The Best Stickers in CS2 in 2024
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The Best Stickers in CS2 in 2024

Since the transition from CS to CS2 on September 27, 2023, the customization options for stickers have evolved significantly. In CS2, players can now adorn their weapons with up to five stickers, placing and rotating them to their exact liking. This newfound flexibility has opened up a realm of creative possibilities for personalizing skins and creating unique sticker crafts that stand out in any match.

Holographic stickers, with their additional texture layer, continue to be among the most sought-after due to their dynamic color shifts and brightness variations that change with the map's lighting. These stickers add a visually striking element to any weapon.

In this blog, we'll delve into the top 5 stickers in CS2 for 2024, highlighting the most popular and aesthetically pleasing options currently dominating the scene.
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#1: Dead Eye (Holo)

The Dead Eye (Holo) sticker stands out for its expansive holographic layer, making it a prime choice for those aiming to craft a vibrant and eye-catching weapon. Its unique shattered glass design, featuring varying sizes of glass pieces, allows for a multi-dimensional holo effect, showcasing a broad spectrum of colors. This sticker complements both minimalist designs, such as the AK-47 Slate, and more flamboyant skins like the MAC-10 Disco Tech, enhancing their visual appeal with its striking color shifts.

#2: Team Dignitas (Holo) Cologne 2014

Despite its vintage, the Team Dignitas (Holo) Cologne 2014 remains a pinnacle of holographic sticker design within CS2. This sticker is celebrated for its unique effect: only the eyes of the team logo illuminate, changing colors to create a standout visual experience. To date, no other sticker rivals the distinct design and holographic impact of the Team Dignitas (Holo).

However, it's important to note that this sticker is a significant investment, given its rarity and cost. The placement and choice of skin are crucial in determining whether you elevate a simple weapon to a stunning collector's piece or merely add flair to a common skin like the AK-47 Blue Laminate. For those aiming even higher, consider the Team Dignitas (Holo) from Katowice 2014, which can fetch prices up to 30 times higher, transforming any weapon into a highly coveted and visually striking masterpiece.

#3: FURIA (Holo) Copenhagen 2024

The FURIA (Holo) from the Copenhagen 2024 Major offers a unique approach to holographic effects in CS2 stickers. Unlike the Dead Eye (Holo), which features a multicolored, multi-dimensional design, the FURIA (Holo) tends to illuminate the entire sticker in a uniform color. This consistency in color does not diminish its appeal but rather enhances its desirability, especially among collectors who prefer a more cohesive look in their sticker crafts.

Veteran collectors often seek out these single-color holo stickers to create thematic, color-coordinated designs on their weapons. The FURIA (Holo) is a prime example of how a simpler, more unified color scheme can still produce a striking and highly sought-after decorative effect on any CS2 skin.

#4: Gold Web (Foil)

Introduced in CS2 during the Operation Shattered Web in 2019, the Gold Web (Foil) sticker has seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to the recent update that allows precise placement of stickers. A unique feature of the Gold Web (Foil) is that when you scrape the sticker, you can entirely remove its purple background, leaving behind only the intricate golden spider. This distinctive design pairs exceptionally well with floral-themed skins, such as the AK-47 Wild Lotus or the AUG Midnight Lilly, adding a luxurious and refined touch to the weaponry. This capability to customize its appearance makes the Gold Web (Foil) a versatile and visually appealing choice for enhancing your CS2 arsenal.

#5: Great Wave (Holo)

The Great Wave (Holo) sticker is an excellent choice for enhancing colorful skins such as the Glock-18 Fade or for adding a splash of color to minimalist designs like the USP-S Whiteout or the Printstream series. Its vivid color palette spans neon yellow, green, and pink, making it a vibrant addition to any weapon. This sticker is distinguished by its sizeable white border, which artfully represents sea foam, adding a unique artistic touch.

While the prominent border may not mesh seamlessly with every skin, finding the right placement and weapon can transform your gear into a stunning visual piece. When paired correctly, the Great Wave (Holo) not only complements the weapon’s aesthetics but also stands out as a striking and unique holographic craft, making it a coveted choice for players looking to personalize their loadout in a distinctive way.


CS2 stickers offers an exciting avenue for players to express their style and enhance their gaming experience. From the large, vibrant displays of the Dead Eye (Holo) to the subtle elegance of the Gold Web (Foil), each sticker has its unique appeal and utility. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement with the FURIA (Holo) or complement a specific skin with the Great Wave (Holo), the right sticker can significantly impact the visual appeal of your weapons. By understanding the nuances of each sticker and how they interact with various skins, players can create personalized and eye-catching designs that reflect their personality and playing style. Remember, the perfect sticker craft not only boosts your in-game confidence but also showcases your attention to detail and creativity within the CS2 community.

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