Does Valorant battle pass give XP Boost?


Does Valorant battle pass give XP Boost?

In Valorant, players can engage with a battle pass system similar to those found in many online games, where unlocking various cosmetics like weapon skins, Radianite points, and gun buddies is possible through XP gains. The game offers both a free and a premium version of the battle pass. The latter, accessible via purchase with Valorant's in-game currency, not only unlocks an array of premium rewards but also provides an XP boost.

This XP boost is a significant perk for players who purchase the premium battle pass. It accelerates the rate at which they earn experience points. For instance, where a standard player might earn 50,000 XP for completing all daily missions, a player with the premium battle pass could earn an additional 10%, bringing their total to 55,000 XP. This system mirrors the setup of games like Fortnite, where battle pass holders gain more experience, allowing them to progress faster within the game.

How much XP boost does Valorant battle pass give

In Valorant, the premium battle pass offers a 3% XP boost, a figure that's notably lower than what many other games provide. To illustrate, during a typical unrated or competitive match, playing a round nets you 100 XP, and winning one awards 200 XP. If a team were to win decisively with a 13-0 score, the total XP earned would be 3,900—1,300 from playing and 2,600 from victories.

With a 3% boost, this results in an additional 117 XP, a relatively minor increase when considering the extensive grind required to complete the battle pass. Completing the pass demands over one million XP, translating to roughly 100 hours of gameplay.

For those looking to expedite their progress, engaging a professional player from services like 1v9 can be a strategic move. Not only does it increase the likelihood of winning rounds—and thereby securing more XP—but it also saves time, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the battle pass without the grind. For further assurance about such services, consider looking into comprehensive guides on the safety and efficacy of Valorant boosting.

Is the premium battle pass worth it?

Deciding whether the premium battle pass in Valorant is worth it boils down to personal preference, especially since the rewards are exclusively cosmetic. These include everything from weapon skins that can be enhanced with Radianite Points (RP) for new visual and sound effects to unique player cards and gun buddies. To explore how much weapon skins can influence gameplay, refer to our detailed guide.

Priced at 1,000 Valorant Points, or approximately $10, the cost of Valorant's premium battle pass aligns with that of similar passes in games like Fortnite and Overwatch, making it a standard expense in the realm of online gaming.

Each Valorant act introduces a new battle pass, resetting every two months, which challenges players to complete all 50 tiers before the subsequent pass is unveiled. For those eager to advance swiftly through the tiers without completing the associated challenges, there's an option to buy progress at 300 Valorant Points per tier.

Ultimately, whether this investment enhances your gaming experience depends on how much you value the cosmetics and the challenge of unlocking them within the game's periodic resets.


The Valorant battle pass offers players a mix of fun cosmetic items and a modest XP boost, which might not significantly speed up your progression but adds a layer of satisfaction to your gameplay. While the benefits of purchasing the premium pass depend largely on personal preference and a penchant for in-game cosmetics, it's clear that Riot Games has designed the battle pass to cater to both casual and dedicated players alike. For those looking to maximize their experience—or even expedite their progress—the option to engage professional services like 1v9 can also enhance the journey, making every match potentially more rewarding. Remember, using code "1v9er" will snag you a sweet 20% discount on these services, potentially making your climb through the ranks as stylish as it is swift.

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