The Best Skins for Valorant Ranked


The Best Skins for Valorant Ranked

Valorant stands out in the competitive FPS arena not only for its gameplay but also for its impressive array of weapon skins. These skins not only enhance the visual appeal of the game but can also add a personal touch to your ranked matches. If you've ever wondered which skins are the best to elevate your game in ranked, you're in the right place.

In this guide, we'll explore seven of the most exceptional skin bundles Valorant has to offer. Each bundle can transform your arsenal, ensuring that every elimination you score is memorable and stylish. Whether you're looking to impress your peers or just enjoy a fresh look for your weapons, these skins are worth considering.

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#7: Champions 2021 Bundle

Price: 2675 VP per item | 6263 VP for the full bundle

Launched during the first-ever VCT Champions tournament, the Champions 2021 Bundle quickly became a sensation, amassing over $7.5 million in sales. This bundle is distinctively marked with the "Champions" inscription on each weapon, symbolizing excellence and victory. A unique feature of this set is the special aura that lights up when the weapons are held by the match’s top fragger, signifying their leading status. Additionally, owners of this bundle are treated to the exclusive VCT 2021 anthem during weapon inspections. As a limited edition release, the Champions 2021 Bundle is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts looking to commemorate a pivotal moment in Valorant history.

#6: Spectrum Bundle

Price: 2675 VP per item | 10700 VP for the full bundle

The Spectrum Bundle is the result of an innovative collaboration with the renowned music producer Zedd, merging visual flair with auditory uniqueness. This bundle not only enhances your visual game but also pleases the ears with unique sound effects for the 6th kill and music that plays during weapon inspections. Featuring stylish designs on the Classic, Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, and Knife, the Spectrum Bundle adds a splash of color and rhythm to your arsenal, making it a must-have for players who appreciate a dynamic and sensory gameplay experience.

#5: Reaver 1.0/2.0 Bundle

Price: 1775 VP per item | 7100 VP for the full bundle

The Reaver collection stands as a polarizing yet iconic presence in Valorant, with its dark, ominous aesthetic that captivates as much as it intimidates. The original Reaver 1.0 Bundle features sinister, fiery designs that flare to life when equipped, all while exuding a shadowy aura that enhances its mystique. Due to popular demand, Riot Games introduced the Reaver 2.0 Bundle, expanding the collection to include the Phantom, Ghost, Odin, Spectre, and a Karambit knife, complete with a bespoke "champion" animation for the Karambit. This bundle is a favorite among players who favor a blend of dark elegance and dramatic flair in their gameplay.

#4: RGX 1.0/2.0 Bundle

Price: 2175 VP per item | 8700 VP for the full bundle

The RGX collection is the epitome of vibrant variety, perfect for players who enjoy personalizing their gameplay with colorful flair. The RGX bundles feature a plethora of color schemes that dynamically shift during weapon inspection, making each skin feel fresh and unique. The line-up includes skins for the Classic, Frenzy, Stinger, Spectre, Guardian, Phantom, Vandal, Operator, as well as the Katana and Butterfly Knife. The RGX 1.0 Katana introduces a sleek, cyber-themed design, while the RGX 2.0 Bundle’s Butterfly Knife dazzles with its visual effects, ensuring these skins not only perform well in combat but also look extraordinary.

#3: Prelude to Chaos Bundle

Price: 2175 VP per item | 8700 VP for the full bundle

Immerse yourself in the dark, enigmatic world of the Prelude to Chaos Bundle. This collection is distinguished by its futuristic and robust design, with subtle but profound enhancements like the dynamic laser that changes inside the gun. The inspection animation adds a mystical element by revealing a levitating force within the weapon, and the dramatic finisher culminates in opening a portal to another dimension, ensnaring the fallen enemy in chains. The bundle includes uniquely styled skins for the Shorty, Stinger, Vandal, Operator, and the striking Blade of Chaos, making it a captivating choice for players who appreciate depth and drama in their weaponry.

#2: Champions 2022 Bundle

Price: 2675 VP per item | 6167 VP for the full bundle

The Champions 2022 Bundle capitalized on the popularity of its predecessor and achieved remarkable success, garnering over $16 million in sales. This bundle retains the celebrated features of the 2021 version while introducing new sound effects that enrich the gameplay experience. A standout feature is the visual progression of the phantom and knife models, which visually evolve as players accumulate kills, climaxing with a dramatic display of the 2022 VCT trophy during the knife inspection. Although this limited-time exclusive bundle is no longer available, it remains a highly sought-after collection among players for its unique enhancements and significant status.

#1: Sentinels of Light 1.0/2.0 Bundle

Price: 2175 VP per item | 8700 VP for the full bundle

Drawing inspiration from the Sentinels of Light in League of Legends, the Sentinels of Light 2.0 Bundle brings a stunning aesthetic to Valorant with its crystal or glass-like gun designs that produce gratifying firing sounds. This bundle, deeply connected to the lore of the Sentinels of Light, features an extensive array of weapons including the Shorty, Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, Vandal, Operator, Ares, and Odin. Additionally, it includes the Relic of the Sentinel and the Relic Dagger, available in four distinct variations. This bundle not only enhances the visual and auditory experience of the game but also ties into a broader narrative universe, making it a must-have for fans of both Valorant and League of Legends lore.

Looking for More Valorant Skins?

No worries if your favorite skin didn't make our list—Valorant offers a wide variety of unique skins, each with its own special allure. The absence of a skin in this roundup doesn’t take away from its attractiveness or functionality. Dive into the extensive collection of Valorant skins, enjoy customizing your loadout, and don't forget to flaunt your style in the game alongside your teammates!


Whether you're new to Valorant or a seasoned player, the right skin can significantly enhance your gaming experience. We've explored some of the most impressive skin bundles available in Valorant, each offering unique designs and features that set them apart on the battlefield. Remember, the best skin is one that not only looks great but also feels right in your hands as you climb the ranks in competitive play. So, explore, choose your favorites, and make every match memorable with a style that represents you. Continue to experiment with different skins to keep your gameplay experience fresh and exciting!

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