a very low MMR already. We have deranked these accounts safely to ensure that you get the low MMR you crave without having to do it yourself.
Sometimes, you might already have a low MMR in Iron 4 but want to have a higher one. We also sell high-MMR accounts that already have the finished placements.
The benefits of a low MMR are plentiful, though. For example, you may have turned your friends onto LoL and want to play with them. Instead of waiting for them to reach your level, you simply buy a low-MMR LoL account from us and battle with them as your team.
Likewise, content creators often like the low MMR feature because they can play around in it, show hilarious tidbits, and never affect their current League of Legends accounts.

No Bots

Many companies offer LoL accounts, but you should always be cautious. Cheap accounts might seem like the better choice, but bots often create them, and the Riot's detection system will flag and ban them. Therefore, it's wise to work with our brand because we don't use bots.

How to Purchase an Iron 4 Account (Smurf Account) from 1v9

Are you ready to buy LoL accounts? It's quite easy to do! The step-by-step guide will help you handle everything yourself.

  1. Choose the League of Legends account you want. Select the appropriate server for your new Smurf account and find what you require.
  2. When you've browsed the Iron accounts, add one to the cart and start the checkout process. Ensure that you use valid details because the email you provide will contain your LoL account.
  3. Determine how you wish to pay. We offer many secure payment gateways, including cryptocurrency and PayPal or Stripe. They're SSL-secured, and we don't give your details to any third parties.
  4. Check your email because we offer instant delivery. You may need to visit the spam folder section. Once you locate our email, carefully go through it and copy/paste the LoL account details (password and name).
  5. Start playing! Once you've logged in, buy the champions you want and make sure that you change your password, email, and in-game name. We usually recommend that you choose a custom game to start with for a flawless experience.

Buy a New LoL Smurf Account Today!

Are you ready to buy a LoL Smurf account now? You could be playing already! Our accounts feature instant delivery after you purchase them, which means you don't have to wait. You can select your favorite champions and hop into the war! Plus, our accounts are unverified, allowing you to connect your email address to them and change the password. This means you secure the account to protect it!
We have options, whether you want to rank quickly or derank back to Iron 4 levels. Overall, it takes time to derank yourself, and it might not meet your needs when you wish to play at the higher tier. Regardless, we protect you so that you don't have to continuously play and waste your days. Buying an account takes a few seconds because of our instant delivery system. Therefore, you can play on the new Smurf account immediately!
There are countless reasons to buy a Smurf account. Whether you want to play with friends who are at a lower level, have a backup for your main account, keep your high MMR, or simply wish to create content for those at the lower level, we can assist!
In fact, a Smurf account will open up the opportunity to learn new stuff without worrying about losing your elo on the main LoL account. Plus, many streamers and pro players have multiple Smurf accounts to help them practice and climb the ranking ladder.
Regardless of what you play, we deliver what you need. The demand is higher for EUW Iron 4 and Level 30 options, but we have many others available. Check us out today!


How Does It Work?

You simply create an order and pay for it after choosing what you want. When we receive the payment, we send you an email with the details. You'll check your email, change the account information, and start playing!

What Information Will I Receive?

When you buy a game account through 1v9, you get the information needed to take ownership and successfully use it. This includes username, password, security questions, recovery information, and much more.

Can the Seller Reclaim the Game Account I Bought?

No. When someone sells us their LoL account, it becomes our property. We then sell it to the customer, who changes the username/password and uses their information. Overall, it becomes theirs to do with as they please.

Posted On: December 13th, 2023

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