The Top 6 Best Judge Skins in Valorant


The Top 6 Best Judge Skins in Valorant

The Judge in Valorant is notorious for its power in close-quarters combat, making it a formidable shotgun for eco or half-buy rounds. While it might not be everyone’s favorite due to its sheer effectiveness in tight spaces, its ability to deliver one-shot eliminations makes it a go-to choice. Upgrading its look with skins can add animations and effects, enhancing your gameplay experience and making you look stylish in the process.

In this blog, we’ll unveil the top 6 Judge skins that not only look impressive but can also elevate your gameplay. Additionally, if you’re eager to showcase your new Judge skins at higher ranks, our Valorant boosting services are here to assist. Our team of Radiant-ranked players is ready to help you climb to your desired rank swiftly. Don’t forget to use the promo code “1v9er” to snag a 20% discount on all our Valorant services. Boost your game with style and confidence!

#1: Celestial Judge

Starting our roundup of top Judge skins is the Celestial Judge, a skin that brings a serene and tranquil touch to the otherwise fierce nature of the weapon. The design features an enchanting blend of sweeping clouds, falling meteors, and a breathtaking sunset, making it a memorable addition to any player’s collection.

The Celestial Judge stands out for its calming influence and visually striking aesthetics. The color palette, with its soothing blues contrasted by a warm, orange hue on the iron sights, is particularly appealing. This skin not only enhances the visual experience but also adds a touch of peace to your gameplay. It’s a must-have for any Judge user looking for both style and a gentle reminder of the beauty amidst battle.

#2: Crimsonbeast Judge

Next up is the Crimsonbeast Judge, a standout skin that shines on its own merit, despite lacking variant options. Its inclusion in our list was a must, particularly due to the limited number of striking skins currently available for the Judge.

The design of the Crimsonbeast Judge evokes the fiery essence of Ifrit, with rolling flames enveloping the weapon. This dramatic imagery is complemented by the charcoaled-black steel that frames the shotgun, giving it a look that’s as hot as it is fierce. If this skin makes its way into your shop, it’s definitely worth spending your Valorant Points on—its bold and fiery aesthetic makes it a hot commodity for any arsenal.

#3: ChronoVoid Judge

The ChronoVoid Judge skin takes a sharp turn into the realm of the ultra-futuristic, featuring a sleek and menacing design that contrasts strikingly with our previous entries. Central to its appeal is the mesmerizing spinning orb that serves as the focal point, enhancing the overall visual dynamic of the weapon.

Each variant of the ChronoVoid skin is impeccably designed, harmonizing perfectly with the futuristic theme. The skin truly comes to life when in motion; its animations are fluid and refined, providing a visual treat that edges out its predecessors in terms of aesthetic motion. If you’re drawn to cutting-edge designs that blend sharp aesthetics with smooth functionality, the ChronoVoid Judge is a must-have.

#4: MK.VII Liberty Judge

Transitioning to a more contemporary theme, the MK.VII Liberty Judge skin offers a militaristic take on the weapon. This redesign incorporates camouflage patterns and a realistic appearance that gives the Judge a commanding presence.

The variants of this skin each bring something unique to the table, but the fourth variant is particularly notable. It features a delicate dusting of snow atop the skin, providing a striking contrast with the subdued grays and browns of the camouflage. The entire MK.VII Liberty collection excels in aesthetic appeal, making any of these skins a worthy addition when they appear in your Shop. Whether you’re drawn to the stark realism or the subtle details, this skin series enhances the Judge with a robust and battle-ready look.

#5: Mystbloom Judge

The Mystbloom Judge from the recent Mystbloom Collection claims our penultimate spot, bringing a unique botanical elegance to the weapon. In action, the skin truly shines—tranquil lights flow around the shotgun, and blossoming flowers add a touch of nature’s beauty, with an oversized flower ingeniously designed as the cylinder.

The design’s floral and sweeping aesthetic is consistent across all weapons in this collection, making each piece a work of art. While this skin may come at a higher price, its stunning visual appeal provides ample justification for the investment. The Mystbloom Judge is not just a functional weapon skin; it’s a statement piece, earning its high ranking on our list.

#6: Imperium Judge

Concluding our list at the pinnacle is the Imperium Judge, a magnificent dragon-themed skin that encapsulates an aura of power and beauty. This skin transforms the Judge into a mythical artifact, adorned with stunning colors and intricate designs that make it a true masterpiece.

Highlighted by sharp gold borders that define each variant and complemented by mesmerizing color schemes and dynamic auras, the Imperium Judge is nothing short of enchanting. If this skin appears in your Store, it’s an absolute must-have. Investing in the Imperium Judge will not only elevate your game aesthetically but also make every encounter with this weapon feel legendary.


The Judge in Valorant, notorious for its power in close-quarters combat, offers a variety of skins that blend functionality with exceptional style. From the tranquil allure of the Celestial Judge to the mythical grandeur of the Imperium Judge, each skin on our list provides unique visual enhancements that complement the weapon’s fierce nature. Whether you prefer the fiery aesthetics of the Crimsonbeast or the futuristic elegance of the ChronoVoid, there is a Judge skin to suit every player’s taste. These skins not only enhance the visual appeal of your gameplay but also bring a sense of personal expression and flair to the battlefield. Remember, while the right skin may not directly influence your in-game performance, it certainly adds to the enjoyment and satisfaction of each match.

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