Top 6 Best Supports to Pair with Miss Fortune in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best Supports to Pair with Miss Fortune in League of Legends

Are you looking to optimize your bot lane strategy with Miss Fortune in League of Legends? Selecting the right support can exponentially enhance her gameplay. In this guide, we’ll dive into the top six supports that synergize exceptionally well with Miss Fortune, ensuring you dominate your lane and the game.

Miss Fortune thrives with supports that amplify her already formidable area-of-effect damage and provide crowd control to set up her devastating ultimate, Bullet Time. The right support can make the difference between a good Miss Fortune player and a great one.

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#1: Maokai

Maokai has emerged as a top-tier support choice for Miss Fortune, especially beneficial in the latest season. His ability to leverage the new map features with his saplings for both vision and harassment is a game-changer.

Maokai's root with his Twisted Advance (W) and the area control from his ultimate make him an excellent partner for setting up devastating Bullet Time ultimates from Miss Fortune. This synergy is not only potent during lane skirmishes but escalates in value during team fights.

Given his current strength and unless subject to significant nerfs, Maokai remains a standout support option for any Miss Fortune player looking to dominate the bot lane.

#2: Thresh

Thresh stands out as an exceptional support for Miss Fortune, renowned for his capacity to secure picks and control enemy movements. His arsenal includes multiple crowd control abilities, with his ultimate, The Box, drastically slowing enemies by 99%—ideal for setting up Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time.

Unlike Rell, Thresh brings added utility with his Dark Passage (lantern), offering Miss Fortune a quick escape route or repositioning tool in critical situations. This additional safety net allows Miss Fortune to play somewhat more aggressively, knowing she has a reliable bailout if she overextends. This makes Thresh a valuable ally in both lane dominance and team fights.

#3: Zyra

Zyra offers a dynamic that is somewhat analogous to Maokai, yet she leans more towards augmenting the bot lane's burst potential rather than absorbing damage. With Zyra, your lane adopts a more aggressive stance, capitalizing on enemy mispositioning to deliver significant punishment.

However, opting for Zyra also introduces certain risks, particularly if your team lacks other tanky champions. Zyra shines brightest when your team composition includes robust frontliners from other roles, such as the top lane or jungle. In such setups, Zyra’s ability to deal damage and potentially carry games comes to the fore, making her a formidable choice over Maokai when the conditions align for her strengths to be most effective.

#4: Ashe

Ashe paired with Miss Fortune presents a bot lane duo with formidable potential once mastered, though it demands significant skill due to its unique playstyle. Ashe's potent lane poke and ability to control the lane set the stage for devastatingly coordinated ultimate attacks. When Ashe lands her Enchanted Crystal Arrow to stun an opponent, it perfectly tees up Miss Fortune's Bullet Time, potentially wiping out entire teams with this explosive synergy.

The challenge lies in the duo's vulnerability; both champions require careful positioning to avoid being heavily punished by aggressive opponents. Successfully navigating this duo involves a delicate balance of aggression and restraint, ensuring that you capitalize on their strengths without falling behind in gold and experience.

#5: Nautilus

Nautilus pairs excellently with Miss Fortune, bringing a robust tank presence and potent engagement capabilities to the bot lane. His ability to initiate with Depth Charge (R), which homes in on a target and cannot be dodged, sets up a perfect scenario for Miss Fortune to unleash her Bullet Time. Following up with a Dredge Line (Q) and Riptide (E), Nautilus ensures the target remains in place, maximizing the impact of Miss Fortune's ultimate.

While their combined burst damage makes their 2v2 engagements formidable, their lack of mobility can leave them vulnerable to ganks and enemy roams. Caution and warding are essential with this duo; falling behind can make it challenging to regain footing in the match.

#6: Taric

Taric shines as an exceptionally adaptable support, equipped with a toolkit that includes healing, shielding, stunning, and an ultimate that grants invulnerability, making him an invaluable asset alongside Miss Fortune. His diverse capabilities allow them to adapt to various bot lane matchups, seamlessly shifting between aggressive onslaughts and crucial defensive tactics.

Their synergy truly flourishes in late-game team fights, where Taric's array of utilities enables Miss Fortune to unleash her damage potential freely. The crowning feature of their partnership is Taric's ultimate, which provides a brief period of invulnerability. This window allows Miss Fortune to position aggressively and utilize her full arsenal, particularly devastating when she's equipped with several key items, making their duo a formidable force in the crucial moments of a match.


Pairing Miss Fortune with the right support can drastically enhance her effectiveness on the battlefield. From the protective enchantments of Taric to the aggressive setups of Ashe, each support brings unique strengths that can amplify Miss Fortune's potent abilities. Whether you're looking to dominate early with aggressive lane control or provide late-game support with strategic peeling and crowd control, this list provides a comprehensive guide to forging the most formidable bot lane duos with Miss Fortune. Choose wisely to maximize your impact in games and climb the ranks in League of Legends.

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