The Top 10 Best Odin Skins in Valorant


The Top 10 Best Odin Skins in Valorant

Odin is a popular machine gun in Valorant, known for its high firing rate and exceptional wallbang capabilities. This makes it a strong choice for defensive play, allowing players to effectively hold angles and cover. While the Odin doesn’t boast as many skins as the more commonly used Vandal and Phantom rifles, Riot Games has still introduced a compelling array of skins for it. These range from premium skins with unique visual and audio effects to more straightforward, aesthetically pleasing reskins.

In today’s blog post, we’ll explore the top 10 Odin skins in Valorant that stand out due to their design and functionality. Whether you’re looking to enhance your gameplay or just want to add a stylish weapon to your arsenal, these skins are worth considering.

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#1: Lycan's Bane Odin

The Lycan’s Bane Odin skin has earned its place among the top ten Odin skins in Valorant, not least due to its striking similarity to the Red Variant of the Reaver collection. This skin features an imposing combination of silver and deep red hues, lending the Odin a particularly menacing appearance in the game.

Originally released as part of the Battle Pass for Episode 04: Act 2, the Lycan’s Bane Odin stands out even among premium skins. Its remarkable design belies its Battle Pass origins, offering players a visually impressive option that enhances the weapon’s formidable in-game presence.

#2: .EXE Odin

The .EXE Odin ranks as one of the sleekest skins for the Odin in Valorant, notable for its clean lines and minimalist design. Although it lacks unique visual or audio effects, its aesthetic appeal keeps it popular among players. This skin was introduced early in Valorant’s history, featured in the inaugural Battle Pass.

Fans of a more understated style will appreciate the .EXE Odin’s refined color palette. However, like many Battle Pass exclusives, this skin is no longer available, as it was only obtainable during that initial season. Its exclusivity adds to its appeal, making it a coveted piece for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate its streamlined look.

#3: Smite Odin

The Smite Odin skin from Valorant’s Smite collection, despite becoming somewhat of a community meme, stands out as an exceptional choice for its aesthetic value. The appealing contrast between blue and white delivers a stunning visual that makes it a favorite among players looking for vibrant color schemes.

Moreover, the Smite Odin is one of the more affordable options available, priced at only 875 Valorant Points (VP). This makes it an attractive pick for those who prefer not to invest heavily in cosmetic items. If you’re seeking a budget-friendly yet visually impressive skin, the Smite Odin is an excellent choice.

#4: Lightwave Odin

The Lightwave Odin, featured prominently in the Battle Pass for Episode 2: Act 3, is a standout skin for the Odin machine gun. Players could unlock this stylish option at Tier 35, where it quickly became a favorite due to its visual appeal.

Available in four striking color variations—green (default), red, blue, and gray—the Light [name] allows players to personalize their weapon’s look to match their style. However, like other Battle Pass skins, the Lightwave Odin does not come with unique animations, effects, or special features, focusing solely on aesthetic enhancements.

#5: Coalition: Cobra Odin

The Coalition: Cobra Odin is part of the distinctive Coalition: Cobra skin collection, which made its debut in Valorant’s Episode 4: Act 3 in April 2022. This skin was introduced alongside other notable entries such as the “.SYS Vandal” and “.SYS Sheriff” in the Battle Pass.

Featuring a striking cobra-themed design complete with imprinted scale details, this skin lends a menacing aesthetic to the Odin. Players have the flexibility to customize their weapon with one of four color options—green (the standard version), blue, red, and orange, all accentuated with black accents. This customization allows for a personalized touch while maintaining the skin’s aggressive styling.

#6: Xenohunter Odin

The Xenohunter Odin, originating from the same collection as the highly acclaimed Xenohunter Knife, has earned a reputation as a noteworthy skin since its launch in June 2022. Its increasing popularity has solidified its status as one of the top choices for players looking to enhance their weaponry.

This skin stands out not just for its unique design but also for the exclusive heartbeat sensor feature that can be unlocked with Radianite Points, offering a distinct tactical advantage. Although it lacks the variety of color customizations found in other skins, the impactful design of the Xenohunter Odin makes it a compelling option for those seeking to differentiate their play style.

#7: Glitchpop Odin

The Glitchpop Odin, part of Valorant’s original Glitchpop collection released in Episode 01: Act 2, features a unique futuristic theme with eye-catching vibrant designs. This collection, which also includes skins for the Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, and Melee, quickly became a fan favorite for its distinctive style.

As an exclusive skin line, acquiring the Glitchpop Odin comes with a price tag of 2175 Valorant Points (VP). While it may be on the pricier side, the investment yields considerable aesthetic returns. The skin offers several color variants—base, red, blue, and gold—each adding a splash of luxury and flair. The combination of its striking effects and available color options makes the Glitchpop Odin a worthy addition to any player’s arsenal.

#8: BlastX Odin

The BlastX Odin is a playful, toy-themed machine gun skin that brings a festive Christmas vibe to Valorant. Introduced in December 2020 as part of the vibrant BlastX collection, this skin quickly became a fan favorite.

One of the standout features of the BlastX Odin is its unique finisher, adding a touch of whimsy to gameplay. Additionally, the weapon equip animation features the delightful action of tearing off gift wrapping, enhancing the festive theme. Available in several appealing colors—default, black, yellow, and pink—the BlastX Odin offers an eye-catching aesthetic for the weapon. To obtain this festive skin, players need to spend 2175 Valorant Points (VP).

#9: Prime 2.0 Odin

Building on the tremendous success of the original Prime collection, Valorants introduced the Prime 2.0 series in March 2021, which included the Prime 2.0 Odin. This skin quickly became a standout choice for Odin users, renowned for its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

The Prime 2.0 Odin is valued for its immersive VFX, impactful finisher, and distinctive effects, which enhance the gameplay experience significantly. Additionally, it features a unique reload animation that differentiates it from other skins in the game. Players can choose from four elegant color options: default, gold, green, and orange, each adding a luxurious touch to this already impressive skin.

#10: Reaver Odin

The Reaver Odin is often considered the pinnacle of Odin skins in Valorant, thanks to its captivating visual effects and the iconic Reaver art style that significantly enhances the in-game experience. This skin not only looks formidable but also adds an extra layer of enjoyment when wielding the weapon.

Offering four color options, the Reaver Odin allows players to personalize their weapon to match their aesthetic preferences. For those looking to acquire this skin, it is available for 1775 Valorant Points (VP) when it appears in the in-game store, making it a must-have for enthusiasts who value both style and performance.


Valorant’s selection of Odin skins offers a wide array of styles and functionalities, catering to different tastes and preferences. From the festive and playful BlastX to the sleek and sophisticated Prime 2.0, each skin brings its own unique flair to the gameplay experience. Whether you’re drawn to the menacing look of Lycan’s Bane, the futuristic vibe of Glitchpop, or the iconic design of the Reaver, there’s an Odin skin that can enhance your in-game strategy and personal style. These skins not only elevate the visual appeal of the game but also provide players with an opportunity to express themselves on the battlefield. Remember, while aesthetics are a significant part of the gaming experience, the best skin is ultimately the one that feels right for you.

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